This is your opportunity to live pain free

This is your opportunity to live pain free

All my trainers are pilates trained, as we feel its such an important discipline to learn for good movement, posture, strength and mobility into later life. We have helped people recover from strokes, overcome crippling back pain, rehabilitate after breast cancer reconstruction and even have spinal surgery cancelled - all thanks to Pilates

isn't it time to put you first?

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You're here because you want to: regain your movement, live pain free and regain the quality of life you're missing due to pain and niggles. You want to benefit from improved core strength and pelvic floor control along with better posture. You want to remain mobile long into later life - whether this is by  combining pilates with resistance and cardio training for overall wellbeing or embarking on a programme of pilates for rehabilitation needs.

If you're waiting to feel better before starting, then stop waiting. We could have you moving better sooner than you think.

Pilates Programming made for you..

Time to live a life that is pain free

beginner pilates

Basic Pilates Level 1 - The Fundamentals has been designed for complete beginners or those who have attended less than 6 Pilates classes. Often in PAYG classes you are left confused by the instructors terminology and don't 100% know if you're really engaging your core, working in imprint or breathing correctly. The fundamentals will give you clarity on all these aspects and more. Time to dispel the confusion, provide you with understanding of the fundamentals and introduce you to Pilates - the right way!

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beginner pilates

Basic Pilates 2 has been designed as a follow on beginner course. So if you've completed Basic Pilates 1 or attended between 6-10 pilates classes somewhere else, then Basic Pilates 2 is for you. In this course we develop upon the fundamentals of Pilates and help you connect the breath, to the core engagement to the movement. When these are in sync you pilates will flow and you'll reap the many intended benefits. 

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improver pilates

Transition Pilates Level 1 has been designed to move beginners to the next step and improve your practice towards intermediate. Transition 1 is the first in a series of 3 courses aimed at 'improvers' who want to focus on the benefits of classical pilates. Incorporating Joseph Pilates 34 classic moves, this course takes you from regressed to progressed versions to reap the full benefits of Pilates. Pre-Requisites: Basic 2 or at least 12 consecutive pilates classes elsewhere.

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5 week course- £57.00

8 Week course £87.00

8 week course £87.00

Mat Pilates Courses

Weekly Pre-Recorded Workouts that are 45 mins each for you to practice 1-3 times a week

Weekly exercise tutorials to help you master each move

A progressive course that builds week on week to help you develop your pilates practice

Available at a time and place that suits you. Just press play and go

Weekly emails to keep you on track and focussed

Support from us if you can't master a move, it hurts your body or you need an alternative

Not just a class. A progressive way to learn pilates

Lifetime access

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Thinking more 121 Private Matt or Reformer Pilates is more your thing? Scroll down...

"When I turned up to see KT I couldn't even get myself down to lie on the floor to start the session. I was in agony with my back and waiting on more spinal surgery to fuse even more vertebrae. After 4 months with KT I walked into my consultants office for my pre-op assessment and he sat wide eyed with scans in hand. He couldn't believe I was even walking. My surgery has been cancelled and... I've even taking up swimming and pole dancing!

— helena

My Spinal Surgery has been cancelled. 

This is the most important investment in you. A dedicated hour to understanding your body as a whole. We listen to your goals, injuries, limitations and needs to begin finding a way forward. Then we move.

We will do a complete posture analysis and discuss any comments from physio's or osteopaths you're working with. We will then conduct a simple and non-intimidating movement analysis to see how your body is moving and where restrictions and imbalances exist. When that's all done, we will discuss our recommended way forward and get you started on a plan.

Your Pilates Personal Training sessions will then be 60 mins in duration and each session will be progressive in nature and designed specifically around your goals. 

We always start 121 training with a consultation.

Private Pilates Training starts at £50/session and is by appointment only

dedicated 121 pilates training

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"I was in so much pain - constantly. With KT's help: I retired, had my coccyx removed and now enjoy holidays"


Has weekly pilates to stay walking


"2 sessions a week on the reformer keeps my core stronger than my scoliosis and allows me to live pain free"


maintains her scoliosis


"I've trained with both KT and Chloe to overcome my back pain through pilates. I love weekly sessions"


i no longer have back pain


real results

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A year from now you
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So let's get  you started!

I'm Kate, your new get-a-grip friend.

I have been in the  fitness industry since the age of 21 and worked with some of the leading lights across health and wellbeing. With roles in London, Los Angeles and New Zealand I have travelled the world developing my expertise.

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Established since 2014

A team of 5 female trainers

A completely private experience

only 3 clients in the studio at a time

I have back problems, would Pilates be suitable?

(the right) Movement is great for the spine and we work with a lot of 'back care patients'. Pilates is great for backs.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm very overweight and unfit, I feel self conscious

We only have 3 clients at a time in the studio and we have separate rooms for those who want complete privacy. This is a really welcoming place

Should I do Reformer or Mat Pilates?

They are both great forms of pilates exercises. The reformer is good for those with mat experience, or if you can't get onto the floor.

Can I join the classes as well as personal training?

Of course! We have a lot of clients who top up their private 121 training with mat pilates classes, so you can get more movement in during the week

My physio or GP has recommended pilates can you help?

Yes of course - we work with a lot of physios and doctors to help people overcome mobility issues and injuries

What kind of clients do you work with?

Most of our clients are over 40, busy professionals or running a family home. They want a sensible approach to their health with mature trainers

I've been to classes that are cliquey - are you guys?

100% no! We've been to those classes as well. Everyone in perfect yoga outfits and all bendy. That's just not us. We're really friendly.

How many times a week should I train?

That's depending on your budget and commitment. We can work that out together and work with what you're able to commit to. Anything is better than nothing.

- in the meantime

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