About KT’s Bootcamp

KT’s Bootcamp is a product of several weekends in London at top boutique studios such as Barrys Bootcamp, 1Rebel and Gymclass. Wanting to bring that Boutique London class vibe to Chester and offer an intense yet structured workout led to the creation of KT’s Bootcamp.

KT’s Bootcamp is a structured monthly programme broken down over several days – Monday – Friday providing you with a committed multiple attendance group personal training programme in Chester to help get fit, improve strength, lose fat and feel great. The programmed sessions are changed every four weeks to prevent plateau and keep you progressing.

KT’s Bootcamp includes structured sessions split across body parts to offer the right training/recovery ratio to your programme and deliver a well rounded full body plan across the week meaning you don’t have to think about what to do in the gym anymore.

KT’s Bootcamp utilises MyZone with you each receiving your own heart rate monitor and training app log in so we can record, manipulate and manage your intensity and calorie burn in each session. Displayed in real time on our large TV screen we can make sure you maximise your workout, maximise your calorie burn and maximise your results.



The Magic of heart rate training

The Myzone MZ-3 is the most relevant and versatile fitness tracker on the market. Using Bluetooth, ANT+ and Analog technology it provdes realtime feedback on your heart rate, coalroes and effort during your workout ensuring we can make changes on the move to maximise your results in session. 

Your Myzone belt also has a built in memory so any workouts you complete outside of bootcamp are also tracked and recorded giving you access to review ALL your workouts. When matched with the app you will get a complete overview of each training session including calories burned, time in each heart rate training zone, maximum heart rate achieved plus receive reward points and compete with your fellow bootcamps to get to the top of the leader board. The Myzone HR monitors and software as part of KT’s Bootcamp make training so much more sophisticated. 

Let’s GO

whats included?

KT’s Bootcamp aims to be an all encompassing programme to allow you to attend several times a week knowing the structure, intensity and programming has all been taken care of and thought through on your behalf. Our programmes change every four weeks to prevent plateau and keep you progressing month on month. The results so far have been amazing.

My Zone Heart Rate Monitor

You’ll recieve your own MyZone HR Monitor to use in your Bootcamp sessions and outside recording any exercise you do. RRP £129.99 but included in your membership!

Monthly Measurements

At the start of every month we do an (optional) performance review. This includes a weigh in and body fat measurement, girth measurements and a non-scary quick fitness test

Flexibility to Attend

We currently offer 10 sessions a week for you to choose from providing flexibility on those days when meetings or kids turn things on their head. Choose from Monday – Friday

Individual Macrodiet Sheet

Knowing how much to eat can be vital, so as part of your membership when you start we will calculate the amount of carbs, protein and fat you should have in your daily diet

Monthly MEP point Rewards

Workouts mean points and points mean prizes! For every workout you do MyZone will award MEP points based on the intensity you work at. These accumulate and we reward your efforts!

Structured 2-5 X Week attendance

When you have somewhere booked that you need to be, you’re more likely to attend. So having paid for and booked three sessions a week you tick that box and exercise regularly.

Train TWICE a Week

Includes 2 Sessions per Week on your chosen days/times

COST: £120/month (includes 8 sessions)

Train THREE times a Week

Includes 3 Sessions per Week on your chosen days/times

COST: £162/month (includes 12 sessions)

Train FOUR times a Week

Includes 4 Sessions per Week on your chosen days/times

COST: £192/month (includes 16 sessions)


Monday is all about strength training: Lower Body and Abs





Tuesday is all about High Intensive Resistance Training (HIRT)


*NEW* 6.30am & 6pm class starting January. Get your name down!


Wednesday is all about Core and Cardio in a HIIT session





Tuesday is all about High Intensive Resistance Training (HIRT)


*NEW* 6.30am class starting January. Get your name down!


Friday is all about strength training: Upper Body and Abs




What’s with our


KT’s Bootcamp takes a structure approach to trainnng and puts the programme together for you. All you have to do is show up and put maximum effort in. Become Strong. Powerful and Persistent in your conquest for greater health, fitness and wellbeing


We use barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells galore. This session is designed to build muscle and strength. Keeping the reps low and the weights high this 60 min session will leave you feeling STRONG


An explosive session of short sharp busts of power. Mixing resistance and bodyweight exercises with the power of the assualt bike and ergs and you leave feeling POWERFUL


Endurance is the name of the game as we up your muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. This session keeps going and going so you’ll need to grit your teeth and find PERSISTENCE

demand the best

Real Work.Real Results.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

KT is a highly competent and remarkably intuitive to individual needs. Even in a group setting she will tailor the workouts to individuals around injuries or medical conditions. Since training with KT my fitness has increased tenfold. I would highly recommend KT if you are serious about achieving great long-lasting results.

I started KT’s Bootcamp in November 2017 and have attended three times a week since. It provides me with structure, a fitness commitment and above results – in both physical fitness and body shape.

Sarah Rugg (Bootcamp member)

Meeting KT has been life changing for me.

Before joining Skinny Jeans School I was regularly rowing and using the cross trainer without achieving results.  My aim was to tone up and lose a few pounds.  I am over the moon that I have consistently lost and my total loss is over a stone.  The classes have been fabulous for me and it has been so motivating to achieve weekly results.  My eating habits have changed for the better but I still (over) drink and indulge!

I have since joined KT’s Bootcamp and love it. The structure of training three times a week at 6.30am is exactly what I need to maintain my weighI am confident that I will maintain my new weight and shape.  I can’t speak highly enough of SJS.

Lisa Curran (Bootcamp member)

KT Chaloner is categorically the only person who can motivate me to get up at 6.30am twice a week and workout! She’s passionate, driven and motivating  – which encourages me to give my absolute all in every training session. Doing the class has made me feel not only physically fit, but mentally strong. I love the crowd, as everyone is so friendly and unintimidating. Everyone is there to workout, support each other and have a laugh at the same time. I simply love bootcamp, the set up, the structure and the fact it’s taken all the thinking out of my workouts.

Robyn McNally (Bootcamp member)


demand the best.from us.from you

kt chaloner

studio Hours & ADDRESS

Monday-Thursday: 06:30 - 21:00 | Friday: 06:30 - 18:00

Saturday: 09:00-12:00 | Sunday: closed

 *sessions by appointment only

33 Filkins Lane | Boughton | Chester | CH3 5EJ

Parking is available on the surrounding streets but, please be mindful of our neighbours and not blocking their driveways. We also have use of the car park at the Peacock and we'd love it if you could make use of it . Thanks.