is happier even when she's made to do burpees

"I was miserable and I don't think anyone would have noticed. Fast forward 9months with KT and  I know my self-worth and am happier, fitter and 19lbs lighter"

January 2019. I was 42, single, overweight, eating and drinking far too much. I wasn’t happy. My clothes didn’t fit, I was working long hours and I was shattered. Traveling around the UK and away from home 2/3 nights a week. I was in fact. Miserable. Would anyone have noticed or realised? Probably not as I hid it well. I eventually found KT and fast forward by 9 months...

My body shape has changed, my outlook has changed, I am happier in myself, I have lost weight slowly and consistently for the last 9 months. My weight, body fat and BMI all reduced significantly over the last 12 months. I still have the occasional excuse but now if I have a bad meal - that doesn’t turn into a bad day and therefore does not turn into a bad week.

I still have work to do and I am on a journey (with KT) and I know I can still push myself. I don’t feel the pressure though from KT to obsess with my diet / lifestyle. I put that responsibility onto myself as I can see how far I have come. Is it easy? No. But with the right support network and the right trainer, it is achievable.
Thanks to KT I am a better version of me and I know my worth. I am fitter, healthier and happier. The secret to the last year has to be having a good friend to support you and the right PT like KT Chaloner by your side.

If you are looking for a PT who understands you, will work with you and ensure you push yourself to achieve your goals – it has to be KT.
If I can do it anyone can.

finally walked through the door


"Chronic back pain, crunchy knees and overweight. I'd driven past KT's studio so many times saying "one day", and then that day came and I have loved every minute of it.

Until a few years ago the idea of me working with a PT was a distant dream. Chronic back pain since childhood and crunchy knees were really the least of my worries. I was overweight, very overweight. A massive 6 stone loss has put me where I continue to maintain today. The pain in my back continued and I was advised to seek 1-2-1 pilates. I had often driven past KT’s studio and always thought what a cool place it looked to work out. But more so, no mass classes and nobody to stand and judge. Following consultation with KT I remember her telling me that she thought I was capable of doing more than I thought I was! I committed to 12 weeks of 1-2-1 PT twice a week. Some 16 months later I am still here. Back pain is something that no longer features in my daily routine and at 51 years old I am delighted that I am the healthiest and fittest that I have EVER been in my life. KT changes my sessions regularly and I never know what’s coming next!  

In March Covid was upon us, KT had to close the studio. Seamlessly my PT sessions moved online to the comfort of my lounge but not only that I was able to increase my exercise by taking part in KT’s online weekday bootcamp sessions. There has been a welcome change in my fitness yet again and the online sessions are so convenient - I am up and live on zoom at 7am and getting ready for work at 8am without even leaving the house! The added convenience is being able to watch the classes back at a later time.  

I am so glad I chased that distant dream and without KT’s motivation and passion I wouldn't be where I am today!


Is still able to ski with his old knees

"I'm in need of knee replacements, but I love to ski. I'd seen several personal trainers in the past, but I've now been with KT for 4 years and I still have MY knees!"

I came to KT after trying a couple of other personal trainers and have remained with KT for coming up to 4 years now.

My knees have always been an issue and I am warding off replacements for as long as I can whilst maintaining a fun-filled life that includes lots of Skiing! Without KT’s knowledge I wouldn’t be able to maintain my fitness nor keep up my Skiing.

She looks after my knee and her programmes keep me fit, sometimes to point of feeling like I am dying… but it’s what I asked for. She holds me back when needed and incorporates an amount of knee pre/rehabilitation into our sessions to keep the legs as strong as possible without irritating the joint further. She’s now a regular part of my Tuesday! 

is able to live pain free


"Scoliosis that left me with chronic back that wasn't going away until in the end I had my coccyx removed. KT literally took me on, sorted an osteopath, physio and pilates routine that allows me to move daily.

I’ve been training with Katie for several years, successfully losing 3 stones and going down 2 dress sizes. Latterly, I’ve needed rehab and switched to one-to-one Pilates.

Katie liaises with my osteopath so she can tailor my programme exactly to my needs.I am nervous about injuring myself and Katie watches me like a hawk. She adjusts your position – sometimes only one or two centimetres – to make it just right.  

I’m not a natural cardio & weights enthusiast, so was delighted to discover you can tone and get fit through Pilates. I’m much more supple and toned now.  I tried aerial, reformer and mat, before Katie decided that a mix of mat and reformer Pilates is best. I’ve now built one-to-one Pilates with her into my regular training. Katie is one of a kind. She takes a holistic approach beyond what you’d find in a Pilates session elsewhere. Katie is fully committed, she really cares, never loses her enthusiasm, and is very knowledgeable about nutrition and healthy eating for weight loss. 


inspired to become a pilates trainer herself

"I was very nervous and worried about starting Pilates, but everything about KT, the studio and atmosphere was just right"

I am Autistic and have sensory processing disorder which impacts my ability to cope with new places, people and environments. Having moved from full time dance into a teaching role I needed to maintain my fitness levels and health. I decided Pilates could be perfect for me and could also help to reduce my stress and anxiety levels.

Having trained in Dance from 3 years old, I graduated with a level 6 diploma in professional dance at the age of 18. Following my dance training I currently teach classical Ballet, Tap, Modern and Contemporary at a local Dance school, this has been my life without change for 16 years.

I was incredibly nervous and worried at the prospect of starting Pilates however Starting with KT was very easy, her personality, style of teaching and the atmosphere of her studio were just right.

 It is very unusual for me to be able to start anything new without it having a major effect on my wellbeing , KT just has a really calming way of teaching, she listens and understands and ensures that I’m comfortable at all times, I train 4 times per week and have thoroughly enjoyed it from the first session.  

My training in dance, teaching experience and my Autistic brain have given me the ability to pick up Pilates very quickly however, in any other environment I wouldn’t have come so far, or more likely I wouldn’t have walked through the studio door.

KT has inspired (or pushed me?) me to become a qualified Pilates instructor myself. Thanks KT 

Is fitter at 59 than I was at 39


I first trained with KT with help me rehab my knee after a difficult couple of operations. I got so frustrated with her. On and one an don with static exercises til I had almost had enough - but she knew best. She wouldn't let me move on until all the strength and stability necessary to support a return to sport was in place. I never looked back after that and have enjoyed a fantastic year being one of her clients. 

Her sessions are tough but fulfilling. Nothing ever seems to repeat itself and she motivates like no other. I'm as fit at 59 as I felt at 39 plus my strength and flexibility has surprised me. Mow my other knee has gone I've got all that rehab to look forward to! 

Katie engenders a great sense of camaraderie among her clients and her group classes are superb. There's a kind of club atmosphere without the negative overtones that big chains bring to fitness. She really cares about her clients. Top trainer!

Dynamic KT is the best pT ever

Andy Foley-Jones

KT is a pocket dynamo. She pushes you to your limits and beyond, but manages to do it with humour and encouragement - even when your coordination sometimes fails you. The sessions are a blast and despite moments of despair (burpees, please no more!), I really love training with KT. Recommend completely, without reservation. She's also managed to improve my nutrition and take-aways are a thing of the past (almost)

not just a personal trainer


KT has been more than just a personal trainer for me. She has helped me transform my life, after years of illness I had many issues not only physical but mental. From anxiety, lack of confidence and fear through to no stamina and general physical weakness. 

KT tailored her approach to suit my needs. She was patient, empathetic and very encouraging. This has enabled me to feel much stronger and fitter and more importantly I have gained confidence and have the energy to re-embark on a life that had been on hold for many years! I will be forever grateful to KT and her belief in me; as I am convinced if she had not had the ability be an all round effective coach as well as a trainer I would have quit after a couple of sessions.

I didnt realise trainers like this existed

chris Williams

I've been training with KT for over 2 years now and have fone from unfocused gym goer to a focused guy who now competes in various racing events. What you get with KT is a personal touch that focuses on what you want to achieve as a person. I have been taught so many training techniques that have dramatically improved my fitness, strength and flexibility. I used to run along the streets, but now I run the muddy events, go mountain biking and have competed in adventure races - and yes, all with KT as she supports not only your training, but runs right along side you in events. She even invites you to weekends in llandegla so I've not only found a trained, I've gained a friend.