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Private Pilates Training in Chester With KT Chaloner

Our results speak for themselves. We offer a private studio in Chester dedicated to Pilates training and helping you achieve a mobile, flexible and strong body in the perfect Pilates environment. With a highly qualified team and lots of equipment, we demand the best– from us and from you.

We don’t follow latest fads or trends only tried and tested methods of training to deliver results. We recognise that everyone is an individual who requires a tailored approach to achieving their goals that includes exercise, eating and overall wellbeing.

At KT Chaloner Pilates Training in Chester, you will benefit from dedicated one-to-one sessions plus weekly complimentary mat pilates classes as part of your membership. Creating a unique and long lasting trusting relationships with your pilates trainer allows you to focus on one thing – your results.

You’ll start with an initial consultation that is complimentary with one of the best Pilates trainers in Chester. We will then create a programme tailored specifically to you, taking into account medical history, lifestyle, current fitness, injuries, limitations and posture.

Our Complimentary consultation allows you and your trainer to get to know each other, build rapport and ascertain you’re right for each other in achieving your goals. It’s complimentary because we’re confident that although theres no obligation to train with us, you will definitely want to.

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OUR many Forms of pilates?

Private Pilates Training in Chester is a perfect way to master the basics and progress quickly to get stronger, more flexible, more mobile and enjoy a body that moves in alignment with enhanced posture. Our 121 service offers you quality instruction and a tailored approach to your body utilising everything pilates – including Mat, Reformer, Tower and small equipment. As a fully functional Pilates Studio we have equipment solely dedicated to your use. However, if private pilates isn’t for you, we also offer group classes in Mat Pilates & Aerial Pilates.  Check out our course dates by scrolling down.

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a perfect starting point for beginners or those who are overcoming injury or struggling with pain due to poor posture. This wonderful discipline will help you isolate parts of the body by teaching the brain to fire the right signalling patterns to lengthen and strengthen the right muscles at the right time. No more letting your lower back take the strain due to poor core strength or suffering with upper back pain due to rounded shoulders and poor posture.

Mat Pilates starts with the foundations of breathing and moving correctly.

Best Programmes:

  • 121 Pilates Training prices starting at £40/hour
  • 5 Week Pilates Basic Course £50pp
Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is one of the most popular pieces of pilates studio equipment. It was created in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates as a means to help bed ridden hospital patients to exercise by rigging springs to hospital beds to allow patients to gain fitness and strength. Today the principle remains fundamentally unchanged and results in the Reformer – a gliding carriage controlled by springs and ropes

Benefits of Reformer Pilates

  1. It allows the body to work in a single plane of motion without being vertically loaded. This is great for people who struggle to exercise due to back problems
  2. The reformer springs can change to vary resistance and increase or decrease the demand on the deep stabilising muscles i.e. the core to really isolate this area and develop greater strength
  3. The movement allows for improvement in mobility and flexibility for a lengthened feeling and greater posture

Best Programmes:

  • 121 Pilates Training prices start at £40/hour
  • Group training coming soon! £20pp
Tower Pilates

The Tower is a wonderful piece of equipment as an extension of the reformer, or as a stand alone piece of apparatus. Due to its design it is best utilised to improve flexibility and movement of the hamstrings and entire spine by allowing the vertebra to move through a full range of movement without any load of strain. The Tower performs best when integrated with the Reformer and Mat Pilates to provide the best 60 minute Pilate experience.

During your 121 sessions you will utilise all our Pilates equipment including the Tower with your sessions designed around your postural needs and imbalances.

Best Programmes:

  • 121 Pilates Training prices start at £40/hour
  • Group training coming soon! £20pp
Aerial Pilates

Aerial pilates brings a whole new to twist to pilates. It literally turns it on its head as you learn to invert with the support of suspended silks. Following many of the principles of pure pilates, aerial pilates adds new dimensions. You will develop great strength and balance, plus a new relationship with your body as you hang upside down.

Aerial Pilates is for everyone, as the class is adapted and has many options, but for those who have been doing matt pilates or yoga and want to try something new, it is amazing! Along with traditional principles of pilates: breath, control, precision, concentration, centering and flow; the use of the silks allows us to add further dimensions namely in the forms of: strength, suspension and inversion. Aerial Pilates is performed with silk hammocks suspended from the ceiling and is a great aid to pilates as the suspension element helps to align the body, release tension and decompress joints.

Best Programmes:

  • 121 Pilates Training prices starting at £45/hour
  • 5 Week Aerial Pilates Basic Course £60pp
APPI Clinical Pilates

APPI Physiotherapist led clinical Pilates is perfect for those who need a modified form of Pilates specific to rehabilitation needs. Our award winning resident physio – Coactive Physio – lead these sessions focussing specifically on core development, spinal realignment and imbalances. These are great for those who are currently suffering with extensive back pain, shoulder problems or knee pain and undergoing treatment with a Physio. Everyone attending needs an initial consultation with a Coactive Physiotherapist before joining the group.  Please contact Sarah Stewart direct at


  • Mondays & Wednesdays 7.10pm
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 10.30am
  • Fridays 10.45am
  • Saturdays 9am
Pilates Retreats

We have combined the thrill of skiing with the wonderful discipline of Pilates in the scenic Alps to bring you Pilates on the Piste. This 7 days adventure promises to be a week to remember, as you Ski by Day, Enjoy Apres, Stretch out with Pilates and enjoy the company of wonderful people


  • Februaary 1st-7th
  • 10 People Maximum
  • Prices start from £1430 all inclusive of accomodation, food, ski pass, flights and transfers

The price and packages of

1 on 1 pilates training

  • A Complimentary Consultation
  • A full movement and posture analysis
  • A bespoke training programme tailored to your goals and needs
  • Your private pilates training session
  • Use of Mat, Reformer and the Tower Pilates equipment in your session
  • Complimentary access to our online weight loss and elimination diet programme
  • Ongoing support and contact with your coach 
  • 1,2 or 3 Personal Training sessions per week*


group Pilates Training With KT Chaloner

Mat Pilates CLASSES in chester

Our Mat Pilates classes are like no other in Chester. We like to keep our sessions small and take a hands on approach to help you ‘feel’ what we’re coaching such as an engaged core. We also like to keep our sessions in levels and over the next 2 years we plan to offer over 14 different levelled courses to help you not only choose the right level for you, but to offer a progressive pathway for your Pilates journey from complete beginner through to advanced pilates. 

We offer classes in the day, evening and at weekends to provide you with choice. Booking is also simple via our PT Minder App that you can download in the App Store or use your desktop. When you click on book now you’ll be re-directed to our PT Minder database for sign up.

5 Class Pass with a 7 week expiry date £45pp – BUY NOW
10 Class Pass with a 13 week expiry date £85pp – BUY NOW

Our passes come with 2-3 week extra expiry so if you’re on holiday you’ll still be able to use them


Tuesday 6pm: Beginners Pilates (Basic)

Wednesday 10.30am Mixed Pilates

Thursday 6pm: Intermediate Pilates (Transition)

Saturday 10.30am Intermediate Pilates (Transition)

Saturday 11.30am Intermediate Pilates (Transition)



Your starter programme to lay the correct foundation for Pilates and better movement. Understand the principles of Pilates and what we mean by core engagement, imprint and more so you progress your pilates practice the right way. All too often it’s easy to follow along in PAYG classes not really understand how the move should ‘feel’. With our hands on approach you will notice the difference immediately.


After completing our basic series this is a perfect follow on to start your transition towards more classical pilates. Gradually learning tailored and  regressed versions of the original 34 exercises designed by Joseph Pilates to increase strength, flexibility, stability and more. You will start to feel more flow in your practice mastering the lesser challenging moves to progress your Pilates skill and ability


After completing our Basic and Transition series both you and your teacher will have a good idea of your strengths and areas in need of improvement when it comes to body alignment. This series allows you to focus for 5 weeks in a specialised area such as Flexibility, Strength, Flexion or Extension and thereby concentrating specifically on the areas of improvement YOU need. You can repeat and rotate this series. 


This is the final step in your Pilates practice and a way to progress towards mastering the original 34 exercises as taught by Joseph Pilates. Focusing on 7 exercises in each 5 week block you’ll master moves such as the Boomerang, Jack Knife and Control Balance until you can complete a full session or progressive and original pilates moves. This is Pilates practice at its best for advanced individuals who’ve completed the previous series.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

After years of going to the gym regularly without achieving the results I wad looking for I’ve finally decided to start working with a personal trainer. KT was my choice, and I’m very happy with that!
We started with a one-on-one sit-down to discuss exactly what I wanted to achieve and KT outlined my fitness program and gave me nutritional guidance. I’m really impressed to see how training with her has improved my strength and changed my body composition in a short period of 4 months. I like KT training style, the workouts are challenging, but she keeps switching things up to keep them interesting and knows exactly how to keep you motivated (I am always looking forward our training sessions). I am sure I will continue to work with her for a long time and strongly recommend KT if you are looking for a personal trainer who can deliver a personalised workout program and help you achieve the results you long for.


I’ve been training with Katie for several years, successfully losing 3 stones and going down 2 dress sizes.
Latterly, I’ve needed rehab and switched to one-to-one Pilates.
Katie liaises with my osteopath so she can tailor my programme exactly to my needs.
I am nervous about injuring myself and Katie watches me like a hawk.  
She adjusts your position – sometimes only one or two centimetres – to make it just right.  
I’m not a natural cardio & weights enthusiast, so was delighted to discover you can tone and get fit through Pilates. I’m much more supple and toned now.  
I tried aerial, reformer and mat,  before Katie decided that a mix of mat and reformer Pilates is best. I’ve now built one-to-one Pilates with her into my regular training.
Katie is one of a kind.  She takes a holistic approach beyond what you’d find in a Pilates session elsewhere.  Katie is fully committed, she really cares, never loses her enthusiasm, and is very knowledgeable about nutrition and healthy eating for weight loss. 
Tracy Davis

After six years of Pilates in Boston, USA I was gutted to not be able to find an equally rewarding Pilates studio: ok so Pilates may not be as big in the UK but come on! And then a friend told me about Katie and her Reformer.  Within no time I was back on track.  Katie’s knowledge and approach to Pilates is amazing: on the Mat or the Reformer or even Aerial Katie’s pilates studio has it all.  Its a beautiful space where I can really focus on myself, my core and bringing some balance back into my life (all core Pilates principles!) With Katie I have been able take my Pilates practice further than I thought I ever could and she really understands my needs even on a weekly basis readily adapting the session to deal with any aches and pains as well as my strengths and weaknesses.  After two years working out with Katie she has even developed my very own 30 minute HIT with 30 minutes Pilates which is a perfect work out for this middle aged woman. To borrow from Pilates language: Katies Pilates Studio is a real Powerhouse:) I’m so glad I have Katie in my life.

Joanne Thornley


Why US?


We have a 2000sqft studio with the top floor dedicated to Pilates. And as a charming old coach house with brick and timber beams we feel it's the most perfect space for all things Pilates.


We are 'career' pilates trainers meaning we are highly qualified and highly professional with years of experience in training clients to get results. I completed a full diploma in all things Pilates learning about everything from Mat Pilates, to Reformer, Tower, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, the ladder barrel and more. So much more than the two weekends other trainers dedicated to their learning.


We offer a non-intimidating environment to train with top of the range equipment and an onsite shower facility. We are not an elitist Pilates studio where everyone wears the right outfit and is long lean and model like. We are about movement and progression tailored to your needs


Your membership doesn't start and finish with the 'one hour you pay for'. We offer courses in various disciplines and various levels so you can maximise your budget to attend the studio several times a week.


demand the best.from us.from you

kt chaloner

studio Hours & ADDRESS

Monday-Thursday: 06:30 - 21:00 | Friday: 06:30 - 18:00

Saturday: 09:00-12:00 | Sunday: closed

 *sessions by appointment only

33 Filkins Lane | Boughton | Chester | CH3 5EJ

Parking is available on the surrounding streets but, please be mindful of our neighbours and not blocking their driveways. We also have use of the car park at the Peacock and we'd love it if you could make use of it . Thanks.