KT’s Bootcamp is a product of several weekends in London at top boutique studios such as Barrys Bootcamp, 1Rebel and Gymclass. Wanting to bring that Boutique London class vibe to Chester and offer an intense yet structured workout led to the creation of KT’s Bootcamp.

KT's Bootcamp Group Training in Chester

KT’s Bootcamp is a structured monthly programme broken down over several days – Monday – Friday providing you with a committed multiple attendance group personal training programme in Chester to help get fit, improve strength, lose fat and feel great. The programmed sessions are changed every four weeks to prevent plateau and keep you progressing.

KT’s Bootcamp includes structured sessions split across strength training, endurance and cardiovascular to offer the right training/recovery ratio to your programme and deliver a well rounded full body plan across the week meaning you don’t have to think about what to do in the gym anymore.

KT’s Bootcamp utilises MyZone with you each receiving your own heart rate monitor and training app log in so we can record, manipulate and manage your intensity and calorie burn in each session. Displayed in real time on our large TV screen we can make sure you maximise your workout, maximise your calorie burn and maximise your results.

complimentary trial session

KT's Bootcamp has both a beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced programme - all using weights and as such technique is paramount to not only safety, but getting results. We use a variety of Sandbags, kettlebells, dumbbells, squat cages, assault bikes and ski-ergs... and it's fast paced! But we get you through.

We want to make sure everyone is in the right training programme for them, so we ask everyone to come for a trial class, which is complimentary. That way we can see your fitness level, your technique and your ability. You don't have to be super fit - we'll get you there, but it's advantageous if you've worked with weights before - even if it was some years ago and you're wanting to get back to it. If you have the foundation of training and reasonable technique then you're in! Over time we will help you build strength, fitness and power so eventually you'll power through the bootcamp sessions at an incredible intensity. Perfect candidates for this programme are:

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Those who've previously had personal training with us or others and now want group sessions several times a week

Regular gym goers who have used weights before, but can't get results on their own

Those who've attended weights classes like kettlecise and the likes, but want more of a personal training feel with greater structure

Those who've used weights before and might have let their fitness slip and now want to get back to fitness with structured semi-private training sessions


Everyone is invited to a trial/taster session before joining bootcamp so we can both ensure you're in the right group and are able to work with the weights safely and effectively. You'll get an orientation into how the heart rate monitors work and a feel for the pace and intensity of the session. You'll also get to know your fellow bootcampers, so you're comfortable when you start

A myzone heart rate monitor

Everyone on a KT's Bootcamp membership plan receives a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor (RRP £129.99), as we believe HR training to be effective in guiding the pace, results and calorie burn of the workout in real time. Your stats are displayed on our TV screen which means we can adjust as we go to deliver THE MOST effective session for YOU.

2-4 structured sessions/wk

Using the My Zone heart rate monitors we are able to see on our big screen your: actual heart rate, intensity of effort, calories burnt and more in REAL TIME. This allows us to tailor the group session to individual needs based on immediate feedback from YOUR body. We can push you or pull you back to maximise your time with us and give you the best opportunity for results

flexibility to attend

We have bootcamp sessions on 3 times a day every day ranging from 6.30am - 6pm and you have the flexibility to attend whichever sessions suit your schedule. This means when work or kids turn your timetable on it's head you can still make class. You just use your passes within that month at a time and on a day to suit you.

at home videos+ Zoom

If you're unable to make it to your session one day, don't worry. We also live stream four of our sessions every week via Zoom, so just zoom in! Also, you have full access to our LIVE 45 min workout library online, so you can also boost your sessions each week to train every day if you want! The library includes 100's of full body workouts with and without weights to up your game whilst at home

nutritional support & guides

You will receive ongoing nutritional support that includes: food diary analysis, recommendations, recipes, nutrition guides and continuous support to be healthy. We don't believe in diets or fads, so we will also take a sensible approach to your diet. We can calculate your individual macro nutrient requirements to give you a better idea of how to balance your eating and working out.

Why Choose KT's Bootcamp Group Training?

we are professional personal trainers who are highly qualified with more than 20 years experience. We believe you need more than the 60 minute session you pay for, so our memberships are 

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all inclusive

included - value of £15.00

discounted - value of £45.00

included- Value £129.99

included - value of £40.00- £120





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A trial/taster session

An individual macrodiet sheet to calculate calories required

A MyZone Heart Rate Monitor RRP £129.99. MZ1 works within the club or upgrade to MZ3 to record all your workouts both in and out of the studio *contribution required based on package

Heavily discounted access to our LIVE & OnDemand home workout video library all filmed in real time. Press play and go to train 7 days a week with us. Worth £49/month

Our Protein Packed Recipe Guide filled with over 50 recipes & nutritional advice

Ongoing support and contact with your coach 

All Inclusive

PLUS: 2 Bootcamp Session Per Week
ncludes MZ1 HR Monitor or £50 for MZ3
£25/month for our live & on-demand library

PLUS: 3 Bootcamp Session Per Week
Includes MZ1 HR Monitor or £50 for MZ3
£15/month for our live & on-demand library

PLUS: 4 Bootcamp Session Per Week
Includes MZ1 HR Monitor or £30 for MZ3
Includes our live & on-demand library

PLUS: 5 Bootcamp Session Per Week
Includes MZ3 HR Monitor
Includes our live & on-demand library






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We use barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells galore. This session is designed to build muscle and strength. Keeping the reps low and the weights high this 60 min session will leave you feeling STRONG


An explosive session of short sharp busts of power. Mixing resistance and bodyweight exercises with the power of the assualt bike and ergs and you leave feeling POWERFUL


Endurance is the name of the game as we up your muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. This session keeps going and going so you’ll need to grit your teeth and find PERSISTENCE


HIRT stands for High Intensive Resistance Training and could quite frankly sum up all our classes. However, this takes a layered approach that is so simple, but builds in intensity that your heart rate is bursting. A great resistance based calorie burner

Metabolic Meltdown

My wonderful creation to boost the metabolism combing 3 resistance, 2 cardio and 1 abs in each set. We have around 8-9 sets per workout meaning there's no surprises, just a complete meltdown of the body as you push through.


A traditional interval style session from the Japanese Master using intervals of 20 secs work with 10 secs rest for 8 intervals. That's one round. We have many of them. Sounds simple right, but it's tough work.