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Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a great place to start your pilates journey, as it teaches you the basics surrounding all pilates principles. Most important are the principles of breath, alignment and centring, which are key and form the foundation for your body. There are many varieties of pilates classes and you may have tried some. However, not all are the same. There are variations from classical pilates to fitness pilates to pure/romana. At my studio I set our teaching firmly in the contemporary field and aligned with principles that suit both us and our clients. This means we:

  1. Maintain the eight principles of pilates at our core across all disciplines of pilates - Mat, Reformer and Aerial
  2. Use Joseph Pilates original 34 exercises to create the session, but emphasise adaptions to both regress and progress the original exercise to suit the clients ability
  3. Progress an individual based on both the principles of pilates, but also our own knowledge of movement, biomechanics and more importantly the clients ability and needs

Private Pilates Training

Pilates on a 121 level can help take your pilates discipline to the next level. I have worked with clients who suffer with Scoliosis, have no coccyx, have had hip replacements and much more. All have reported their weekly session keeps them mobile and allows them to feel free from pain, niggles and stiffness. I also work with the British Dressage Team and attend their weekend camps to offer morning Pilates before their riding training starts. If you're interested in training your sports team to offer a focus on core activation, lengthening of tight muscles and mobilising of the spine then get in touch

The Scissors

The Push Up


The Open Leg Rocker

The Bicycle

The Mermaid

The Single Leg Stretch

The Neck Pull

Neck Pull

The Jack Knife

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