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If you're a women over 40 and suffering from lack of energy, lack of motivation and overwhelm when it comes to navigating this time of your life and want to feel fit, healthy, energetic and confident - then you're in the right place

fit + Feelgood Inner Circle

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Being fit and feeling good about yourself after 40 isn't about restrictive diets and sweating it out alone striving for that instagram selfie. It's about being healthy, being strong and being a complete bad-ass in your own skin. You've worked hard, perhaps raised a family, run your own business or spent decades focusing on someone else and their needs. Now is your time and we're going to make you SHINE

Isn't it time you took back control of your life? Managed your hormones, improved your fitness and felt healthy and confident again? I know how to make that happen.

You don't have to do it alone.

Real talk:

How It Works

At the start of the month we launch a brand new 30 day workout schedule and 6 new workouts detailing all your workout and rest days. You simple follow along

workout schedule + Workouts

Every month includes a brand new 7 day meal plan and brand new recipes to help you eat well and stay on track. Build your library over the months

meal plan + Recipes

Every month we will engage in two LIVE zoom group coaching sessions. One is a Q&A giving you time to get your questions answered and the other is an educational session

ongoing coaching

I'm (well) over 40. I'm female. I have a busy career and raging hormones. I know!

I turned 40 and found myself in a situation I'd never been in before. Weight was piling on in-spite of exercise and diets. I was grumpy, tired, lacking in energy and really agitated (borderline raging!). The Doctor told me it was early menopause and part of being female. I'm a personal trainer, a nutritional therapist and soon to complete a MSc in Nutritional Medicine. I knew I could do better for myself.... and I did.

i can help because i've been there

and NOW I KNOW HOW TO HELP you too.

Here's What You Need

someone who can relate to you

Having gone/going through peri-menopause myself I understand your frustrations, but you can feel better. I can relate to you and your challenges

someone who has got results themselves

You don't need someone young or a man telling you it's just about calorie deficit when your hormones are blocking you every step. I got results for myself, so I can help you.

someone focussed on YOu

Despite what you may be told, not everyone is the same and so whilst we work as a group of like-minded women with a common goal, I am on hand to tweak to your individual needs and frustrations

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Let's get you started on the first step of your new, energetic, fit and healthy life. You don't have to wait for the start of the month, you can start any time. And the sooner you start, the sooner you start to get fit and feelgood. 

You'll have access to everything as soon as you sign up, then I'll be in touch to welcome you and help you settle in.

Join the Inner Circle

So are you in?

30 Day Workout Schedule every month providing structure to your workouts

How does this sound?

6 Brand new workouts each month filmed in real time. I workout with you



we're going to make this happen

A brand new 7 day meal plan each month inclusive of recipes


Access to all the previous months schedules, meal plans and workouts


LIVE group Q+A sessions with me to help you stay on track


LIVE power hour sessions to learn fact from fad about fitness and food


Access to me for 121 coaching when you're really stuck and need a little extra


I originally trained with KT at her studio, but then moved away. The online workouts are really enjoyable, but also keep me on my toes with my fitness goals in check. KT is brilliant at what she does - encouraging, knowledgeable and really friendly. Online is so accessible for me and makes working out easy!

"KT makes you want to workout when you don't. Would highly recommend"

the inner circle has kept me on my toEs


I have been training with KT for a number of years. She is quite simply.... amazing. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to shed weight, get strong and get fit. I've worked with KT face to face in group training, but also online throughout lockdowns, which kept me going.

"KT is simply.... amazing for me. The inner circle keeps me on track and I love her coaching


Is fit, fabulous and killing it

I thought it was all about weight loss. I focused on it so much and achieved it. But when I started working out with KT I started to get muscles. I started to get more sculpted and toned. I love how I look and am always looking at my arms... but better than that.... I FEEL amazing. So strong and so confident now.

"I'd already lost weight, but getting strong boosted my confidence 10-fold."

loves her new strong body


Yes, It Really Works

you're ready to grow into this next chapter

you want to lose the excess weight

you want energy and zest for life 

you want to be fit + strong

you want to feel like you again

Is This Right For You?

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