This is your premium package for getting results

This is your premium package for getting results. 

Personal Training is what we do - all day & everyday. With a team of 4 trainers in my team, we are experts at 121 training to get you results. The studio is based in Chester and designed specifically to provide a private experience making personal training exactly that - personal.

isn't it time to put you first?

personal training in chester

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This is your last stop on the way to being that person you want to be. Someone who is: fit, strong, able and focused on their health. Who takes control of habits leading them down an unhealthy route and starts to live a life of health and wellbeing now and long into your now extended future. Guess what? You're not alone in wanting this. 

We have helped hundreds of men and women just like you, so stop scrolling because now is YOUR time. Because If not now, then when?

Welcome to Your Private Training Experience.

Time to put your health front and Centre

How It Works

A 45-60 min no obligation complimentary consultation to discuss all things 'you' to give us a starting point

First This

We both decide if we're right to work together and which membership is right for you to achieve your goals

Then this

We GET STARTED with a tailored training and nutrition plan and book your first session. We make the change happen

then this

This is the most important investment in you. We dedicate an hour to understanding you as a whole person. We listen to your frustrations, limitations, concerns and above all - your goals.

We will discuss: your eating and exercise habits, lifestyle, medical history and what's held you back previously. Then we move. We'll check your posture and conduct a simple and non-intimidating movement analysis to understand your body. When that's all done, we will piece it all together to write a tailored approach to achieving your desired health and wellbeing goals.

We always start with a  complimentary consultation.

nothing to lose + everything to gain. There is no obligation to train with us

dedicate an hour for you

book a complimentary consultation

Private 121 Training sessions with structured progressive programming

Why Training with us is better!

A MyZone Heart Rate monitor worth £129.00 to personalise your training



what's included in your membership

Quarterly health scans on progress including blood pressure


Access to our online on-demand platform of workouts, recipes and meal plans


Access to our 5 week online pilates course to compliment your training programme


Free Facebook Group and sessions to learn fact from fad about fitness and food


Personalised nutrition plan and ongoing support to keep you on track


"I was 42 and miserable and I don't think anyone would have noticed. After meeting KT I now eat well, have cut down my drinking and exercise sensibly. She not only helped improve my body, but also my physical and mental wellbeing. I now know my self worth."

— claire

"My confidence has soared and I have self-worth"

select the plan that works for you:

Session per week

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Session per week



Session per week



Quarterly health scans and blood pressure check (worth £75)

Ongoing nutritional support and guidance to support your progress

Access to our facebook wellbeing group for all things health and wellness

You MyZone Heart Rate Monitor (worth £129)

A 5-week Online Pilates Programme (worth £57)

Access to our on-demand workout platform (worth £45/month)

*Quick Reminder* your membership includes all of this too

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"With a busy family life and running our own business, training with KT is time my wife and I can spend together"


trains with his wife


"I was weak and unfit, but that changed working with KT. I now feel fit and a hell of a lot stronger"


Hated working out


"I've been teetering on the edge of needing new knees for years. KT keeps me skiing and will be my rehab guru"


still has his own knees


"Ok, I admit - this is my mum, but come on! I've got to keep mum fit and healthy for a long life :-)"


is 67 and still going


real results

"I'd driven past the studio so many times. One day I went in and I'll never leave.

I had crunchy knees, chronic back pain and although I'd lost weight I had no strength or fitness. Now I stand in the mirror gazing at my arms and even train in a crop top. Sure I have baggy skin, but I've never been made to feel so confident.


now carries the 42kg she lost

Yes, It Really Works

"When I met KT I needed knee replacement surgery. That was 7 years ago"

Skiing and being fit means the world to me. After trying several trainers, I found in KT someone who listened, spent time understanding my body and created a programme to allow me to keep going strong and delay knee replacement



"KT has seen me through debilitating pain, surgery & menopause"

I was in chronic pain from Scoliosis when I met KT and she took hold of me as an entire person and set me on a path. I had surgery, she found me an osteopath and physiotherapist, she built up my core strength and guided me through menopause. I am finally pain free and I can't live without KT


can actually enjoy life pain free

I'm Kate, your new get-a-grip friend.

I have been in the  fitness industry since the age of 21 and worked with some of the leading lights across health and wellbeing. With roles in London, Los Angeles and New Zealand I have travelled the world developing my expertise.

more about me

hey there!

Established since 2014

Over 1000 happy clients over the years

A completely private experience

only 3 clients in the studio at a time

I have back problems, would personal training be suitable?

(the right) Movement is great for the spine and we work with a lot of 'back care patients'. We're also Pilates trained - so yes.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm very overweight and unfit, I feel self conscious

We only have 3 clients at a time in the studio and we have separate rooms for those who want complete privacy. This is a really welcoming place

I have bad knees, can you adapt the training?

We see a lot of bad knees. I've had complete ACL and LCL reconstruction myself. I love working with knees. So yes - we can work with bad knees

Am I too old to start personal training?

Nope! Our clients tend to be over 40 and we have a lot over 50 and some over 60. We are all about strong functioning bodies, which you need as you age

Do you take before and after photos?

Yes/No - whatever you're comfortable with. What we don't do though is put them on social media or the website - unless you want us to

What kind of clients do you work with?

Most of our clients are over 40, busy professionals or running a family home. They want a sensible approach to their health with mature trainers

Do you offer ongoing nutrition support?

Yes we do. We'll provide you with healthy habits, look at food tracking (if needed) and do regularly measurements and weigh ins (for those who want it)

How many times a week should I train?

That's depending on your budget and commitment. We can work that out together and work with what you're able to commit to. Anything is better than nothing.

- in the meantime

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studio socials and a ski holiday!
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Still on the fence?

We have specialised in personal training for more than 20 years and as a result have crafted a membership that provides results. It isn't just about your 60 minute session. We are with you all the way and provide what you need to suceed.

Personal Training with us isn't just your 60 min session

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