Best Trainer I’ve ever Worked With

I’ve been working with KT now for 9 months on a number of fitness and health programmes she has devised for people like me. I was a member of a local gym and thought I was relatively fit doing 2-3 spinning classes per week, 1 run and the odd weights class. I thought the amount of exercise I was doing would surely give me the results I wanted. However, KT advised me to try a different way of training. KT completely changed my training regime adding in strength training and intervals to work on toning my body. She picked so many different exercise each session it really kept me motivated. I have to say she was right, she knows how hard to push me and the results I’ve had are amazing. I might not be the weight I want to be (yet…not far off) but the muscles are there ready underneath! Fabulous trainer who really knows her stuff and involves you in more than just training. The social nights we have really make you feel part of the studio family.Janine Worthington, 42