The ultimate Gut Reset for Weight Balance that lasts

Time to quit the endless dieting cycle and live a life filled with confidence instead of bloating!


In just 8 weeks you will: decrease bloating, reduce acid reflux and gas, have a flatter tummy, sleep better, have more energy and shed stubborn weight that you haven't been able to lose before.... and this time these changes will last. With my 8 week gut reset you are going to completely change your gut health and transform how you feel... all without counting a single calorie!

For women who want to fix their gut and balance their weight for good

gut reset for sustainable weight loss

Hi, I'm Katie! Wellness expert, gut restoration specialist and nutritional medicine student. I'm over 45, fit, healthy and enjoying my life! 

~ and so can you too!

Imagine what it would be like...

let's find out how the magic happens

This 8-week Gut Health Reset is a comprehensive exercise and eating programme developed upon the anti-inflammatory elimination healing protocol.... and one that has worked for 100's of my clients since 2014. This fully coached programme will help you understand the foods that are affecting YOUR gut and leading to: inflammation, gas, bloating, discomfort, 'leaky gut', constipation and stubborn weight that just won't shift!

In 8 weeks you will KNOW exactly how to eat long term for YOUR body and have a personalised nutrition plan you can follow for life. The results will leave you feeling lighter, less bloated, full of energy and back to the confident self you once were

To live your life feeling energised and happy in your body!

Confidence boosting results


We start by removing excess and potential food intolerances that may be causing poor gut health resulting in inflammation from leaking toxins into your body


Next, we focus on replacing necessary nutrients and health habits to promote overall gut health and improved digestion


Before finally repairing the gut damage from past eating and lifestyle habits leaving you with long term weight loss and gut health



We'll then aim to repopulate the gut and address any imbalances to alleviate symptoms and decrease overall inflammation in the body

A coach with over 25 years experience and qualified in gut restoration who has proved herself over and over with 100's of women at her studio in cheshire

I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years and I walk the talk.... in a realistic and sustainable way! I believe in healthy eating, exercise that you can enjoy, living life to the max and doing it whilst feeling comfortable and confident in my own skin. Not something that comes natural to everyone, but I do all I can to help you get that feeling too.

the credentials that matter

I should probably introduce myself...

MSc Nutritional Medicine (currently Studying)

Nutritional Therapist

Gut Restoration Advisor

Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor

This is a fully coached on-line 8 week programme led by me and supported by those who are on the programme with you. Everything you need is available online, starting with our preparation week then each week I run a live coaching session to answer questions and lead you through the next week of the plan.

What's included in your 8 week Gut Reset?

Your 8 week step-by-step Gut Reset Guide & workbook

All your shopping lists, meal plans and recipes for 8 weeks

8 Weeks of real-time workouts. Just press play and go

8 Weekly group coaching zoom calls with me 

Weekly Weight submission and accountability

Weekly education and motivational emails

online community page to ask as many questions as you want. I am available in there daily





The cost of your favourite luxury latte each day! (that you won't be buying!)

All your cheat sheets to keep you on track

Mouth Watering Food

Introducing the 8 week Gut Reset

what's included in your course

Weekly Step-by-Step Coaching

Every week - starting with the preparation week - is a pre-recorded coaching session helping you learn more about your gut health plus providing step-by-step guidance on your focus for the week.

The Coached gut reset Course

This course is a fully-coached course with me each week. We run this programme four times a year to allow for weekly coaching sessions, accountability catch ups and community messaging to stay on track. The next course starts 3rd September, with prep week 27th August

Your ENTIRE eating plan

You will get an entire eating plan for 8 weeks that includes a 4-week elimination phase and a 4 week reintroduction phase. You'll get your shopping lists, weekly meal plans, all the recipes plus every week I will send you some more

Cheat Sheets & Handouts

Alongside your 8 week handbook that really does include EVERYTHING with handy Yes/No foods, symptom trackers and more, I've also included cheat sheets for those times when you need to head off plan a little. Look out for socialising successfully and our eating out guide

Press Play & Go Workouts

I've included weekly workouts to help you move. A healthy gut isn't just about what you eat. Movement is just as vital for the microbiome and weight loss. I teach just like I would in my studio, so hit play and workout with me



You will never have to diet again if you do this programme with 100% effort. In 8 weeks not only will you have reset your gut for optimal health and lost weight, but you will have learnt HOW to do it. Something so many diets lack ~ and you'll have done it all without counting a single calorie! Knowledge is power and you will KNOW what your body needs for ultimate health. Say goodbye to dieting FOREVER and say hello to a confident healthy you. Decreased bloating, gas and discomfort. Increased energy, vitality and health

This is my 8-week long course dedicated entirely to you + your own personalised nutrition plan.


This is for you if:

You are ready to quit dieting and counting calories for a better approach to eating

You suffer with gut symptoms and have struggled to lose weight

You feel you're doing everything right and eating healthy, but still suffer with bloating

You want to give 100% to changing your eating habits and finding YOUR best diet

You have a nutritionally digestive disorder such as Crohns or ulverative colitis and have been advised to eat a strict diet by your GP

You can't commit to 8 weeks. If you have a weeks holiday or the odd commitment this is fine

You have an eating disorder or are underweight

You're pregnant or breast feeding


This is NOT for you if:

Glowing reviews

I started the programme with the last stone to lose to get back to my pre-baby weight. I had tried every diet going and nothing was working. Within 8 weeks I had lost 16lbs and felt amazing! The workouts were challenging, but I progressed week on week and now it's no longer about the weight loss, but more about being fit and strong. I wish I'd found Katie sooner!

Sarah davis

I lost 16lbs, even more inches, but more than that - I felt fantastic

Fiona Foster

I had tried all the diets under the sun! Whether it was ‘counting syns’, liquid meals, green and red days, no carb, high carb, low carb, the list is endless. I saw this programme and thought I'll try another fad diet. How wrong was I? The programme teaches you all about nutrition and exercise and am happy to say that I am now nearly 2 stone lighter and have kept it off.  I can honestly say that KT has changed my life

I'd tried all the fad diet, but this time KT changed my life.

A happy but shy client

I’ve only been training with KT for 7 weeks but feel totally transformed already! I started her 8 week  programme and have lost both weight and body fat. She encourages you with emails on exercise and nutrition. KT really wants you to achieve your goal and this is something that I know I will continue to do with her as I feel fitter, healthier and happier than I have done in a long time!!

I've never had a coached that worked so hard... for me!

Amanda Newall

I started the programme quite happy with my weight, but I was unhappy with my unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. The Gut Health programme provided me with the facts about eating, great explanations, brilliant menus and so much support that I've really turned my lifestyle around. I have so much energy now and I not only love to eat well, but I am a regular exerciser!

This programme completely changed my attitude towards eating & exercise

Jane Lewis

I completed the 8 week Gut Health programme and the combination of eating, exercise and KT's support has completely transformed me. I have lost both weight and body fat and feel so much fitter, healthier and happier than I have in a long time. I found the weekly encouragement to achieve my goals so supportive that I have continued to work with KT.

I am totally transformed in just 8 weeks. I feel so inspired


Take one week at a time

Enroll and pencil out 7 days for prep week

This is a pretty thorough course to help you fully restore your gut health for weight loss that finally lasts. So once you're enrolled you'll get immediate access to the preparation module. Believe me when I say take the full 7 days to prepare. From experience this gives to maximum success

Continue your success with the gals'

So you don't jump ahead, feel stressed and become completely overwhelmed you'll only be able to access the material as it opens each week. This means you'll focus on one part of your Revive and Thrive gut reset at a time. This step-by-step process is going to get you the best results

Once you're complete you'll have a completely personlised approach to a nutrition plan that suits you AND delivers success. So you're good to go, but... if you still want support to maintain your success then the Midlife, Well-life membership is for you. 

How does it work??

Based on all the feedback from our live courses we decided to pre-record everything so you no longer have to wait. You can start this course at a time that suits YOU whilst still be guided every step of the way by me




Gut Reset

Your Online Solution with Weekly LIVE coaching from me

online course


single payment



Your VIP solution includes 2 in-person classes per week with me at the studio

the vip treatment


4 weeks apart



single payment



4 weeks apart


Yes! As long as you continue to eat the full amount of calories/foods in your eating window this is fine. You can opt for 16:8 or 14:10
I would delay following 5:2 during the first 4 weeks elimination phase to keep it simple

Can I continue with intermittent fasting

Yes, you can swap the meals around as much as you want and even eat your own recipes, as long as they fit with the ethos of the programme during the two phases

can I swap the meals around?

Of course, as long as they don't meet any of the excluded criteria above i.e. pregnant, suffer with digestive disorders or have an eating disorder. However, it is not appropriate for under 18's as they require more calories and carbohydrates. Increase portion size for men

can my family join in

This isn't appropriate for vegan or vegetarians at this time, as the recipes contain animal products. As we cut dairy and soy from the diet for 4 weeks this would eliminate your main source of protein.

Can I still do this if Veggie or vegan?

... my morning coffee? Wine just at weekends?

You're an adult and you make your own decisions. This is your programme, so you get what you put in. You're not really asking for my permission. You're asking for my approval ~ and that you won't get. If you want results, you need to do the work. It's just 4 weeks on elimination.

can I do it, but just have...

This is life! We're all going to have celebrations, a holiday and other commitments in an 8 week block. Depending on your holiday you can start the elimination afterwards and run behind the rest of the group or you can try to stay on plan during your holiday. You do need a minimum of 14 days on the elimination and longer if you do have gut problems.

what if I have a holiday in the middle?


Gut Reset

Your Online Solution with Weekly LIVE coaching from me

online course


single payment



Your VIP solution includes 2 in-person classes per week with me at the studio

the vip treatment


4 weeks apart



single payment



4 weeks apart