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If you’re ready to stop the yo-yo dieting and kick the fads to the curb then you’re in the right place. SJS is about to transform your life! Our results speak for themselves and now it’s time for your results. We take a sensible approach to losing weight, getting fit and gaining back your self confidence… AND IT WORKS! We want you to get your life back and are going to help you every step of the way with a new relationship with fitness and food that will last a lifetime.

I lost 16lbs, even more inches, but most of all felt fantastic!

I started term one of Skinny Jeans with the last stone to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I had tried every diet going and nothing was working. Within eight weeks, I had lost 16 pounds, even more inches but most of all I felt fantastic! The workouts are tough but it’s great to see the progress week-on-week. It’s not about the weight loss anymore but about being strong and fit. I only wish I had found Katie earlier!
Sarah Davies

real results, real women


Education on Eating




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Step by Step Guidance



who is SJS for?

This is it ladies – the perfect programme for those new to exercise or getting back into fitness and not sure where to begin. If you’re looking to lose weight or finally get a grip on your overall health and wellbeing including changing your habits around exercise and eating, then this is the programme for you. We are all about results and we have years of success stories behind us to know this programme works. So what are you waiting for?

how does it work?

Choose how many times a week you want to train with us at the studio when you sign up. You can choose from 1-3 times a week from our timetable of sessions (we’ll be adding more soon!). As a group we will enjoy a great group workout specifically designed for women, beginners and weight loss

You’ll also get:

  • Your 8 week online prep and prime nutrition programme
  • Weekly weigh in’s and 121 chats to stay on track
  • Weekly nutrition education on how to avoid the dieting pitfalls
  • Weekly home workouts in case you miss a workout and need to exercise at home or a hotel whilst away
  • Lots of support from your fellow SJS attendees and traines

I had tried all the diets under the sun! Whether it was ‘counting syns’, liquid meals, green and red days, no carb, high carb, low carb, the list is endless. I saw Skinny Jeans School and thought I’ll try another fad diet. How wrong was I? The programme teaches you all about nutrition and exercise and am happy to say that I am now nearly 2 stone lighter and have kept it off. Also, more importantly my BP has reduced from dangerously high to normal levels. KT gives you the support and tools to succeed, along with the other girls in the group, it is an enjoyable and fun way to making lifelong changes. I can honestly say that KT has changed my life

Fiona Foster

I’ve only been training with KT for 7 weeks but feel totally transformed already! I started her 8 week ‘skinny jeans’ programme and have lost both weight and body fat. She encourages you with emails on exercise and nutrition. KT really wants you to achieve your goal and this is something that I know I will continue to do with her and I feel fitter, healthier and happier than I have done in a long time!!


TRX & Kettlebells

This is your hour of determination as we learn to utilise the TRX, Kettlebells and your body weight for a great muscular endurance and toning workout. This session is designed not only to burn calories during session and after, but to really start to develop your muscles as you lose weight to reveal a tight toned body.

Mondays  7pm

Monday 6.30am coming soon!

HIIT Circuits

This is your hour of sweat! We use all the equipment we have to put you through a great workout. You each go at your own pace as you learn to use weights effectively and then develop strength and power.  This session will have you burning the calories during and after to create that all important calorie deficit

Wednesdays 7pm

Thursday 6.30am coming soon!

face to face training | online support

Alongside your studio sessions you’ll get access to our online Skinny Jeans school portal. Here you’ll find your very own dashboard and a whole host of learning – everything you’d expect to find at school:

  • 100’s recipes to keep you eating healthy tasty meals in our SJS blog
  • Weekly workout videos for when you can’t make a session or are working away
  • Weekly nutrition education to help you see through the fads and make informed choices
  • Your step by step 16 week guide to following the nutrition side of the programme
  • A forum to communicate with your fellow SJS pupils
  • Lots more free downloads!

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Where to Find us

KT Chaloner Personal Training and Pilates Studio | 33 Filkins Lane | Boughton | Chester | CH3 5EJ 

The fantastic owners of the Peacock kindly allow us to use their car park on Christleton Road