A group of like-minded people with the same goal 

We're going to go big here in order to grab some attention. 

Our Group fitness classes have proved popular, but more importantly, delivered results. Designed on the back of countless weekends in London our group training has been designed to be effective at turbo charging your fitness and physique. Get results fast

sometimes a group is all the motivation you need

group fitness classes in chester

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You won't get a different workout every time you come to session. That's called a class at best and winging it at worst. You will follow a structured programme containing sessions focused on strength, stamina, speed and stretching to provide progressive overload and results. Then, after 4 weeks all the sessions are re-written to ensure progression doesn't turn into plateau. This programme is designed upon basic scientific evidence of what works and everyone is provided with my zone heart rate monitors. This ensures that we individually tailor to your exertion in a group training environment.

Welcome to Your Group Training Programme.

A game changer for the way you train

"Joining group training has been amazing for me. At 45, in the middle of peri-menopause I dropped 2 stone and completely changed my shape by combining group training 3 times a week with the 5:2 diet"


At 45 I completely changed my shape

Choosing the right training programme for you is vital to not only you getting results, but also feeling comfortable and training at the right level. We know we're not for everyone and we're ok with that, so a taster class helps us know if we're right for you.

Joining group training is a 2-way decision. You need to want in, but we also need to decide you're right for this programme and are suitable for a group environment. We have never been about 'bums on seats' or 'maxing out our classes'. Getting the right people, in the right sessions = results.... for both of us. 

We always start with a Taster Session to see what's what

this is a members club you want to be part of. everything to gain. nothing to lose

is this the programme for you?

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2-4 group sessions per week with structured progressive programming

How does this sound?

50% off a MyZone Heart Rate monitor RRP £129.00 to personalise your training



everything geared towards getting you results

Access to over 100 workouts, recipes and meal plans online to do at home


A complimentary 3D health scan at the start of your membership


Access to our online pilates course to help strengthen your core and stretch your body


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How It Works

Book a coach call or complete our contact form to discuss joining our group training membership

First This

Book a Taster session and get to know us better. We'll both decide if group training is for you

Then this

If it's right, we'll order your Heart Monitor and get you all set up to start straight away

then this

"I never really liked exercise, now I love it. The group training just keeps me going."


began to like exercise:


Our Timetable

"I loved personal training, but I love the group training more. I've got such amazing results + I love 90% are over 40 years old"


went from PT to group


"Without KT ever pushing me, I somehow pushed myself into doing a triathlon. KT knew I could do it!"


I did my first triathlon


"I can 100% keep up with the others because KT adapts the exercises I struggle with"


is over 60 and strong


real results


06:30 Strength
09:30 Strength
18:00 Strength



06:30 Stamina
09:30 Stamina
18:00 Speed


18:05 Pilates


06:30 Speed
09:30 Speed

18:00 Stamina
19:05 Pilates

"I turn up three times a week and get it done. I don't have to think about my workouts.

I know I need to train, but at 6.30am in the morning I am not wanting to think about the workout i should do. This is why group training works for me. The entire programme to deliver results and prevent plateau is all thought out for me. I just show up and give it my all.


gets consistency in his training

Yes, It Really Works

"I love that when I can't make it to class, I can jump online and still do it."

The launch of the online workouts to compliment the face to face training has really made me up my game. Sometimes work and childcare gets in the way of getting to session, so jumping online and still getting my workout has been brilliant.


never skips training thanks to online

"Moving from Spain meant I left my trainer and my group of friends"

Joining the group training was not only great for my training, but also for the supportive community that I am now part of. I didn't think I'd find a new trainer and gym that I loved, but I did and I love how friendly the place is.


found a new supportive community

Maybe you've been someone who's trained on and off. Maybe you've trained all the time. Either way, you can't keep doing it alone. You need some motivation. Some accountability. Someone who messages you when you skipped session. We work in small groups of 8 so we notice when you don't show up for us and yourself. Not only do we help with motivation and accountability, but so does the group. This really is a 'we're in it together' kind of programme.

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you've never been pushed - in the right way - you've never found out just how fit, strong and confident you can be. That's where we step in.

Stop Thinking. Start Doing

I'm Kate, your new get-a-grip friend.

I have been in the  fitness industry since the age of 21 and worked with some of the leading lights across health and wellbeing. With roles in London, Los Angeles and New Zealand I have travelled the world developing my expertise.

more about me

hey there!

13 Classes a week to choose

A team of 5 female trainers

flexible online booking via the app

Max 8 people per session

I am new to exercise and haven't used weights before, can I join?

We recommend starting with some 121 personal training first, as this is an intermediate programme

Frequently Asked Questions

I've previously trained with weights, but unfit now. Can I join?

Yes - as long as you have worked with weights and have relatively good technique we can work on fitness

I carry some injuries is it ok to join group training?

It completely depends on the injury. No one is perfect, so we can adapt exercises, but it's something we need to talk about first.

Can I just do one class a week or PAYG?

No, this is a group training membership. You need to commit to a minimum twice a week and choose one of the monthly memberships.

What happens to my sessions if I go on holiday?

Sessions roll over in the 3 and 12 month membership so you can do extra sessions to make up any you've missed.

How many are in a class? Are the classes big?

There are only 8 in any class so we can keep an element of personal training. We don't do big groups

Do we have to share equipment? What's your Covid policy?

Everyone is allocated their own technogym bench that includes 5 sets of dumbbells, 3 resistance bands, a mat, a kettlebell and barbell - so you have your OWN workout station. We sometimes share the bikes and ski-ergs, but absolutely all our equipment is sprayed between people touching it - even in a live class. We did this before covid and have continued afterwards - it's just good hygiene

- in the meantime

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We always recommend attending a taster class so we can both assess if group training is the right programme for you. We'll also refund the trial class from your membership if you join, making it complimentary