The wind is in my sails and I’m so much more now

I originally came to KT after an operation led to me being inactive for a year. I wanted to lose 2 stone and get ready for a windsurfing holiday – little did I know I would get much more than that! KT challenged me in a way that pushed me further than I thought I could ever go and I’m so proud of my achievements. It’s no longer about weight loss and ‘looking good’; working with KT has made me stronger and fitter than I ever was, or thought I could be.

The weight has dropped off as a bi-product of my hard work, but I’m no longer concerned. I feel strong, lean and my clothes are getting smaller and smaller. I could throw the scales away now for the little amount of time I spend on them!

I’ve now been on my windsurfing holiday, which was amazing. However, even better than that, working with KT has helped me regain my confidence and I’ve booked another trip, but this time to compete in the windsurfing time trials! I look and feel great!  Carole Oldham, 42