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Maybe you don't live in Chester, but would love to train with me and follow my methods? Maybe you don't need 121 training, but still require structure, support and accountability? Then step into our online courses and membership. You can choose from a self-paced course like Fit and Feelgood in 9 weeks or join my Inner Circle coaching membership where we meet online to keep you on track with all things fitness, food and navigating the changes to your body after 40


our online fitness courses and coaching membership

You're in the right place to improve your health

There are hundreds of online workouts to choose from and oodles of advice to follow on the internet. The hard part is knowing what's fact from fad or science from influencer. My programmes might not be sexy and they might not promise dramatic results in 5 days - but they are based on scientific evidence and long standing training and nutritional methods to get you results that last. You could choose one of my courses that are self-paced so you can fit them into your life at a time that suits you. They have all the workouts and nutritional programming you'll need to get result. 

Alternatively, join my inner circle where along with monthly workouts, challenges, meal plans and recipes, you'll also receive live online coaching sessions to give you that extra support. This includes: webinars, regularly group Q&A and education sessions via zoom.

Lets face it, during covid lockdown everyone took to the internet and became a trainer delivering online workouts and wellbeing advice. The difference is - I'm an actual Trainer. I'm also a Nutritional Therapist, Gut Restoration Advisor and along with a BSc in Sports Science, i'm now also doing my MSc in Nutritional Medicine.


Katie changed my shape at 50 and I've never been stronger. Having lost 6 stone I can't stop looking in the mirror

combined studio & Inner Circle



"Working with KT really resonated with where I was in life. I wanted to be fit, strong and embracing this phase"

Went from strength to strength


real results

Choose a course to suit your goal. All your workouts, meal plans and recipes are included for you to work at your own pace. 

online COURSES

Need a little more? I work with a handful of private clients online who need more tailored advice for ultimate success

online 121 coaching

Join our inner circle monthly membership for ongoing coaching and accountability. Perfect if you need a little more 121 support


Ways to Work Together

I specialise in women over 40 who are struggling with how their body is changing at this time of life

- You can regain control of your body, health + wellbeing with my help

You need support, accountability and a coach you can reach out to and talk to.



You've tried online workouts and all the diets available and they work for a while... until they don't. This is because they require self motivation and discipline, which you don't have 100% of the time without a coach. I will provide you with workouts, recipes, meal plans as well, but with me you'll also:
Join group Q&A sessions and get your questions answered
Join group power hours where I teach you 'the how'
Have access to me 121 when you're really falling off the wagon

You know what you want - to be fit and feeling good with your body back. You just need support to get it. Well, here I am.


fit + feelgood inner circle membership



We have a selection of courses that help you go from where you are now to where you want to be. Whether this is
kickstarting your health in 21 days
obtaining ultimate fitness and feeling good in 9 weeks
or learning the basics of pilates in 5 weeks

You'll get instant access to all the workouts, tutorials, guides and recipes for your programme.

You have a goal. You have the discipline. You just need a little structure and a programme to follow to get after your goals


You need a structured programme to follow and fit in with your goals, time constraints and budget

self paced for success

- in the meantime

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The daily workouts are brilliant to either do first thing or later in the day. They've been such a great way for me to stay fit and strong when I'd lost focussed. The structure is also gold for me, as it ensures I don't just get stuck doing 'what I like' and instead follow a structure getting the right amount of resistance training in

"I've gotten so fit and strong with these workouts. I love them!"

has become someone who 'worksout'


This is my go to programme every time I need to get back on track and lose weight. It has such great results that I just keep repeating it over and over again. I never get bored of the workouts and 3 weeks is short enough to keep me motivated. Plus I love the results!

"I've done the 21 day kickstart TWICE and lost 21lbs so far"


has got her body back

Joining Katie really helped me focus. I can fit the workouts in around my schedule + I feel fitter than ever. I've been active all my life and I didn't want turning 60 to stop me. Although some injuries hold me back the options provided mean I can push myself enough to really benefit.... and I definitely have.

"The online workouts have really helped me focus."

is strong at 60


Yes, It Really Works


Women I've got results for


Years I've been in health + Fitness


is how old I am, so I know


was my weight gain at 40 before losing it again 
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Book in for a 15 minute coaching call with me and let's go over your concerns and find the best programme for you.

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