I am KT Chaloner, a Top 10 Personal Trainer and owner of Chesters most prestige Personal Training Studio. We are focused on demanding  the best - from us and from you to deliver results.

Let’s change your health.

Chester based personal trainer

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Find out if it's your 'Gut' that's been holding you back from success. We assume we have to workout more, eat less and include fasting to get results. 
But what if your Gut Health is a little off and has been sabotaging your success all along?

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Working with the right personal trainer CAN get you results. You can take control of your overall health and wellbeing when you have someone like us in your corner.

You will start to move better, look better and feel better having someone who is focused 100% on you, your goals and helping you become the best version of you. Whether your goals are rehab related, weight loss, or overall health and fitness we can help you. 

Want a Trainer That is Focused
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A private space dedicated to personal training with no onlookers or intimidating gym goers

what makes us different?

Established in 2014 providing consistent results for clients for nearly 10 years

Professional personal trainers with extensive qualifications and experience

An all inclusive membership with coaching in: private training, nutrition, lifestyle, health and pilates as part of your plan

Based on science with all clients receiving a 3D body scan and myzone heart rate monitor

Top of the range equipment that is cast iron, pure oak and leather providing you with a luxury fitness experience

You are used to working out, or did in the past quite frequently. You need the discipline of attending sessions on a schedule with someone to hold you accountable, but with flexibility on when those sessions are. You will train 2-5 times a week & have worked with weights before. You're willing to work hard and as part of small group of 8 who have equal fitness capabilities.

Fitness Classes

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small group

You're a woman who has tried all the diets, but still struggle to balance your weight and now want a new strategy that offers long term success. By taking a gut-centred approach in 8 weeks you will:
→decrease bloating
→reduce acid reflux and gas
→have a flatter tummy
→sleep better
→have more energy
→and shed stubborn weight that you haven't been able to lose before.... and this time these changes will last.... all without counting a single calorie!

The Gut Reset

A Course for women

You have rehabilitation needs, postural needs and/or injuries that would be aggravated my strenuous exercise. You want to improve your flexibility, mobility and core strength to improve everyday life. Your physio may have suggested to attend Pilates to help with your pain management.


Mat & Reformer

Map your starting point, set you goals, track your progress. Remove the guess work and dive into your health with a 3D Body scan. Using state of the art technology, in just 30 secs the Styku scanner will take 1000's of measurements to provide a 3D visual model of your body and include vital data on your health including: body composition, girth measurements, distribution of fat, a health risk analysis and much more. 

3D Health Scanning

life changing

“Honestly, this is the best studio I've ever been to. From the feel of the studio to the expertise of the trainers. I couldn't go anywhere else now”


Based at:
33 Filkins Lane

There is parking available on the road around the studio, but The Peacock pub kindly let us use their car park. It keeps our neighbours happy.

Opening Hours
Monday -Friday. 6:30am - 8.30pm
By appointment only

We have top spec equipment in a 2000sq ft dedicated personal training studio. We are set over two floors to ensure there is real privacy when you're training. We are not a gym, so you're not sharing the space with anyone other than your trainer and 1-2 other PT clients keeping us safe & healthy.

Downstairs we have all our equipment for our 121 and small group training programmes. This is the floor where you sweat. Upstairs is a different matter.

a dedicated private space

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Upstairs is all about our group training. We are set up with 8 technogym benches meaning you have your own workout station with 5 sets of dumbbells, a kettlebell, 3 resistance bands and a bench completely to yourself. We also have our ski ergs and bikes making this space dedicated to small group training.

Out Mat pilates classes also take place here between each box - think of it like flying business class with your own little contained space.

a dedicated private space

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The Studio

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🎉WIN a 3D Styku Health Scan

Every month we give away a 3D Health Assessment and 30 minute consultation to take a deep dive into the results.  Enter to win! Worth £75.00

Win a Free Styku Scan

Every month we give-a-way a free Styku Health Assessment to provide you with a 3D assessment of your body and overall health. This 30 minute assessment is worth over £75.00 and it could be yours! 🤞Fingers crossed it's you!

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