Skinny Jeans School is Back!

Due to popular demand, SJS is back January 13th and we’re taking 10 people! For beginners who need a new strategy when it comes to weight loss, SJS is the one! With a group of like-minded women we take a sensible approach to losing weight and overall wellbeing by incorporating exercise and healthy eating in a sustainable way. We only have 10 spaces, so get your name down quickly.

We will be training Monday and Wednesday 7pm and you can choose to train once or twice a week with membership being £65/month or £120/month respectively. Either way it still includes:

  • Weekly Group Workouts
  • Weekly Weigh in and private chat
  • Food diary analysis and ongoing support with nutrition
  • Access to our weekly online workouts
  • Access to our weekly nutrition handouts
  • Our 8 week prep and prime nutrition module

This programme has a history of helping women lose between 10-16lbs in 8 weeks. We recommend attending for 16 weeks before progressing to our bootcamp programme and pushing your fitness further.

To join please email or complete our contact form