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What You Get

Regardless of whether you choose 1 on 1 personal training or one of our small group programmes you will always receive: a professional attitude, support & understanding plus a whole person approach from your trainer towards achieving your goals. Your membership doesn’t start and finish with the one-hour session you share with your trainer, but is a continuous effort to help you achieve your goals. This includes: home workout programmes, nutritional advice and guidance, regular support and motivation, contact when you need it most and availability to chat/text or WhatsApp with your trainer as and when you need to. No question or contact is too much. We regularly have people sending us pictures of their meals so don’t hold back!


Let’s GO

A programme for everyone?

Whilst our 121 private personal training is our premium programme we also offer small group training programmes that are less tailored to you as an individual, but deliver some fantastic improvements in fitness, health and physical and metal wellbeing. These are perfect for those who don’t need 121 attention, but still need the motivation and structure to achieve their goal.

Private Personal Training

By joining us you will be in safe and highly experienced hands. 1 on 1 personal training is the most popular programme we offer and where we specialise. We’ve delivered more than 15’000 sessions since opening the studio in 2014 and helped over 500 people get results and attain their goals. Everything from: weight loss, to completing fitness events, to getting mobile again after a stroke or operation.

With a personal training programme we start with a consultation and assess your lifestyle, your goals, your fitness & limitations and plan out a programme to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. This includes private sessions, home workouts, nutritional support and regular contact with your trainer. We know we can help you


£160/month for one/week

£280/month for two/week

£420/month for three/week

*prices or KT Chaloner are £180/£320/£480 respectively

Small Group Training

Training with a group of friends or people you know with similar goals can not only be rewarding and results driven, but fun and challenging. Sometimes that competition between you all can spur you on to get even greater results than when its just you and your trainer. This is because not only do we hold you accountable, but so do your friends.

You’ll still get all the great benefits of having a personal trainer who will write a great programme for you and your friends, but you’ll double the fun and share the cost. Your home workout programmes and nutritional support will apply to the group as whole rather than you as an individual, so we recommend finding friends with similar goals.


2 people: £50/hour
3 or 4 people: £60/hour

Please note we can’t offer training to more than 4 people per session.

KT's Bootcamp

This is small group training at it’s best. Offering a structured training programme for men and women to train two or three times a week for the same price as our standard PT membership. Suitable for those who have exercise experience and want to push themselves further to achieve greater results than they can on their own. This is also a great progression from 121 personal training or skinny jeans school where you still require the structure, but no longer need that 1 on 1 attention.  With the use of the My Zone Heart Rate Monitors and software these sessions match effort and exercise to maximise your calories, thereby offering an individual approach in a group environment.

Choose to train in the morning before work, after school drop off or in the evening. You are guaranteed to work with a fabulous group of highly motivated individuals. You also have flexibility to swap your sessions when need via our booking app.


Monday: 6.30am | 9.15am | 6pm

Wednesday: 6.30am | 9.15am | 6pm

Friday: 6.30am | 9.30am


£150/month for three times a week inc HR Monitor

£120/month for twice a week plus £65 for HR Monitor (RRP £129.99)

Mat & reformer 121 pilates

The movement of Pilates is something truly special. Purposeful, strong and centred movement will help your body align. Feeling stronger, longer and more flexible with a greater flow to your movement. You’ll enjoy a low impact sessions tailored to your specific: fitness, ability, imbalances and needs to achieve a strong and healthy body. When you hear “your body is your vessel through life, treat it well” think Pilates.

You’ll benefit from stronger deep stabilising muscles including the lower back, deep abdominals and pelvic floor resulting in better posture, less aches and pains and increased range of movement. You’ll benefit from more mobile joints and flexible muscles resulting in greater alignment and less imbalances in the body that lead to pain. You’ll benefit from greater control, flow and alignment resulting in you feeling all together so much better.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced we can deliver the right session for you. Having spent 2 years training at a Pilates centre in Windsor we not only teach the basics, but right up to the original 34 Joseph Pilates moves plus the reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Tower and Bench. Take your Pilates experience further,

Cost of Private Sessions

£160/month for one or £280/month for two sessions a week with Janine Worthington. Offering Mat Only

£180/month for one or £320/month for two sessions a week with KT Chaloner. Offering Mat, Reformer, Tower & Aerial

Mat & aerial group pilates

We offer small group Pilates sessions in both Mat and Aerial Pilates for those who don’t need the 1 on 1 attention of personal training, but want the benefits regular pilates attendance can bring to their life. You’ll benefit from being part of a small class of between 8-10 people only resulting in you getting hands on advice, attention and manipulation of position for maximum results. Our Pilates group programmes are five week blocks resulting in you benefitting from progression. Unlike drop in classes, this format ensures you constantly advance and learn without repetition or being held back by new-comers each week. Your progression will be constant whether that’s in capability, keeping imbalances and injuries at bay or even advancing towards becoming a teacher. We’ve already converted three clients to Pilates Trainers and we’re working on our forth!

5 Weeks to Pilates Basics £50/5 weeks

  • Saturdays: 5th Jan – 2nd Feb 2019 11.30am 
  • Wednesdays: 9th Jan – 6th Feb 2019 11.30am

5 Weeks Aerial Pilates £60/5 weeks

  • Tuesdays: 15th Jan – 12th Feb *SOLD OUT*
boys night training

This is exactly what it sounds like. For one evening the studio is dedicated to the ‘boys’ with an hours sessions led by Matt Lancaster where anything goes. No week will be the same other than it will be guaranteed to be fun. With everything from bear crawls to battling ropes to gymnastic rings this is a no holds barred session. However, if you’re a beginner don’t be put off! Everyone was a beginner when Matt designed this weird and wonderful session and they’ve all been there. This hour is filled with a great group of men, most 40+ and trying their best. Everyone has to start somewhere and Matt can adapt exercises to accommodate newcomers and advanced alike in this one fantastically fun session.

Every Wednesday at 8.15pm. £7.50/class

All sessions booked online via http://ktchaloner.ptminder.com

online training programmes

Skinny Jeans School – ONLINE is for all those who can’t join us at the studio, but still want the benefits of the programme – weight loss, improved health, better sleep, stronger bodies and greater confidence. You’ll benefit from all that SJS programmes have to offer, but from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits. As all the workouts and nutrition are online you can take SJS anywhere at anytime and make sure you stick with the programme. Our structured courses will deliver all those great results of our studio programmes with online workout videos, nutrition plans, recipes and more. We still get reports of women losing upwards of 14lbs on our online course, so you’ll get all the same great results.


£37 –  8 weeks to weight loss success

£47 –  8 week prep & prime nutrition

£37 – 8 weeks to reshape and redefine

Plus a FREE Membership!


Coactive Physio are our award winning resident Physiotherapy practice. Headed up by Sarah Stewart and her team: Abi and  Helen. As Chartered members of the chartered society of Physiotherapists (CSP) and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) you’re in good hands.

Offering Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Gait Analysis & Orthotics plus Acupuncture you are sure to get a well rounded treatment for your injury. Whether this is injury rehabilitation, post operative rehabilitation, Tendinopathies, Nerve pain, Postural Issues or chronic aches and pains.

Booking for physio therapy is direct with Coactive Physio. However, we always work in partnership. Having a resident Physio allows us to work closely to speed up your recovery by combining a joined up approach to your movement and care.

Visit www.coactivephysio.co.uk for more information.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

I had tried all the diets under the sun! Whether it was ‘counting syns’, liquid meals, green and red days, no carb, high carb, low carb, the list is endless. I saw Skinny Jeans School and thought I try another fad diet. How wrong was I? The programme teaches you all about nutrition and exercise and am happy to say that I am now nearly 2 stone lighter and have kept it off. Also, more importantly my BP has reduced from dangerously high to normal levels. KT gives you the support and tools to succeed, along with the other girls in the group, it is an enjoyable and fun way to making lifelong changes. I can honestly say that KT has changed my life.

Fiona Foster (attended Skinny Jeans Sch)

KT is a highly competent and remarkably intuitive to individual needs. Even in a group setting she will tailor the workouts to individuals around injuries or medical conditions. Since training with KT my fitness has increased tenfold. I would highly recommend KT if you are serious about achieving great long-lasting results.

I started KT’s Bootcamp in November 2017 and have attended three times a week since. It provides me with structure, a fitness commitment and above results – in both physical fitness and body shape.

Sarah Rugg (Attends KT's Bootcamp)

Skinny Jeans School helped me achieve my goal and fit in my wedding dress! I always wanted to be in the 10 stone bracket and a size 12 when I got married and it actually happened. SJS is the best thing I ever did and. although I’m deffo going to put weight on whilst on honeymoon, I am determined to further my goal when I get back and get into the 9 stone bracket.

Sarah Hughes (Skinny Jeans School)


Let us help you find the right membership for you, your budget and your goals. Just get in touch.

*All personal training is for a minimum of 3 months


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