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Our results speak for themselves. We offer a private studio dedicated to personal training and achieving your goals in a non-intimidating environment. With a highly qualified team we insist on demanding the best – from us and from you. And, it works.
We don’t follow latest fads or trends only tried and tested methods of training to deliver results. We recognise that everyone is an individual who requires a tailored approach to achieving their goals that includes exercise, eating and overall wellbeing.

At KT Chaloner Personal Training, you will benefit from dedicated one-on-one sessions plus lots of communication outside of your training. Creating a unique and long lasting trusting relationships with your personal trainer allows you to focus on one thing – your results.

You’ll start with an initial consultation that is complimentary with one of the best personal trainers in Chester. We will then create a programme tailored specifically to you, taking into account: medical history, lifestyle, current fitness, injuries and limitations plus nutrition. 

Our complimentary consultation allows you and your trainer to: get to know each other, build rapport and ascertain that you’re right for each other in achieving your goals. It’s complimentary because we’re confident that although theres no obligation to train with us, you will definitely want to.

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Join our 10km Race Team

Join our 10km Race Team

Tatton Park 10k - Saturday 2nd November Many people take up running to help with fitness goals and to support other activities. With that in mind... we thought why not get together with like minded people from the studio to take park in a 10k challenge. It might be...

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**BRAND NEW** Stretch Class!

**BRAND NEW** Stretch Class!

Who doesn't need a little extra bend and stretch in their life! Due to demand (yes we've noticed your hamstrings lately!), we've added a stretch classes to the timetable between our Pilates courses. This is a one off and purely dedicated to stretching. That's right an...

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Pilates on The Piste Retreat

Pilates on The Piste Retreat

**WE ARE NOW FULL. PLEASE EMAIL FOR OUR NEXT RETREAT*** Stretch to the Skies with our Alpine Pilates Retreat How about stretching to the skies with our Alpine Pilates retreat where we combine the thrill of daily skiing with afternoon Pilates and Stretch to ease those...

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Personal Training is the most tailored approach to achieving your goal and it’s where we specialise. We are a private personal training studio offering a unique and professional service in the form of 121 training or small group training only. You won’t find any PAYG classes or large groups here.
Private Personal Training

By joining us you will be in safe and highly experienced hands. 1 on 1 personal training is the most popular programme we offer and where we specialise. We’ve delivered more than 15’000 sessions since opening the studio in 2014 and helped over 500 people get results and attain their goals. Everything from: weight loss, to completing fitness events, to getting mobile again after a stroke or operation.

With a personal training programme we start with a consultation and assess your lifestyle, your goals, your fitness & limitations and plan out a programme to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. This includes private sessions, home workouts, nutritional support and regular contact with your trainer. We know we can help you


£160/month for one/week

£280/month for two/week

£420/month for three/week

*prices or KT Chaloner are £180/£320/£480 respectively

KT's Bootcamp (small grps)
This is small group training at it’s best. Offering a structured training programme for men and women to train two or three times a week for the same price as our standard PT membership. Suitable for those who have exercise experience and want to push themselves further to achieve greater results than they can on their own. This is also a great progression from 121 personal training or skinny jeans school where you still require the structure, but no longer need that 1 on 1 attention.  With the use of the My Zone Heart Rate Monitors and software these sessions match effort and exercise to maximise your calories, thereby offering an individual approach in a group environment.

Choose to train in the morning before work, after school drop off or in the evening. You are guaranteed to work with a fabulous group of highly motivated individuals. You also have flexibility to swap your sessions when need via our booking app.


Monday: 6.30am | 9.15am | 6pm

Wednesday: 6.30am | 9.15am | 6pm

Friday: 6.30am | 9.30am


£150/month for three times a week inc HR Monitor

£120/month for twice a week plus £65 for HR Monitor (RRP £129.99)

reformer & Tower Pilates
The movement of Pilates is something truly special. Purposeful, strong and centred movement will help your body align. Feeling stronger, longer and more flexible with a greater flow to your movement. You’ll enjoy a low impact sessions tailored to your specific: fitness, ability, imbalances and needs to achieve a strong and healthy body. When you hear “your body is your vessel through life, treat it well” think Pilates.

You’ll benefit from stronger deep stabilising muscles including the lower back, deep abdominals and pelvic floor resulting in better posture, less aches and pains and increased range of movement. You’ll benefit from more mobile joints and flexible muscles resulting in greater alignment and less imbalances in the body that lead to pain. You’ll benefit from greater control, flow and alignment resulting in you feeling all together so much better.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced we can deliver the right session for you. Having spent 2 years training at a Pilates centre in Windsor we not only teach the basics, but right up to the original 34 Joseph Pilates moves plus the reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Tower and Bench. Take your Pilates experience further,

Cost of Private Sessions

£180/month for one or £320/month for two sessions a week with KT Chaloner. Offering Mat, Reformer, Tower & Aerial Pilates

Matt Pilates Courses
Our Mat Pilates courses were introduced in Jan 2019 and have been overwhelmingly successful. Introduced due to the number of 121 clients we saw who had previously attended PAYG Pilates classes, but had no improved benefit in movement, core strength or flexibility simply because they were lost in class.

All too often its easy to follow along in PAYG classes doing the same movements as everyone else, but not fully aware of what finer engagements are going on in the body. Pilates can look simple enough, but the engament of deeper stabilising muscles, pelvic and shoulder stability, alignment and breathe play very important roles as to whether you gain the benefits of this wonderful discipline.

We offer four categories of Mat Pilates for those in varying stages of their practice and for those – who because of the benefits – continue on their journey and progress with us:

Basic Series 1 & 2 – Perfect for beginners or those with a handful of classes under their belt. This series helps you master the foundations

Transition Series 1,2 & 3 – Perfect for those who’ve completed basics or have at least 12 weeks Pilates experience and are moving into an improvers category

Specialised series 1 – 4 – perfect for those who’ve completed the transition series and are now aware of areas in need of more specific development such as flexibility or extension work

Contrology Series 1-5 – perfect for those who are advanced or completed all our previous series and are ready to learn the progressed versions of Joseph Pilates classic 34 exercises.

Cost of Courses

£50 per person, per course. Each course is 5 weeks in duration in school term time.

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Our Mat Pilates courses are like no other in Chester. We offer over 14 different levelled courses to help you choose the right level for you and offer a progressive pathway for your Pilates journey from complete beginner through to advanced pilates. Start with our Basic Series before moving into our Transition series. Follow with Specialised for focal areas such as improving flexiblity or strength before mastering the 34 exercises with our Contrology series. Read more about our Pilates Programme here
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I really enjoyed attending Pilates and was made to feel most welcome. The five week basic course was very informative and Janine clearly new her subject. I felt I really progressed each session. I would recommend to anyone and as a bonus it eased my back pain Tim Beaumont

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Client Testimonials

I first trained with KT 18 months ago to help me rehab my knee after a difficult couple of operations. I got so frustrated with katie! On and on and on with static excercises till I had almost had enough – but she knew best, wouldnt let me move on until all the strength and stability necessary to support a return to sport was in place. I never looked back after that and have enjoyed a fantastic year being one of her clients. Her classes are tough but fulfilling – nothing ever seems to repeat itself and she motivates like no other. Im as fit at 58 as I felt at 38 plus my strength and flexibility has surprised me. Now my other knee has gone ive got all that rehab to look forward to!
Katie engenders a great sense of cameraderie among her clients and her joint classes are superb theres a kind of club atmosphere without the negative overtones that the chains bring to fitness establishments. She really cares about her clients
Top trainer Phil Carson (PT Membership)

KT has been more than just a Personal Trainer for me. She has helped to transform my life; after years of illness I had many issues not only physical but mental: from anxiety, lack of confidence and fear through to no stamina and general physical weakness. 
KT tailored her approach to suit my needs. She was patient, empathic and very encouraging. This has enabled me to feel much stronger and fitter and more importantly I have gained confidence and have the energy to re-embark on a life that had been on hold for many years! I will be forever grateful to KT and her belief in me; as I am convinced if she had not had the ability to be an all round effective coach as well as trainer I would have quit after a couple of sessions. Sam MacDonald (PT Membership)

KT takes an intelligent and holistic approach to fitness. She gets you fit and also talks common sense about nutrition – although she never tells you to go on a ‘diet’. 
Under her instruction and guidance, I’ve got fit and lost weight that is staying off, to stay within my healthy weight range. 
I also like the fact that Katie watches me like a hawk during every move, to make sure I’m not going even slightly out of alignment. This is very important as I have two bulging discs in the lower back that can slip out if I move incorrectly. 
I’m now fitter than I’ve been for most of my adult life, more agile, haven’t had any disc problems since starting PT, and indeed have a stronger back. 
I recommend Katie to anyone interested in getting fit and healthy and staying that way Tracy North (PT Membership)

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Join our 10km Race Team

Join our 10km Race Team

Tatton Park 10k - Saturday 2nd November Many people take up running to help with fitness goals and to support other activities. With that in mind... we thought why not get together with like minded people from the studio to take park in a 10k challenge. It might be...

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Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

5 Ways to Improve Your Eating With Healthy Habits At the studio we like to focus more on healthy eating than dieting and learning about 'what to eat' as well as how much to eat in order for you make healthy choices. Another method we use is trying to promote healthy...

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Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

Check out Sunday Roast Left Over CurryA Sunday Roast is always a winner, but when you make an amazing and healthy curry from leftovers, you feel you're winning at life! Servings 4 Ready In: 20-30minsGood For: DinnerInroduction About this Recipe Firstly I should say...

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