A Triathlon before I was 40

I started personal training to get fitter and lose a little weight – before long I was encouraged to enter my first ever triathlon!!  A very daunting thought for me!  KT carried out specific triathlon training research and created a training plan very specific to my needs. The whole plan fit in with my work and home life, so the training didn’t interfere too much. I was able to cycle to work, run with the dog and take my boys swimming. This was all complimented with two strength training sessions a week, which absolutely kicked my butt! I’d been a member of a gym for 10 years and didn’t realise I didn’t know how to train until I started working with KT. I completed my first Olympic distance triathlon in a time I could truly be proud of and I simply could not have done it without KT’s knowledge, help and encouragement.  I also know that other personal trainers frequently ask KT for help with their clients and look to KT for advice on all things personal training. Steve Harris, 40