Our results speak for themselves. We offer a private studio in Chester dedicated to personal training and achieving your goals in a non-intimidating environment. With a highly qualified team we insist on demanding the best – from us and from you. And, it works.

Private Personal Training in Chester

We don’t follow latest fads or trends only tried and tested methods of personal training to deliver your results. We recognise that everyone is an individual who requires a tailored approach to achieving their goals that includes exercise, eating and overall wellbeing.

At KT Chaloner Personal Training in Chester, you will benefit from dedicated one-on-one sessions plus lots of communication outside of your training. Creating a unique and long lasting trusting relationships with your personal trainer allows you to focus on one thing – your results.

complimentary consultations

All our personal training memberships start with our complimentary consultation with one of the best personal trainers in Chester. This allows you and your trainer to: get to know each other, build rapport and ascertain that you’re right for each other to achieve your goals. This sessions lasts approximately one hour during which time we use around half that time to: discuss your goals, medical history, lifestyle, typical eating patterns, injuries and limitations in order to create a programme tailored specifically to you.

The second half of the consultation is used to conduct measurements or basic fitness tests if appropriate plus a movement & posture analysis. This is so your trainer can write the most precise and tailored programme for you. We have made this session complimentary, as we feel its the most important session you’ll have and we don’t want you to feel committed until you’ve met your personal trainer. We also do it because we’re confident that although theres no obligation to train with us afterwards, you will definitely want to.

Our consultations can be in person or online, so lets chat. That way we can get the started with the right combination of services and a tailored programme together for YOU.

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complimentary consultation

Everyone receives a complimentary consultation or trial class of between 15-60 minutes depending on the service to discuss goals, lifestyle, injuries, limitations and conduct a movement analysis. This ensures we know everything about you to coach, guide and deliver results whether you're on a private personal training, group training or online personal training memberhsip

A myzone heart rate monitor

Everyone on the 121 Personal training, online personal training or KT's Bootcamp membership plan receives a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor (RRP £129.99), as we believe HR training to be effective in guiding the pace, results and calorie burn of the workout in real time. Your stats are displayed on our TV screen which means we can adjust as we go to deliver THE MOST effective session for YOU

complimentary Pilates Classes

We truly believe training needs to be all encompassing and as well as exertion, strength training and pushing the cardiovascular system - you need to lengthen, strengthen the core and align the body. So if you're on our 121 Personal Training programme or KT's Bootcamp you get a free mat pilates class each week. Yin & Yan!

monthly body composition

Results need to be measured, so we offer all our clients monthly stats on how they're progressing including weight, body composition analysis, girth measurements, flexibility testing, cardiovascular testing and strength assessment. These are dependant on your goal and adapted as we go. For those on programmes such as large weight loss, we do some tests weekly.

ondemand classes

If you're on a 121 Personal Training or our online personal training plan you get discounted full access to all our pre-recorded workouts to do at home. If you're on our Kt's Bootcamp programme you can upgrade for a small monthly fee to have full access to this library also. The library includes 100's of full body workouts with and without weights to up your game whilst at home

nutritional support & guides

Whether you're on a 121 personal training membership, KT's Bootcamp or an online personal training plan you will receive ongoing nutritional support that includes: food diary analysis, recommendations, recipes, nutrition guides and continuous support to be healthy. We don't believe in diets or fads, so we will also take a sensible approach to your diet

Why Choose us to Personal Train YOU?

we are professional personal trainers who are highly qualified with more than 20 years experience. We believe you need more than the 60 minute session you pay for, so our memberships are 

book a complimentary consultation to get started with a membership

all inclusive

with A value of £40.00

WITH A value of £45.00

included - value of £49.00

included - value of £129.00

included - value of £40.00

included - value of £40.00- £120

A 45-60 minute Complimentary Consultation

A Full Movement & Posture Analysis

A tailored programme to reach your  goals inclusive of: private PT sessions, home workout schedule, non-exercise activity & eating habits

Monthly Body Composition & Measurements

One Group Mat Pilates Class per Week

Discounted access to our LIVE & OnDemand home workout video library all filmed in real time. Press play and go to train 7 days a week with us. Worth £49/month

Our Protein Packed Recipe Guide filled with over 50 recipes & nutritional advice

Ongoing support and contact with your coach 

All Inclusive

PLUS: 1 Personal Training Session Per Week
£30/month for our live & on-demand library

PLUS: 2 Personal Training Session Per Week
£20/month for our live & on-demand library

PLUS: 3 Personal Training Session Per Week
£10/month for our live & on-demand library

PLUS: 4 Personal Training Session Per Week
Includes our live & on-demand library






All Inclusive Membership Prices


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you don't have to believe our HYPE

See what our members say

Lisa Curran

so far 18lbs down

Meeting KT has been life changing for me.

Before joining KT Chaloner I was regularly rowing and using the cross trainer without achieving results. My aim was to tone up and lose a few pounds. I am over the moon that I have consistently lost and my total loss is over a stone. The classes have been fabulous for me and it has been so motivating to achieve weekly results. My eating habits have changed for the better but I still (over) drink and indulge!

I have since joined KT’s Bootcamp and love it. The structure of training three times a week at 6.30am is exactly what I need to maintain my weight . I can’t speak highly enough of KT and her studio.

david Howarth

knee is still working

I came to KT after trying a couple of other personal trainers and have remained with KT for coming up to 4 years now.

My knees have always been an issue and I am warding off replacements for as long as I can whilst maintaining a fun-filled life that includes lots of Skiing! Without KT’s knowledge I wouldn’t be able to maintain my fitness nor keep up my Skiing.

She looks after my knee and her programmes keep me fit, sometimes to point of feeling like I am dying… but it’s what I asked for. She holds me back when needed and incorporates an amount of knee pre/rehabilitation into our sessions to keep the legs as strong as possible without irritating the joint further. She’s now a regular part of my Tuesday! 

Sophie Sykes

a safe & private place

I am Autistic and have sensory processing disorder which impacts my ability to cope with new places, people and environments. I was incredibly nervous and worried at the prospect of starting Pilates however Starting with KT was very easy, her personality, style of teaching and the atmosphere of her studio were just right.

It is very unusual for me to be able to start anything new without it having a major effect on my wellbeing , KT just has a really calming way of teaching, she listens and understands and ensures that I’m comfortable at all times, I train 4 times per week and have thoroughly enjoyed it from the first session.  

KT has inspired (or pushed me?) me to become a qualified Pilates instructor myself. Thanks KT

owner, personal trainer

KT chaloner

lynn Moore

personal trainer

roberta gould

pilates trainer

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Weight Loss


Probably the most popular goal we see and the goal we have succeeded the most. Through lots of research and trials I created an 16 week structured programme around exercise, eating, education and habits to really deliver results. The results have been amazing. All my trainers use this foundation along with their own personal training and nutrition qualifications to help you transform your life. We have helped people ditch dieting in favour of smart eating and exercise for long term transformations. Using a combination of personal training, online workouts and sensible eating our clients have finally reached a weight where they are happy with their body. Read our success stories for just how much we’ve helped.

Improved Fitness


As a private studio we tend to have a certain clientele. 40+ person juggling a professional career with family life and starting to question their health. Improved fitness is becoming a number one priority combined with some weight loss and it’s a great goal to have. Realising the career and family have come first and your health has suffered over the years is a great realisation and one we love to help with. By combining interesting private sessions, with dietary advice, some easy lifestyle changes and online workout videos for when you're working away or at home - we’re able to put you on the road to better health long term.

improved posture


Pilates is growing in popularity and rightly so. This is a perfect discipline for those wanting to get stronger, improve their core and posture or alleviate pain from injuries and poor movement. After completing a 24 month diploma in Pilates I can offer everything from Mat to Reformer to Tower Pilates to help a number of people. Pilates is slow, controlled and precise which delivers great results in improving the body and it’s capabilities to live strong and pain free. We also include complimentary Mat Pilates classes in all our personal training memberships along with online pilates workouts, so you will in a position to mobilise, stretch and train your body for better posture on a daily basis - which is exactly what it likes - regular movement

Ante/post Natal


Keeping fit, strong & healthy both during your pregnancy and immediately afterwards requires a specialist who is trained in how the body changes during this period to ensure you’re safe and the exercise is effective. We are those specialists. We are honest with you and create a programme to keep you healthy during pregnancy and get you back to optimum fitness post birth. As we’re a private studio we’re also able to let you bring your baby to training with you, so there’s no need to stop or get childcare. The privacy of our studio gives you and your baby a safe, clean and private environment to train.



Being hit by an injury can really knock your training and leave you wondering how to manage your fitness whilst not aggravating your injury even further. Believe me I know! After completely tearing my ACL and MCL and under going knee surgery, I know all to well about rehab to be strong. We’ve also helped several clients in the lead up and post op progress for hip replacements, knee replacements, knee cartilage/ligament repair and spinal surgery. We want to focus on you being as strong as you can and in optimum health and fitness pre-op and then back on your feet safely and effectively as quickly as you can post op.

Optimum Self


You’re injury free, no special considerations, reasonably healthy but feel you could be more: Stronger, fitter, leaner with greater capability in your body. You want to be more agile, more ready to hit the trails, enter an event or climb a mountain. Then our optimum self training is for you. You and your trainer will come up with a great series of sessions to use your body to achieve it’s best. You might find you’re on the gymnastic rings one week and swinging sandbags around the next. These sessions are fun-filled sweat-fests and no two are the same. They're also accompanied by our at home workout videos using kettlebells and dumbells, so you'll have the option to train with us 7 days a week.