Want a personal trainer who is focused on you and your results? We are personal trainers in Chester and have an unprecedented reputation for results

Hey!.... working with the right personal trainer CAN get you results. You can take control of your overall health and wellbeing when you have someone like us in your corner. You will start to move better, look better and feel better having someone who is focused 100% on you, your goals and helping you become the best version of you. Whether your goals are rehab related, weight loss, or overall health and fitness we can help you. 

We are personal trainers in Chester and have an unprecedented reputation for success. Set in a 2000sqft charming old coach house we are split over two studios plus an outdoor gym, guaranteeing you privacy during your training. With state of the art equipment at your disposal, this is personal training how it should be - PERSONAL

Chester Based Personal Training and Pilates Studio

Our Covid-19 policy

KT Chaloner (creatively named!) is Chesters first Personal Training Studios dedicated solely to private and small group personal training. Unlike large box gyms, at my personal training and pilates studio in Chester you are guaranteed 100% focus to be on you without: on-lookers, sharing of equipment or distractions. In our 2000sqft dedicated space, we still have a maximum of 3 clients in the studio at any given time to create a safe, clean and isolated environment for you to train. We also have an Outdoor Gym creating a clean, fresh and top class outdoor training experience for you.

We specialise in private 121 and small group personal training to help you move, look and feel better whether this is through strength training, functional training or Pilates. We use a variety of proven and long standing methods of training to get you the results you both need and want and it's all included in your membership. We view you as a whole and go beyond helping you achieve physical improvements. The mental wellbeing achieved through adding a personal trainer to your life can be transformational. The increase in self confidence and the ability to learn to love your body and what it can do for you can sometimes go beyond achieving that initial goal, which all too often is simply weight related. Our memberships are a combination of 121, small group, pilates and online training to get you the results you want and need to lead a healthy life.  We are with you every step of the way. We're in your corner and we are with you when you succeed. 

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Our Covid-19 policy

PRivate Personal Training

You have specific goals you want to achieve & need 121 attention. You're new to exercise &/or want extra support in working out, nutrition, home activity & to be held accountable. You may also have injuries, posture problems or rehabilitation needs. You want free pilates classes

small group training

You are used to working out, or did in the past quite frequently. You need the discipline of attending sessions on a schedule with someone to hold you accountable, but with flexibility on when those sessions are. You will train 2-5 times a week & have worked with weights before. You're willing to work hard and as part of small group of 8 who have equal fitness capabilities.

pilates personal training & classes

You have rehabilitation needs, postural needs &/or injuries that would be aggravated my strenuous exercise. You want to improve your flexibility, mobility and core strength to improve everyday life. You may have been referred to APPI Pilates or the Reformer by your Physio

Online personal training & classes

As more and more people work from home, the convenience of online workouts has boomed. We can offer private personal training and pilates from the comfort of your home. Whether this is a private 121 session, an online class or our popular LIVE + ondemand Pilates courses

Let's find out...

What do YOU need to achieve your goals?

We start everyone off with a complimentary consultation or taster session with me or one of my trainers. This can be in person or online and we discuss your medical history, lifestyle, current fitness, injuries & limitations plus nutrition. That way we can get the right combination of services and a tailored programme together for YOU

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Which One

Is right for YOU?

We don't just train women!

complimentary consultation

Everyone receives a complimentary consultation or trial class of between 15-60 minutes depending on the service to discuss goals, lifestyle, injuries, limitations and conduct a movement analysis. This ensures we know everything about you to coach, guide and deliver results whether you're on a private personal training, group training or online personal training memberhsip

A myzone heart rate monitor

Everyone on the 121 Personal training, online personal training or KT's Bootcamp membership plan receives a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor (RRP £129.99), as we believe HR training to be effective in guiding the pace, results and calorie burn of the workout in real time. Your stats are displayed on our TV screen which means we can adjust as we go to deliver THE MOST effective session for YOU

complimentary Pilates Classes

We truly believe training needs to be all encompassing and as well as exertion, strength training and pushing the cardiovascular system - you need to lengthen the muscles, strengthen the core and align the body for optimum range of movement. So if you're on our 121 Personal Training programme you get a complimentary online mat pilates class each week. Yin & Yan!

monthly body composition

Results need to be measured, so we offer all our clients monthly stats on how they're progressing including weight, body composition analysis, girth measurements, flexibility testing, cardiovascular testing and strength assessment. These are dependant on your goal and adapted as we go. For those on programmes such as large weight loss, we do some tests weekly.

live & ondemand classes

If you're a member of the studio you get full access to our on-demand workout library that includes live & pre-recorded sessions. Our on-demand library includes over 200 workouts filmed LIVE & in real-time for you to join in from home/when travelling. This means you can workout with us wherever you are topping up your personal training for quicker and greater results.

nutritional support & guides

Whether you're on a 121 personal training membership, KT's Bootcamp or an online personal training plan you will receive ongoing nutritional support that includes: food diary analysis, recommendations, recipes, nutrition guides and continuous support to be healthy. We don't believe in diets or fads, so we will also take a sensible approach to your diet

Why Choose us to Personal Train YOU?

we are professional personal trainers who are highly qualified with more than 20 years experience. We believe you need more than the 60 minute session you pay for, so our memberships are 

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all inclusive







Based at:
33 Filkins Lane

There is parking available on the road around the studio, but The Peacock pub kindly let us use their car park at the back by the beer garden and behind tanners. It keeps our neighbours happy

Opening Hours
Monday -Friday. 6:30am - 8.30pm
By appointment only

We have top spec equipment in a 2000sq ft dedicated personal training studio. We are set over two floors to ensure there is real privacy when you're training. We are not a gym, so you're not sharing the space with anyone other than your trainer and 1-2 other PT clients keeping us safe & healthy

Downstairs we have all our equipment for our 121 and small group training programmes. This is the floor where you sweat. Upstairs is a different matter

a dedicated private space

Scroll for upstairs

Upstairs is a little more tranquil and it's where we have all our Pilates equipment. Upstairs we offer private mat, reformer and tower sessions plus our Mat Pilates group classes. 

Remember, all our Mat Pilates classes are complimentary if you're on a PT or Group PT membership and we offer both beginners and intermediate sessions. 

a dedicated private space

Scroll for downstairs

check out the outdoor gym

In 2020 when covid hit, we spent money developing an outdoor gym. state of the art flooring as used by the military, top class equipment and privacy gates

We're also have a cool outdoor Gym

check out our group training

Covid made us re-think how we do group training. Launching september 2021 you now have your own workout station with 5 sets of dumbbells, resistance bands, mat & step

Our Small Group Training is Epic

more details on events to follow

In Jan 2020 we all went off to france for a week skiing. We're going again as soon as we're allowed if you're interested?

We're also pretty social

If you would like to get in touch, just head over to our Contact Us page and fill in the details. We'll get back to you within 24 hours

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33 Filkins Lane

Parking is available in the back car park at the Peacock pub or around the local shops at Christleton Road. There is also limited on-road parking around the streets. However, please be respectful of residents and blocking their driveway


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Personal Training

group training

pilates training

online training

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opening hours

By appointment only
Monday - Friday 6.30am-8.30pm
Saturday 9am -12pm

the outdoor gym

Success stories

Why are you here?

What's your main goal?

to lose weight

to get fitter

to get lean

back from baby

to have better posture

to be optimum self

COVID-19 Policy

As a private personal training studio, we feel we can provide a more isolated, safer and hygienic environment than large box gyms when it comes your workouts. Due to the nature of our exclusive studio our policies haven't had to change that much, as we always restricted access to 3 clients max at any given time and ALL equipment was cleaned every hour between clients. That being said, we take COVID-19 and your health seriously and therefore, our policies are as follows:

All clients must fully sanitise their hands with the hand sanitizer provided in the reception area upon entering

Everyone must sign in to the visitors log in reception in order for us to inform any clients should they have crossed paths with anyone who later shows symptoms and help support the track and trace protocols

All clients are asked to wait in reception until called for their session

Sessions will have a 10 minute gap between clients to ensure there is no overlap of clients in the reception area and all equipment used can be cleaned and sterilised for the next client

We ask clients to use the sanitising wipes to wipe down the toilet, taps and any touch-points such as door handles upon using the facilities

PPE - Face masks and gloves are not required, but we ask you sanitise your hands in reception and then wash your hands at the sink before commencing your session. We will do the same. 

As a business we will continue to: clean all equipment every hour between clients, clean the floors twice daily, maintain our twice weekly deep cleaning schedule, and socially distance ourselves from you during the session. We will also restrict the studio to one person per floor for your peace of mind.

we estimate we will be open july 25th 2020

The Outdoor Gym

In March 2020 we used our Bounce Back loan to build a bespoke outdoor personal training space with top grade flooring used by the Military and privacy gates to offer the boutique experience we're known for. 

We are now taking bookings for complimentary consultations to help you start your personal training programme. Health and wellbeing has never been so important and when combined with the outdoors it offers even more benefits.

Spaces are limited, so get in touch now if you'd like to start private personal training or join our group training programme - KT's Bootcamp

Our Outdoor Gym Opens 29th March

read more about the outdoor gym

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Our Pilates Studio

Our top floor studio is expanding and being transformed into an equipment pilates studio like no other in Chester. Fully kitted out with Reformer, Barrels, Exo chairs and wall towers we will be offering a complete pilates experience. Using the best equipment from the US based balanced body we will be able to help you move your body better.

Private 121 and Group Equipment Sessions Available. Spaces Limited

launching soon

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Group Fitness Classes

Our Group Training programme has always been popular because unlike classes, we provide a structured approach to group training with between 4-8 people per session. We also provide you with your own MyZone heart rate monitor so we can see your effort, heart rate and results in real time.  

 This means our group training is tailored to you, but in a group session. The benefit of personal training. The Motivation of classes! 

Over 15 sessions to choose from including: 6.30am, 9.30am, 6pm & 7pm. 
Grab your taster class today!

YOUR group training membership, but more individualised than ever