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Muddy Event Training

Muddy events or obstacle races are not for everyone, but more and more people are signing up for them and rising to the challenge or finishing one of these races, and why not! Everyone has the capability, but with personal training we can design a programme specifically to get you around the course in a good time with the least amount of pain! You might as well enjoy it after all…

Muddy events are great, but not for everyone. However, if you’ve always wanted to take part in a muddy event or improve your performance in another muddy event then you need a specific programme. it’s not just about cardiovascular fitness and completing the race, you need strength training too. If you’re not sure if a muddy event personal training package is for you then take a look at the questions below. If you answer yes to most, if not all of them then training specifically for an event is for you:

  1. Do you look at these muddy events and think you couldn’t do that? You Could!
  2. Have you been crazy and signed up to an event, but don’t know how to train?
  3. Have you already done a muddy event, but want to improve on your performance?
  4. Would you love to do one, but hate the thought of doing it alone? Do one with us!

Anyone can get started training for a Muddy Event, you just need some Grrrrr! I never thought I would ever even enter one of these races, but with the help of KT I not only entered, but cried like a baby when I finished. I was so proud of myself and so proud my kids were there to watch their mum do something inspiring

If you’ve decided a personal training programme to help prepare you for your event is the way for you then Contact me now for your complimentary consultation

How we create your Muddy Event membership

Training for a muddy event means different things to different people. Some of the clients we train want to improve year on year and enter more and more crazy events, where as others – like my ladies below – never in their wildest dreams imagined they’d be swimming through mud. They cursed me at the time, but all look back with a fond “I never thought I’d be able to do that” and utter pride! So, if you want to improve your performance or fancy giving it go then get in touch and let us help.

When we start putting together your Muddy Event programme we start by looking at your current fitness levels, experience with muddy events or running and basic strength. This will usually take the form of a few tests like the cooper test or 1min press up challenge, so don’t panic. This isn’t the SAS so we won’t issue the bleep test to check your fitness! After that we’ll draw up a programme that includes your 121 sessions, some external training and your ideal nutrition plan. Depending on how much lead time you’ve given us will determine exactly what your programme looks like. However, it will always include the below:

  1. Fitness specific workouts for your 121 session and for you to complete at home, outside or at the gym
  2. Analyse and provide feedback on your daily food diary if required
  3. Conduct monthly fitness tests and monitor your progress to ensure improvement. We usually do this with something like the cooper test
  4. Provide you on-going support and motivation as and when needed
  5. Help you with eating habits and recipes where needed
  6. Tailor a programme that includes adding in some of our group circuit sessions if this is right for you. We have a number of group classes including our very special Boys Night classes

finish line 1

If you’re ready to get started then Book now for a consultation with a member of the team and get your muddy event schedule up and running. Still need a little convincing we’re the right people to help?

As personal trainers we’ve done our fair share of  muddy events and regularly sign up for more (you’re more than welcome to join any of our teams!) so we definitely practice what we preach.  Matt has completed some amazing muddy races including: Tough Mudder, The Brecon Beacons Point to Point, The Toughest Challenge and the special forces obstacle course – 24kms over the Brecon Beacons with 45lbs of kit on his back – an amazing effort.  Sarah also loves to run… she runs 10km, half marathons and has applied for the london marathon no less than 5 times (if anyone has a place, please give it to her!) She’s also completed a 26 mile marathon over the clwydian range and Tough Mudder. Me on the other hand have had my fair share of muddy races including Hellrunner, Viva Extreme and the 3 peaks challenge. Now I tend to walk little baxter through the forest each day, enjoy climbing beautiful British mountains at the weekend and enjoy a more gentle side to fitness. In saying that this year I completed a marathon across Iceland for Breast Cancer (guess I’m not ready to hang the shoes up yet!)

So…. firstly, book your free consultation to see if a Muddy Event personal training membership is for you. We will discuss your: current lifestyle, goals, take measurements and conduct a fitness test and movement analysis, so be prepared to block out 60 minutes. After this, if you choose to continue with personal training you will then join the many other clients who have achieved things they never thought possible. Read their stories here or book your consultation now

£180/month for 4/month
£320/month for 8/month
£480/month for 12/month
Personal Training is a monthly membership paid in advance for a minimum of 3 months
£160/month for 4/month
£280/month for 8/month
£420/month for 12/month
Personal Training is a monthly membership paid in advance for a minimum of 3 months
£160/month for 4/month
£280/month for 8/month
£420/month for 12/month
Personal Training is a monthly membership paid in advance for a minimum of 3 months
£140/month for 4/month
£280/month for 8/month
£360/month for 12/month
Personal Training is a monthly membership paid in advance for a minimum of 3 months

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