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Increased Muscle & Definition

If your goal relates to increased muscle or sculpting the muscle you’ve built then personal training is a great helping hand to make this happen. Many factors can affect getting the right result when it comes to goals that involve gaining muscle or getting lean. Everything from plateau to overtraining to under-eating to over-eating. This is why we will create a programme that is very specific to you.

For some of you increasing your muscle size or getting lean is to prepare to compete in a body building or fitness competition (and we’ll be honest we probably couldn’t help here), but for most it’s about looking like the cover of a fitness magazine. And that’s ok! A goal is a goal, even if it’s an aesthetic one and let’s face it most personal training goals do tend to be for aesthetic reasons. When it comes to gaining muscle or stripping fat to reveal a ‘ripped’ look you need a very specific programme and nutrition is going to play a large role in achieving this goal. That’s why with this package nutritional analysis, guidance and support comes as standard.

When we’re asked to write a programme to help gain muscle we all kind of like it. It allows us to strip everything right back to basics and write a good old fashioned periodised programme. We start with preparation, head into a typical hypertrophy stage (that’s the bit that builds), then into maybe a HIIT/Tabata stage (that’s the stripping bit) before starting the whole thing again! These programmes are your typical sets and reps kind of workout, but the way in which they are delivered can ensure we keep it varied and obtain maximum gain. Think everything from German Volume Training to Negatives to Time under Tension training. Even if “building muscle” in the typical sense isn’t your thing, if you’re looking for that lean look then an element of muscle building needs to be incorporated (p.s. if you’re a woman this doesn’t mean we’re going to bulk you up!). What else should you know?

  1. Lifting weights (ladies) won’t make you look like a bodybuilder (unless that’s your goal). We won’t have you lifting heavy enough, training often enough or eating the right foods to result in the ‘bodybuilding’ look. That requires a VERY unique training programme
  2. Building muscle requires a period of repetition and you can expect to be on the same programme for at least 6 weeks. You’ll also need to train a minimum of three times (even if that’s outside of your PT programme) and we’ll write the programme accordingly
  3. Once you’ve built the muscle stripping back is the fun sweaty bit and one of our other trainers might be more appropriate for you when you reach this part of your programme. Having so many specialists on site means we can offer you the best

Getting lean can be one of the more challenging role, as it requires a strict mentality towards your nutrition, but boy when you reach it, you’ll be flaunting your results in front of everyone. Think “Tops-off-Tuesday” for the boys and “Flat-tummy-flaunting-Friday” for the ladies

If you’ve decided a personal training programme to gain muscle and get lean is the way for you then Contact me now for your complimentary consultation

How we Create your ‘Get Lean’ Membership

When it comes to increasing muscle and then gaining definition everyone is different, which is why your programme is tailored specifically to you. For some weight gain or leaning out problems can be down to the intensity of their training, for others it can be about reaching a plateau in their training and for others it can purely be down to nutrition or supplementation. When you work with me or one of my personal trainers on a programme to get lean we won’t treat you the same as everyone else with this goal. We will initially look at what you’re currently doing, how long you’ve been doing it and then make a couple of adjustments. Once we’ve seen how your body reacts to these adjustments we’ll have a clearer idea on how to continue to push you to progression.

What we will do is write a bespoke programme for you that includes:

  1. Muscle gain/leaning out specific workouts for your 121 session and for you to complete at home, outside or preferably at the gym
  2. Analyse and provide feedback on your daily food diary
  3. Conduct monthly strength tests and monitor your progress to ensure improvement. We usually do this with something like a 1 Rep Max test
  4. Provide you on-going support and motivation as and when needed
  5. Help you with eating habits and recipes where needed
  6. Tailor a programme that includes adding in some of our group circuit sessions if this is right for you

So…. firstly, book your free consultation to see if a personal training membership to help you build muscle or get lean is for you. We will discuss your: current lifestyle, goals, take measurements and conduct a relevant fitness test and movement analysis, so be prepared to block out 60 minutes. After this, if you choose to continue with personal training you will then join the many other clients who have achieved a new lease on life by improving their fitness. Read their stories here or book your consultation now

£180/month for 4/month
£320/month for 8/month
£480/month for 12/month
Personal Training is a monthly membership paid in advance for a minimum of 3 months
£160/month for 4/month
£280/month for 8/month
£420/month for 12/month
Personal Training is a monthly membership paid in advance for a minimum of 3 months
£160/month for 4/month
£280/month for 8/month
£420/month for 12/month
Personal Training is a monthly membership paid in advance for a minimum of 3 months
£140/month for 4/month
£280/month for 8/month
£360/month for 12/month
Personal Training is a monthly membership paid in advance for a minimum of 3 months

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