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Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most popular goals we see at the studio and no doubt will continue to see for many years to come. Despite there being an abundance of expensive diets, latest trends and costly solutions, many still dont get the results they are looking for. We bypass all the ‘gimmicks’  in favour of a simple and honest approach to weight loss success. So far it’s worked for clients and many achieve long term weight loss success with results that last.

If you’re not sure if a weight loss specific personal training package is for you then take a look at the questions below. If you answer yes to most, if not all of them then training specifically with weight loss in mind is for you:

  1. Have you always been on a diet to find the weight just creeps back on?
  2. Do you buy packaged food labelled 95% fat free, No sugar, Low Fat?
  3. Do you always choose the salad off the menu when out for dinner?
  4. Do you dread going clothes shopping and feel miserable about your body?

Losing Weight isn’t about dieting, cutting calories or endless hours of cardio. It isn’t even about being miserable, obsessing over food and never being able to socialise. Weight loss is about four key things: self control (planned and prepared), knowledge (informed choice), movement – (working the body) and compromise (indulging intelligently)

There are nearly 13million people in the UK right now who will permanently be on a diet. So, do you ever wonder why if you’re always on a diet why you still need/want to lose weight? It’s very simple: DIETS DON’T WORK. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to re-set your mind about losing weight and contact me for a consultation. We can put together a real plan including movement, support, education, meal planning and recipes to help you change the way you move and eat long term. The weight will gradually come off and you won’t need to diet now or in the future. Contact me now for your complimentary consultation

How we Create your Weight Loss Membership

When it comes to losing weight everyone is slightly different, which is why your programme is tailored specifically to you. For some weight problems can be down to your endocrine system being out of balance, but for most it comes down to lack of knowledge and/or bad lifestyle choices/habits. When you work with me or one of my personal trainers on a weight loss programme we won’t immediately look to cut calories or entire food groups from your diet. We won’t encourage a “detox” or “cleanse” – unless stated otherwise, we’ll assume your liver works just fine and does the job of detoxing! And we won’t promote the latest fad diet, supplement regime or sell endless capsules from multilevel marketing programmes such as Juice Plus, herbalife or Forever Living. What we will do is write a bespoke programme for you that includes:

  1. Weight loss specific workouts for your 121 session and for you to complete at home
  2. Analyse and provide feedback on your daily food diary and aim to change two habits every fortnight moving you towards healthy eating
  3. Provide you with education about healthy eating via the online skinny jeans school programme
  4. Conduct monthly weigh in’s and re-do your measurements so you can monitor your progress
  5. Provide you with several healthy recipes via the online skinny jeans school programme
  6. Support you on a daily basis if need be with messages regarding portion control, food choices and shopping lists
  7. Get you back on track when you fall off the wagon and have a melt down (which you will!)

As personal trainers we constantly update our knowledge according to scientific research. Both myself and Matt study and follow the precision nutrition formulas whereas Sarah studies and follows Ben Coomber’s Body Type nutrition formula – both are scientifically backed with research and neither are ‘fads’. What we all do though is follow five key principles:

  1. It’s more about WHAT you eat not HOW MUCH you eat, so our nutritional advice will focus on content not calories
  2. It’s about creating ‘a debt’ in the body through exercise so the body continues to burn calories after your workout
  3. It’s about balancing your hormones to maintain your blood sugar levels, fat storage and cravings
  4. It’s about consistency and creating a sustainable solution so you lose weight and maintain the weight loss
  5. It’s about understanding the fact from the fiction when it comes to the diet industry and food manufacturing marketing so you walk the aisle of the supermarket with knowledge and power

So…. firstly, book your free consultation to see if the weight loss personal training membership is for you. We will discuss your: food diary, current lifestyle, goals, take measurements and conduct a movement analysis during this session so be prepared to block out 60 minutes. After this, if you choose to continue with personal training you will then join the many other clients who have finally lost weigt and kept it off. Read their stories here or book your consultation now. If you would like a specific trainer, please let us know, although all of us are able to specialise in weight loss.

£180/month for 4/month
£320/month for 8/month
£480/month for 12/month
Personal Training is a monthly membership paid in advance for a minimum of 3 months
£160/month for 4/month
£280/month for 8/month
£420/month for 12/month
Personal Training is a monthly membership paid in advance for a minimum of 3 months
£160/month for 4/month
£280/month for 8/month
£420/month for 12/month
Personal Training is a monthly membership paid in advance for a minimum of 3 months
£140/month for 4/month
£280/month for 8/month
£360/month for 12/month
Personal Training is a monthly membership paid in advance for a minimum of 3 months

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