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 I have more than 20 years experience in the fitness industry and have had the opportunity to work with some of the finest trainers and leaders in personal training from all around the world. I brought this expertise back to Chester in 2011 and was ranked a Top 10 Personal Trainer in 2012 by Mens Health. This led to me opening one of Chesters first Personal Training Studios dedicated solely to private and small group personal training – Creatively named KT Chaloner Personal Training and Pilates Studio. Unlike large box gyms, at my personal training and pilates studio in Chester you are guaranteed 100% focus to be on you without: on-lookers, sharing of equipment or distractions. We also don’t make your session about getting instagram stories and facebook pictures to promote our business. We pride ourselves on being professional and offering a personal training service how it should be – PERSONAL & 100% FOCUSED ON YOU. 

We specialise in private 121 and small group personal training to help you move, look and feel better whether this is through strength training, functional training or Pilates. We use a variety of proven and long standing methods of training to get you the results you both need and want.  We view you as a whole and go beyond helping you achieve physical improvements. The mental wellbeing achieved through adding a personal trainer to your life can be transformational. The increase in self confidence and the ability to learn to love your body and what it can do for you can sometimes go beyond achieving that initial goal, which all too often is simply weight related.

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Private Personal Training is the most tailored approach to achieving your goal and it’s where we specialise. We have been successfully delivering personal training in Chester to more than 600 clients since 2011 and gained a great reputation through our clients success stories. But not everyone needs that 121 approach and many of our clients who’d achieved their goal wanted to stay with us for accountability, so in 2017 we introduced small group personal training in the form of KT’s Bootcamp. In keeping with our private and personal approach to training groups are kept to a maximum of 8 per session and we design a structured programme based on attending multiple sessions/week. We also introduced private and small group Pilates to provide a well-rounded approach to the mind and body when it comes to exercise and remain one of Chesters best Personal Training studios.  Scroll through each of our programmes below to find the right one for you or contact us for a chat


Personal Training is perfect for those with medical issues or rehabilitation needs. It’s also great if you’re new to exercise and training with weights and need more hands on guidance when it comes to technique for maximum benefit and minimal injury. Some also prefer 121 Personal Training as they prefer the tailored approach and the privacy of training in our non-intimidating environment rather than being watched in larger gyms. The beauty of personal training with us is as you progress you can move over to our small group or bootcamp training, reducing your cost and doubling your sessions each week. 


Group training is perfect for those with some exercise experience and wanting to push themselves to get in great shape and don’t mind sharing the studio space with two other people. Working on your own tailored programme that is re-set every 12 weeks, but tweeked along the way you’ll receive a semi-personal approach to your training at a reduced price from private personal training. Semi-Private Personal Training sessions are scheduled throughout the day all week, so you can fit them around your busy life making sure you never miss a training session. You’ll have a maximum of 2 other clients in the studio with you and it’s our job to find them – otherwise it’s just you! 



Extroidinary classes are taking the world by storm now with Barrys Bootcamp, 1REBEL and Core Collective all leading the way in offering classes like never before. KT’s Bootcamp is Chesters very own version. Taking a structured approach to our weekly sessions we offer you a multi-session class membership that takes a whole body approach across the week. We take all the responsibilty of creating your programme leaving you to simple sweat and get results. With the use of My Zone heart rate monitors we can also manipulate your intensity in real time for maxumum results. This is perfect for those who have experience in exercise and want to work hard and get amazing results.


Pilates training is perfect for those with alignment or movement issues or back pain restricting their quality of life. Through Mat and Reformer Pilates we can realign your body, strengthen your core and lengthen tight muscles to provide a greater range of movement and agility in every day life. Living in pain or an imobile life doesn’t have to be permenant. We can help you get back on your feet and functioning for every day life. We use a mixture of classical Mat Pilates, The Reformer and Tower during your sessions. Pilates is offered on a 121 basis, which is often a great way to start if you’re in pain or we run a selection of small group Mat Pilates classes


Group Mat Pilates classes is a great way to integrate pilates into your daily routine as stand alone classes or to compliment your other training. In fact, we feel so strongly that everyone should incorporate Pilates into their life that we provide complimentary classes to everyone who has a personal training membership with us.

Pilates is perfect for those with alignment or movement issues or back pain restricting their quality of life. Through Mat Pilates we can realign your body, strengthen your core and lengthen tight muscles to provide a greater range of movement and agility in every day life. Check out our Mat Pilates Classes today


Skinny Jeans School is a membership specifically for women who want to lose weight. If you’ve never exercised or trying to get back into it after many years off then this is for you. I designed SJS back in 2012 and it’s gone from strength to strength helping women lose weight sensibly and keep it off with healthy eating and exercise. 

We combine eating, exercise, education and a great empowering atmosphere for success. We’ve helped women lose betwen 10-14lbs over 8 weeks and we recommend 16 weeks of this programme before moving to KT’s Bootcamp. We only take 10 people onto this membership at any given time, so don’t delay. Lose weight, get healthy and become confident today

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pilates classes

Our Mat Pilates classes are small, hands on and instructional to help you really understand your body, how it moves and how to get the most from this wonderful form of exercise. With beginners and intermediate classes available you can ensure you continue at the right level. All our classes are based on classical pilates and the orignial Joseph Pilates moves. Whilst some classes shy away from this due to its advanced nature, our hands on approach has proved time again everyone can progress in Pilates and conquer the 34 moves. We regress and progress each individual – individually, so although you’re in a class you’re sure to get a personalised experience. 

Read more about our Pilates Programme here

Our Class Timetable Runs:

  • Tuesday 6pm Beginners
  • Thursday 6pm Intermediate
  • Saturday 1030am Intermediate
  • Saturday 11.30am Beginners

You can book online and purchase a 5 or 10 class pass via our online store with PT Minder, but if you’re new to KT Chaloner why not try our FREE TASTER SESSION first. Click on the buttons below or sign into your PT Minder account

I really enjoyed attending Pilates and was made to feel most welcome. The five week basic course was very informative and Janine clearly new her subject. I felt I really progressed each session. I would recommend to anyone and as a bonus it eased my back pain
Tim Beaumont

What’s with our


We’re in it together! KT’s Bootcamp takes a structure approach to training putting the programme together for you. All you have to do is show up and put maximum effort in. Become Strong. Powerful and Persistent in your conquest for greater health, fitness and wellbeing. Our classes are available on a monthly membership attending 2, 3 or 4 times a week. We only have 8 in a session, so keeping it small and personal.



We use barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells galore. This session is designed to build muscle and strength. Keeping the reps low and the weights high this 60 min session will leave you feeling STRONG


An explosive session of short sharp busts of power. Mixing resistance and bodyweight exercises with the power of the assualt bike and ergs and you leave feeling POWERFUL


Endurance is the name of the game as we up your muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. This session keeps going and going so you’ll need to grit your teeth and find PERSISTENCE

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A success for everyone?

Personal Training is of course our business, but the success stories belong to you and they make us so happy. Whilst delivering results is what we do, when you achieve them it literally makes our hearts sings. We get to know our clients on such a personal level that when they succeed we really feel it with them. Read about some of our amazing clients and maybe you could become one.

Sophie Sykes

I am Autistic and have sensory processing disorder which impacts my ability to cope with new places, people and environments.  Having moved from full time dance into a teaching role I needed to maintain my fitness levels and health.  I decided Pilates could be perfect for me and could also help to reduce my stress and anxiety levels.

Having trained in Dance from 3 years old, I graduated with a level 6 diploma in professional dance at the age of 18.  Following my dance training I currently teach classical Ballet, Tap, Modern and Contemporary at a local Dance school, this has been my life without change for 16 years.

I was incredibly nervous and worried at the prospect of starting Pilates however Starting with KT was very easy, her personality, style of teaching and the atmosphere of her studio were just right.

 It is very unusual for me to be able to start anything new without it having a major effect on my wellbeing , KT just has a really calming way of teaching, she listens and understands and ensures that I’m comfortable at all times, I train 4 times per week and have thoroughly enjoyed it from the first session.  

My training in dance, teaching experience and my Autistic brain have given me the ability to pick up Pilates very quickly however, in any other environment I wouldn’t  have come so far, or more likely I wouldn’t have walked through the studio door.

 KT has inspired (or pushed me?) me to become a qualified Pilates instructor myself.  Thanks KT

Lisa Curran

Meeting KT has been life changing for me.

Before joining Skinny Jeans School I was regularly rowing and using the cross trainer without achieving results.  My aim was to tone up and lose a few pounds.  I am over the moon that I have consistently lost and my total loss is over a stone.  The classes have been fabulous for me and it has been so motivating to achieve weekly results.  My eating habits have changed for the better but I still (over) drink and indulge!

I have since joined KT’s Bootcamp and love it. The structure of training three times a week at 6.30am is exactly what I need to maintain my weighI am confident that I will maintain my new weight and shape.  I can’t speak highly enough of SJS.

Elle Woodyer-Bower

Normal gyms never appealed much to me. Even the one at my school. I knew I wanted to get fitter but, as a bit of a beginner, I found the atmosphere of exercising in large groups a bit off-putting. It was also always difficult to find the time to fit in around my studies and A level revision timetable.

So I signed up with KT for a flexible programme of one to one sessions which went on throughout my last few months of sixth form at school and over the subsequent summer holidays.

It worked out really well. I could learn to exercise properly in a safe professional environment and quickly gained in strength, fitness and confidence. KT was brilliant at designing a personalised programme for me and kept my motivation high with frequent changes of routine and her infectious and unyielding enthusiasm. She was also a great source of help on the dietary front providing lots of tips, hints and support as to what to eat to underpin the exercise programme (not always the easiest thing to do when you’re a constantly ravenous teenager, stressed by A levels and with a profound love of pizza).

I’m at university now on the south coast and have joined the gym on campus (something I would probably not have done before) but am looking forward to catching up with KT in my holidays to get a top up of her expertise and enthusiasm.

Gill Brailsford

I have been working with KT for just over a year. She helped me prepare my body for surgery in January, without her help, compassion and expertise I would not have recovered as quickly. After my surgery we started again on a 1:1 basis and re-built my strength, stamina and fitness. I have now lost the weight I put on during my recovery period and as well as doing the small group personal training sessions, I am rebuilding my core strength with KT using the pilates reformer and with Melody Dean in pilates classes. KT really pays attention to your individual needs and goals, I highly recommend her and her team

Alison Johnson

Granted I am biased as KT is my daughter, but when she returned to Chester from overseas I was a size 16-18, eating way too much sugar and not taking any exercise. I was miserable, hated shopping and had no body confidence anymore. Having always been fit and active, I was blaming my weight gain on my under-active thyroid and had basically given up.

After relentless tutting each time I tried to eat cake and deny it, I started to eat healthier. I also started to train with KT three times a week either in personal training or joining her classes. The weight dropped off, my muscles became defined and my confidence started to come back. I started to enjoy shopping and didn’t hate looking in the mirror anymore.

At 63 I am fitter than I was at 33. I attend KT’s Bootcamp and do my best to keep up, but regardless I love to lift weights and squat jump with a great group of people at a wonderful studio!

David Howarth

I came to KT after trying a couple of other personal trainers and have remained with KT for coming up to 4 years now. My knees have always been an issue and I am warding off replacements for as long as I can whilst maintaining a fun-filled life that includes lots of Skiing! Without KT’s knowledge I wouldn’t be able to maintain my fitness nor keep up my Skiing. She looks after my knee and her programmes keep me fit, sometimes to point of feeling like I am dying… but it’s what I asked for. She holds me back when needed and incorporates an amount of knee pre/rehabilitation into our sessions to keep the legs as strong as possible without irritating the joint further. She’s now a regular part of my Tuesday! 

Phillippa Stubbs

I started working with KT because I had piled on the pounds after having my baby. I’d set myself a goal to lose one dress size before my birthday, which was in 6 months so I felt it was completely realistic. I had no idea I’d look better than I did before I had my baby. After just 12 with with KT I started to notice the difference, which really motivated me to continue. I trained with KT twice a week and by the. time my birthday rolled around I’d from an uncomfortable size 12 to a size 8. Its not just the exercise sessions, its the home workouts and nutritional advice that has made the difference.

KT is an excellent motivator and has encouraged me to continue the hard work because it’s so worth it.

Chris Williams

I didn’t realise trainers like KT existed. I’ve been training with KT now for over 2 yeas and have gone from an unfocused gym goer to a focused guy who now competes in various racing events. What you get with KT is a personal touch that focusses on what you want to achieve as a person.

I have been taught many training techniques that have dramatically improved my fitness, strength and flexibility. I used to run along the streets, but now I run muddy events, go mountain biking and have completed in adventure races – and yes, all with KT as she supports not only training, but runs right along side you in the events. She event invites you to her weekends at Llandegla, so I’ve not only found a trainer, I’ve gained a friend.  Highly recommends. It’s not only great, it’s great fun.

Cathy Tripp

I’ve been working with KT now for 9 months in skinny jeans school and love it! I was a member of a local gym and thought I was relatively fit doing 2-3 spinning classes per week, 1 run and the odd weights class.

I thought the amount of exercise I was doing would surely give me the results I wanted, however, KT advised me to try a different way of training, strength training and working on toning up do a wide variety of exercises each session to keep me motivated.

I have to say she was right, she knows how hard to push me and the results I’ve had are amazing. I might not be the weight I want to be (yet…not far off) but the muscles are there ready underneath! Fabulous trainer who really knows her stuff!

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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