We offer a private studio in Chester dedicated to Pilates and helping you move better. Without the elitism and cliqueness that can sometimes be seen Pilates, we offer everyone a non-intimidating environment to practice and regain strength, mobility and a freedom to move pain free.

Pilates Training in Chester

Pilates is something we think everyone should do, that's why we offer a variety of Pilates sessions at the studio from Mat Pilates classes to private sessions using the Reformer and Tower. We have highly qualified trainers onboard who have studied with some of the best including being APPI trained to help with injuries and work alongside your physiotherapists or medical practitioner to give you back pain-free movement.

By offering both 121 and group pilates we can help you come more than once a week to keep your body moving more freely without elevating the cost. In fact, if you do 121 Training, your group mat classes are free!

complimentary consultations

All our Pilates training memberships start with our complimentary consultation with one of the best personal trainers in Chester. This allows you and your trainer to: get to know each other, build rapport and ascertain that you’re right for each other to achieve your goals. This sessions lasts approximately one hour during which time we use around half that time to: discuss your goals, medical history, lifestyle, injuries and limitations & posture in order to create a programme tailored specifically to you.

The second half of the consultation is used to conduct a movement & posture analysis. This is so your trainer can write the most precise and tailored programme for you. We have made this session complimentary, as we feel it's the most important session you’ll have and we don’t want you to feel committed until you’ve met your pilates trainer. We also do it because we’re confident that although there's no obligation to train with us afterwards, you will definitely want to.

Our consultations can be in person or online, so lets chat. That way we can get you started with the right combination of services and put a tailored programme together for YOU.

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A 45-60 minute Complimentary Consultation

A Full Movement & Posture Analysis

A tailored programme to reach your movement goals 

One Group Mat Pilates Class per Week (online)

Complimentary access to our OnDemand home workout video library all filmed in real time. Press play and go to train 7 days a week with us. Worth £45/month

Our Protein Packed Recipe Guide filled with over 50 recipes & nutritional advice

Ongoing support and contact with your coach 

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PLUS: 1 Pilates Session Per Week (4/month)

PLUS: 2 Pilates Session Per Week (8/month)

PLUS: 3 Pilates Session Per Week (12/month)

PLUS: 4 Pilates Session Per Week (16/month)






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Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates whilst popular is under-rated yet can offer so many benefits to the body. We focus on Classical Pilates using the 34 moves created by Joseph Pilates for a body that has full range of movement, strength, flexibility and lives pain free. All too often Mat Pilates sessions involve a lot of lying on the mat with small movements. Classical Pilates encourages a great deal of movement and ventures into moves that require a great deal of ability. However, they are often not taught due to fear. We provide a complete breakdown of the movements, start very basic and progress. Just because it's Mat Pilates doesn't mean you can't advance in to the 34 Moves.

Reformer Pilates

The Reformer is becoming such a popular piece of Pilates equipment and rightly so! The Reformer can be used by anyone - from complete beginner or injured person to advance. The ropes, pulley and Spring system can make the moves easier or harder, but all require control. The Reformer is a wonderful way to increase strength, range of movement, flexibility and stability in the joints. Designed around the hospital bed that Joseph Pilates used for his patience it allows the body to move with no impact and can do wonders to help problem areas and posture.

Tower Pilates

The Tower, not unlike the Reformer is a great piece of equipment to take your Pilates practice further. This time springs, bars and ropes are used to help you get into positions you simply can't on the Mat. Unlike the Reformer, the Tower makes rotation and lateral flexion work on the spine a little easier helping you to really improve your mobility in this area. 

Often in private 121 sessions we will use a combination of the equipment depending on goal to achieve the best session for you

APPI Pilates

The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) is a world leading provider of Physiotherapy and Pilates Treatment and Education and for over 16 years they have been developing Pilates practice to compliment physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation. Whilst deep rooted in Pilates, these sessions are far from the Joseph Pilates 34 moves, as they take a more gentle approach to healing the body, movement, strength and flexibility. These sessions are fantastic for people who are trying to overcome injury to move better.