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Our results speak for themselves. We offer a private studio dedicated to personal training and achieving your goals in a non-intimidating environment. With a highly qualified team we insist on demanding the best – from us and from you. And, it works.

We don’t follow latest fads or trends only tried and tested methods of training to deliver results. We recognise that everyone is an individual who requires a tailored approach to achieving their goals that includes exercise, eating and overall wellbeing.

At KT Chaloner Personal Training, you will benefit from dedicated one-on-one sessions plus lots of communication outside of your training. Creating a unique and long lasting trusting relationships with your personal trainer allows you to focus on one thing – your results.

You’ll start with an initial consultation that is complimentary with one of the best personal trainers in Chester. We will then create a programme tailored specifically to you, taking into account: medical history, lifestyle, current fitness, injuries and limitations plus nutrition. 

Our complimentary consultation allows you and your trainer to: get to know each other, build rapport and ascertain that you’re right for each other in achieving your goals. It’s complimentary because we’re confident that although theres no obligation to train with us, you will definitely want to.


why us?


We have a 2000sqft dedicated space for private and small group training. Designed in a way to give you maximum privacy during your sessions. No on-lookers, no distractions, no waiting for equipment.


We are 'career' personal trainers meaning we are highly qualified and highly professional with years of experience in training clients to get results. We've had clients remain with us for 4+ years since we opened. They wouldn't stay if they didn't trust us


We offer a non-intimidating environment to train with top of the range equipment and an onsite shower facility. We are not all about big weights, heavy machines and mirrors. This is a safe and friendly place to train


Your membership doesn't start and finish with the 'one hour you pay for'. We offer ongoing nutritional support, telephone calls, texts, home workouts and much more to ensure you succeed. We are here for you and the fact we've been invited to weddings, birthdays, family BBQ's and more shows how involved we get in YOU

Let’s GO

whats your goal?

Personal Training is the most tailored approach to achieving your goal. During your consultation we’ll discuss that goal and be completely honest about whether we can help. Whilst we are highly qualified, we don’t try to be everything to everyone. So we have specialist areas.

Weight Loss

Probably the most popular goal we see and the goal we have succeeded the most. Through lots of research and trials I created an 16 week structured programme around exercise, eating, education and habits to really deliver results. The results have been amazing. All my trainers use this foundation along with their own personal training and nutrition qualifications to help you transform your life. We have helped people ditch dieting in favour of smart eating and exercise for long term transformations. Read our success stories on just how much we’ve helped.

Improved Health & Fitness

As a private studio we tend to have a certain clientele. 40+ person juggling a professional career with family life and starting to question their health. Improved fitness is becoming a number one priority combined with some weight loss and it’s a great goal to have. Realising the career and family have come first and your health has suffered over the years is a great realisation and one we love to help with. By combining interesting private sessions, with dietary advice, some easy lifestyle changes we’re able to put you on the road to better health long tem.

improved core & posture

Pilates is growing in popularity and rightly so. This is a perfect discipline for those wanting to get stronger, improve their core and posture or alleviate pain from injuries and poor movement. After completing a 24 month diploma in Pilates I can offer everything from Mat to Reformer to Tower Pilates to help a number of people. Pilates is slow, controlled and precise which delivers great results in improving the body and it’s capabilities to live strong and pain free

Ante/post Natal

Keeping fit, strong & healthy both during your pregnancy and immediately afterwards requires a specialist who is trained in how the body changes during this period to ensure you’re safe and the exercise is effective. We are those specialists. We are honest with you and create a programme to keep you healthy during pregnancy and get you back to optimum fitness post birth. As we’re a private studio we’re also able to let you bring your baby to training with you, so there’s no need to stop or get childcare.


Being hit by an injury can really knock your training and leave you wondering how to manage your fitness whilst not aggravating your injury even further. We’ve helped several clients in the lead up to and post op for for hip replacements, knee replacements, knee cartilage/ligament repair and spinal surgery. We want to focus on you being as strong as you can and in optimum health and fitness pre-op, and then back on your feet safely and effectively as quickly as you can post op.

Optimum Self

You’re injury free, no special considerations, reasonably healthy but feel you could be more. Stronger, fitter, leaner with greater capability in your body. You want to be more agile, more ready to hit the trails, enter an event or climb a mountain. Then our optimum self training is for you. You and your trainer will come up with a great series of sessions to use your body to achieve it’s best. You might find you’re on the gymnastic rings one week and swinging sandbags around the next. These sessions are fun-filled sweat-fests and no two are the same.

boost your learning with extra

next course dates

Master Your Movement

Courses designed to teach the foundations of Pilates. Master the breathing, core engagement and joint stabilisation for improved wellbeing and progression towards correct movement then progress with our follow on courses

Pilates Basics 1 & 2

Pilates Basics 1 Wed & Sat 11.30am starting 20th & 23rd Feb

Pilates Basics 2 Wed & Sat 10.30am starting 20th & 23rd Feb

Priced: £50

Master Suspension of the silks

Aerial Pilates takes all the principles of Mat Pilates and adds new dimensions in the form of suspension and inversion to take your Pilates experience to another place. This is a fun-filled way to experience Pilates

15th January – 12th February ’19 *SOLD OUT*

BOOK: 25th February – 26th Mar ’19

Book: 30th Apr – 28th May ’19

Priced £60PP

Supercharge Your Fitness and Results

KT’s Bootcamp is a monthly membership providing you with a semi-private training experience via structured sessions each week. Choose to train twice or three times, either way this is a brilliant programme for improving fitness,  trimming down and getting lean

Starts 1st of every month

Priced £120-£150/month

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

I first trained with KT 18 months ago to help me rehab my knee after a difficult couple of operations. I got so frustrated with katie! On and on and on with static excercises till I had almost had enough – but she knew best, wouldnt let me move on until all the strength and stability necessary to support a return to sport was in place. I never looked back after that and have enjoyed a fantastic year being one of her clients. Her classes are tough but fulfilling – nothing ever seems to repeat itself and she motivates like no other. Im as fit at 58 as I felt at 38 plus my strength and flexibility has surprised me. Now my other knee has gone ive got all that rehab to look forward to!
Katie engenders a great sense of cameraderie among her clients and her joint classes are superb theres a kind of club atmosphere without the negative overtones that the chains bring to fitness establishments. She really cares about her clients
Top trainer

Phil Carson (PT Membership)

KT has been more than just a Personal Trainer for me. She has helped to transform my life; after years of illness I had many issues not only physical but mental: from anxiety, lack of confidence and fear through to no stamina and general physical weakness. 
KT tailored her approach to suit my needs. She was patient, empathic and very encouraging. This has enabled me to feel much stronger and fitter and more importantly I have gained confidence and have the energy to re-embark on a life that had been on hold for many years! I will be forever grateful to KT and her belief in me; as I am convinced if she had not had the ability to be an all round effective coach as well as trainer I would have quit after a couple of sessions.

Sam MacDonald (PT Membership)

KT takes an intelligent and holistic approach to fitness. She gets you fit and also talks common sense about nutrition – although she never tells you to go on a ‘diet’. 
Under her instruction and guidance, I’ve got fit and lost weight that is staying off, to stay within my healthy weight range. 
I also like the fact that Katie watches me like a hawk during every move, to make sure I’m not going even slightly out of alignment. This is very important as I have two bulging discs in the lower back that can slip out if I move incorrectly. 
I’m now fitter than I’ve been for most of my adult life, more agile, haven’t had any disc problems since starting PT, and indeed have a stronger back. 
I recommend Katie to anyone interested in getting fit and healthy and staying that way

Tracy North (PT Membership)


demand the best.from us.from you

kt chaloner

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*sessions by appointment only

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