For women over 40 who want a realistic approach to being fit +feeling good

Overwhelmed with finding 'the right way' to exercise and eat? Let me erase that stress. Dive into monthly coaching crafted specifically for women determined to make midlife their best life

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Welcome to the Midlife, Well-life membership. The club every {peri} menopausal woman not only wants, but needs to be part of. In my monthly coaching membership I am going to help you make midlife your best life. If you've been doing everything you can to stay in shape and it hasn't worked, it's not your fault. Your body is now playing by a new set of rules and you need a new strategy. In my monthly membership, I won't just unveil the rules of this new game; I'll be your guide, eliminating the overwhelm and stress that often accompanies figuring it all out. Discover what to eat, how to move, and when to unwind, tailored to your unique needs, month after month. In no time, you'll rediscover the 'you' you recognise again, with renewed confidence

For Women Who Want to Know How to Eat & Exercise in Midlife

the best womens club you want to be part of

Hi, I'm Katie! Wellness Expert, Gut Restoration Specialist and Nutritional Medicine MSc student. I'm over 45, fit, healthy and enjoying my life! 

~ and so can you too!

Imagine what it would be like...

let's find out how the magic happens

I know what it feels like to be over 40 and no longer recognise your body. Even being a personal trainer couldn't stop the inevitable changes to the body that peri-menopause brought. I gained 10lbs, my body ached and my energy slumped. So I did what any personal trainer would do. I doubled down on my diet with intermittent fasting, calorie restriction.. I even turned vegan! I upped my workout game and went harder, for longer and more frequent. I even took up running because that's always guaranteed to drop the pounds! Except it didn't. I got it all wrong.

If as an expert I could get it all wrong, then how are you supposed to know what to do?

That's when I went deep into studying Gut Restoration, Nutritional Therapy, The Menopause and even going back to University to do my Msc in Nutritional Medicine so I could really double down on the latest research. I was relentless in my quest to understand how the body had changed and why it needed a different approach. The result was I developed a new strategy to getting my body back and the results I wanted ~ and now ~ I'm going to teach it to you

To be in complete control of your hormones and in charge of your body

what's included in your membership every month!

Your 7 Day Meal Plan

A complete 7 day meal plan complete with recipes

The Coached Mid life membership

The club you'll want to be part of to navigate your 40's and 50's. Along with other Mid-Lifers supporting you along the way, I am fully invested in helping you navigate this time of life to make mid-life your best life. As a 40+ myself, I have a vested interest in all the latest research on regaining myself and I'm sharing it ALL with you!

Your Workouts

Live Coaching

4-5 new press play and go workouts every month

Take a sneak peak inside

Extra Recipes

Extra recipes, treats and ideas for hosting a dinner party are added to your recipe library

Workout Calendar

Each month you'll get your workout calendar. No more overwhelm it's all laid out for you

Resource Library

An ever growing resource library to help you master menopause.

Every month I upload new learning and support to help you master menopause

You will learn so much more

Your membership through your 40's & 50's

You'll gain insight into the shifts in your hormones, their impact on your body, and discover effective ways to support them

You'll let go of calorie counting and following fad diets and instead nourish your body with great food

You'll never have to stress about what to eat or cook today, as you'll get regular meal plans and recipes for the week

You'll never have to feel overwhelmed about what workouts to do, as you get a workout schedule and workouts every month

If you're joining from the Gut Reset, then you'll maintain your weight loss and gut health with minimal effort

You'll regain your confidence, as your body and health changes spurring you back to feeling good about yourself

You'll understand how to indulge intelligently and socialise successful without sabotaging your success

You'll feel supported, understood and accountable in the community with me and other women over 40.

The Midlife, Well-life  is a space meticulously crafted for women like you. It isn't just a membership ~ it's your steadfast companion guiding you through every chapter of your midlife journey

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You can say goodbye to your unused gym memberships, that overwhelming workout app with 100's of videos, the personal trainer you see once a week and shelves full of recipe books ~ this membership replaces them all. Every month you'll get carefully curated workouts, meal plans, recipes and coaching expertly designed for women peri-post menopause. You no longer have to figure out what to eat or how to workout to get the results you crave. You simply log in to your members dashboard and every month your schedule is there for you. Bye bye overwhelm... hello results!

What's included in your monthly membership?

4-5 Expertly Designed Workouts every month to strengthen not break your body

A new 7 day meal plan with specially selected recipes to nourish your body during peri-post menopause

Access to a growing library full of resources from navigating myfitnesspal to holiday workout plans and party menus

Extra recipes each week to inspire and sub into your monthly meal plans

Your monthly workout calendar to give you a structured way to exercise that includes strength, fitness and recovery

Fortnightly coaching with me to keep you motivated and inspired

An online community led by me and filled with women over 40 to inspire, support and answer questions




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Less than the price of one week of luxury lattes!


Specially selected recipes compliment a 7-day meal plan for you to download each month. These are rich in micronutrients, plus high in protein, polyphenols, and fibre to support your body and balance your blood sugars

Expertly designed workouts loaded to your private membership area every month. These are specifically designed to support fat loss and  strengthen your body without breaking your body at this special time of life

Thoughtfully curated sessions to help you rest, stretch and relax your mind and body. Replenishing your body with sleep, rest, mindfulness helps you balance your life throughout the menopause and calm the nervous system

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A carefully curated members only group exclusively for women who are peri-post menopause providing you with an inner circle of women just like you. A place to feel comfortable to talk, ask questions and share how you feel




The Principles of The Midlife Well-life

A coach with over 25 years experience and qualified in gut restoration who has proved herself over and over with 100's of women at her studio in cheshire

Having hit menopause at 45 myself, I completely understand your frustrations. Not only from my own journey, but from so many women who I have coached at my studio in cheshire. I specialise in training women over 40 to not only 'look great', but to really and truly feel great. I want every woman to feel confidence and grab all that life has to offer when your confidence is booming

the credentials that matter

I should probably introduce myself...

MSc Nutritional Medicine (currently Studying)

Nutritional Therapist

Gut Restoration Advisor

Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor

The Club every woman wants to be in

The Midlife, Well-life is a space meticulously crafted for women like you. It isn't just a membership ~ it's your steadfast companion guiding you through every chapter of your midlife journey

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Other Online Memberships

Don't have a filtered approach specifically for women over 40. It's one approach fits all

Have no access to the coach or founder. You're simply online with an assigned coach

Don't take a gut-centered approach focusing solely on calorie restriction

Focus on 'quick success' and weight loss instead of a sustainable model of support

We are specific (and relentless) about being only for women over 40

I am delivering the workouts, coaching and active in our community every day

Gut health is central to our programme and your health long term. So we're big into it!

This is not a quick fix, This is your club to navigate you through your entire menopause

The Midlife, Well-Life Membership 

Provide you with 100's of workout videos with no structure of focus for results

4-5 Progressive workouts each month with a structured workout schedule to get results

Offer exercise plans OR Pilates OR nutrition leaving you with only one dimension when you need them all

I am qualified in all three, so our membership takes a holistic approach to gaining long term results.

Mouth Watering Food Incoming

I started with the 8 week gut reset programme to help me take control of my eating habits, which had become unhealthy. The programme taught me how to better read food labels and the importance of eating for maximum nutritional value. It was a challenge however I started to notice the benefits of not eating gluten and diary products which motivated me to keep focused on the programme and to select alternatives such as GF and coconut based products.  I've carried on working with KT and the coaching really sets me up for success. As a result of the programme, I’m sticking to a GF and DF diet as I feel lighter, less bloated and healthier. I have lost a stone in weight and inches from my waist, hips and thighs. The nutritional education has been really transformative for me personally and i feel great!

mel hughes

I lost over 14lbs and it's changed my entire eating habits

Marlene Roberts

I started withthe 8 week gut reset and feel the healthiest and fittest I have been in years. I put my weight gain and bloating symptoms down to menopause and struggled with yo yo dieting . I now know which foods cause the bloating and was so pleased to have lost a 14lb during this course . I've carried on with KT's membership continuing the exercise classes and eating according to my new knowledge  and between myself and my daughter (who joins in) we've lost 64lbs. My energy levels are higher and dropping a dress size has made me feel really good in the clothes which was another goal. Highly recommend!

I thought menopause meant I'd have to put up with the weight gain

I started with the  8 week Gut Reset and it’s been a game changer. I kept to the diet plan and in the 8 weeks lost 11lb and my energy levels increased . I did also join two group training sessions as week . It’s now 4 months since I started the plan and my total weight loss is 1 stone and that’s with introducing most foods back into my diet. I've carried on with KT's membership and just love it. I've cancelled my personal trainer, as I get everything I need in one place now.
If you are thinking about doing the gut reset ………go for it !!

victoria joseph

I lost over a stone and I'm still going strong

Fiona Foster

I had tried all the diets under the sun! Whether it was ‘counting syns’, liquid meals, green and red days, no carb, high carb, low carb, the list is endless. I saw KT's membership and thought I'll try another fad diet. How wrong was I? The programme teaches you all about nutrition and exercise and am happy to say that I am now nearly 2 stone lighter and have kept it off.  I can honestly say that KT has changed my life

I'd tried all the fad diet, but this time KT changed my life.

A happy but shy client

I’ve only been training with KT for 7 weeks but feel totally transformed already! I started her 8 week  programme and have lost both weight and body fat. She encourages you with emails on exercise and nutrition. KT really wants you to achieve your goal and this is something that I know I will continue to do with her as I feel fitter, healthier and happier than I have done in a long time!!

I've never had a coached that worked so hard... for me!

Amanda Newall

I started the programme quite happy with my weight, but I was unhappy with my unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. The Gut Health programme provided me with the facts about eating, great explanations, brilliant menus and so much support that I've really turned my lifestyle around. I have so much energy now and I not only love to eat well, but I am a regular exerciser!

This programme completely changed my attitude towards eating & exercise

Jane Lewis

I completed the 8 week Gut Health programme and the combination of eating, exercise and KT's support has completely transformed me. I have lost both weight and body fat and feel so much fitter, healthier and happier than I have in a long time. I found the weekly encouragement to achieve my goals so supportive that I have continued to work with KT.

I am totally transformed in just 8 weeks. I feel so inspired


How serious are you about grabbing menopause around the scruff of the neck and showing it who's in charge? Commit to the annual membership and not only will you get a £150 discount, but you'll save £235 on our signature Gut Reset Course.

Join the annual membership + get The Revive & Thrive Gut Reset included!!

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Decrease your bloating and lose the initial 7-14lbs of stubborn weight

Discover your food sensitivities that have been sabotaging your success and creating inflammation in the body

Reset your gut bacteria and 'leaky gut' by finding your personalised diet long term


Your monthly membership, which you can cancel any time.

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Commit for the year and save. PLUS get free access to the signature

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Join the Midlife, Well-Life

Complete the Thrive + Revive Gut Reset

It's highly recommended (but not essential) that you complete the 8 week Gut Reset course first, but if you choose our annual membership, not only will you save £150, you'll also get the Gut Reset included saving you a total of £385!

Book your 30 min 121 coaching call

If you're ready to get going with a membership that helps to guide you through midlife now, then just hit join! You can dive straight into the membership and start to diarise all the important dates when we release new material

I want to make sure you get the most out of your membership, so I offer everyone a complimentary 121 30 minute coaching session to help you get started, tailor the programme to your needs and, well, get to know each other!

How does it work??

It's highly recommended you complete the Gut Reset first to learn the fundamentals of restoring your gut health for the most success, but you don't have to




No, although if you don't have exercise experience I'd recommend starting with the Gut Reset that includes 30 minute workouts to ease you into exercising. However, all workouts I teach are real time and coached just like if you stepped into my studio. Therefore, I provide options for different fitness abilities and experience throughout. 

Do I need exercise experience

No. You are free to join if you're a female who believes they'll benefit from a structure eating and exercise membership. However, it's worth noting there is a focus and underlying scientific basis based on women peri-post menopause. You could join before 40... great way to get ahead of the curve!

Do I need to be peri-post menopause to join?

Yes. You will need a set of dumbbells between 4kg-7kg depending on strength plus a kettlebell between 8kg-12kg. This is because resistance training is VITAL during the {peri} menopause phase of life and we need to build and maintain as much as possible


Whilst we include lots of plant-based eating in our membership, we also include meat dishes. Therefore, the 7 day meal plans we provide aren't suitable for vegans or vegetarians at this time. I'm working on it. If you'd still like to join get in touch and we can talk about it.

Are the meals suitable for vegetarians

Every month the new workouts are recorded REAL TIME and taught by me or one of my trainers. This means you can press play and join in wherever you are: at home, on holiday or at the gym. To add to this I also write the workouts out for you in PDF format, so if you don't want to watch the video you can print the workouts off to take to the gym and work through the exercises

Can I take the workouts to the gym?

It's not necessary to have completed the Gut Reset, but it's highly recommended as we take a gut centred approach to managing your way through menopause with optimum health. It's a great starting point to finding out what's causing your bloating, stubborn weight gain and other symptoms making you feel less than optimum

Do I have to do the gut reset first?



Your monthly membership, which you can cancel any time.

monthly payment


per month

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Commit for the year and save. PLUS get free access to the signature

annual payment


per year

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