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I am KT Chaloner, Top 10 Personal Trainer with Chesters most prestige Personal Training Studio. We are focused on demanding  the best - from us and from you to deliver results

Let’s Change Your Health

Chester based female personal trainers

so are you ready to really have us as part of your life?

Personal Training shouldn't just be about those 60 mins you spend with your trainer. Personal Training should be exactly that - PERSONAL. That's why we take you on as a 'whole' person and support you with lifestyle changes, nutritional advice, exercise habits, hormonal changes and chasing you when you feel like pulling a sickie. Heck, at times we even hug you when you cry, collect your kids and come round for a cuppa when life has well and truly given you a kickin. 

Personal Training for People Who Want to Thrive

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If you'd prefer to have a good old chat about which training membership is right for you then book a call with me and we'll chat it through.

Which Training Programme is right for you?

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Perfect for those with some exercise experience and in need of structure. Multiple sessions per week in small groups of 8 covering strength, cardio and recovery. This programme is fast paced and hard hitting utilising heart rate monitors. It gets results

Fitness Classes

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small group

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We deliver private 121 Mat and Reformer Pilates or small group mat classes. Pilates training is perfect for those referred by a physio or in need of exercise for good posture, alleviating back pain or adding balance to a hard training regime


Mat & Reformer

Choose from one of our self-paced courses like the 21 day kickstart or our monthly coaching programme - the fit and feelgood inner circle. We bring the studio to your home to coach, support and get results.

Online Training

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Our #grlconfidence programme is aimed at girls aged 14-19. We aim to use exercise to help them build confidence and self-esteem during these difficult years.

Teenage Fitness Classes


“Honestly, this is the best studio I've ever been to. From the feel of the studio to the expertise of the trainers. I couldn't go anywhere else now”


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Based at:
33 Filkins Lane

There is parking available on the road around the studio, but The Peacock pub kindly let us use their car park. It keeps our neighbours happy

Opening Hours
Monday -Friday. 6:30am - 8.30pm
By appointment only

We have top spec equipment in a 2000sq ft dedicated personal training studio. We are set over two floors to ensure there is real privacy when you're training. We are not a gym, so you're not sharing the space with anyone other than your trainer and 1-2 other PT clients keeping us safe & healthy

Downstairs we have all our equipment for our 121 and small group training programmes. This is the floor where you sweat. Upstairs is a different matter

a dedicated private space

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Upstairs is all about our group training. We are set up with 8 technogym benches meaning you have your own workout station with 5 sets of dumbbells, a kettlebell, 3 resistance bands and a bench completely to yourself. We also have our ski ergs and bikes making this space dedicated to small group training.

Out Mat pilates classes also take place here between each box - think of it like flying business class with your own little contained space.

a dedicated private space

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The Studio

I'm Kate, your new get-a-grip friend.

I have been in the  fitness industry since the age of 21 and worked with some of the leading lights across health and wellbeing. With roles in London, Los Angeles and New Zealand I have travelled the world developing my expertise.

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You can head straight to the contact us page to fill in your details and we'll get right back to you. Alternatively, why not book a free 15 min coaching call with me and we can chat it through

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Sometimes its better to chat. So let's do that - tell me your goals, frustrations and concerns. We'll talk through it.