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Improved Fitness

For some of you improved fitness is about completing a race or pushing your body to the extreme, for others it is simply a case of becoming healthier or maintaining a volume of fitness as you age to continue to enjoy your life to it’s fullest. Regardless of the goal, improved fitness requires a specially designed programme to improve your heart and lung efficiency. Everyone starts from a different place, but everyone finishes with an improved quality of life from improving their fitness.

Improving your fitness is a goal we absolutely love to hear about at the studio. When you want to get fitter, we literally jump for joy. As fit people ourselves we know just how much more you can enjoy about life when your fitness doesn’t hold you back. You can walk further on holiday and see brilliant sites, tackle great mountains at weekends or simply keep up with your grandchildren. Whatever the reason to get fitter (and sometimes it’s a medical scare), the rewards are massive and we love helping you achieve them.
If you’re not sure if a fitness specific personal training package is for you then take a look at the questions below. If you answer yes to most, if not all of them then training specifically with fitness in mind is for you:

  1. Have you noticed you can no longer keep up with people and are constantly trying to catch your breath?
  2. Do you have a goal such as running a 10km, climbing snowdon or going on an active holiday, but don’t think you could do it?
  3. Has your doctor advised you could benefit from an improvement in your fitness?

Getting fit isn’t about being able to run a marathon or climb everest. Getting fit should really be as simple as ‘getting fitter’. It is such a personal goal and your progress can only really be measured by your own personal improvement. It’s about starting where you are now and taking steps to improve

If you’ve decided a personal training programme to improve your fitness is the way for you then Contact me now for your complimentary consultation

How we Create your Improved Fitness Membership

When it comes to losing weight everyone is slightly different, which is why your programme is tailored specifically to you. For some weight problems can be down to your endocrine system being out of balance, but for most it comes down to lack of knowledge and/or bad lifestyle choices/habits. When you work with me or one of my personal trainers on a weight loss programme we won’t immediately look to cut calories or entire food groups from your diet. We won’t encourage a “detox” or “cleanse” – unless stated otherwise, we’ll assume your liver works just fine and does the job of detoxing! And we won’t promote the latest fad diet, supplement regime or sell endless capsules from multilevel marketing programmes such as Juice Plus, herbalife or Forever Living. What we will do is write a bespoke programme for you that includes:

  1. Fitness specific workouts for your 121 session and for you to complete at home, outside or at the gym
  2. Analyse and provide feedback on your daily food diary if required
  3. Conduct monthly fitness tests and monitor your progress to ensure improvement. We usually do this with something like the cooper test
  4. Provide you on-going support and motivation as and when needed
  5. Help you with eating habits and recipes where needed
  6. Tailor a programme that includes adding in some of our group circuit sessions if this is right for you

As personal trainers we are constantly working on our fitness to both remain inspiring and practice what we preach. It’s not always about entering crazy races, sometimes it’s just being active. However, in saying that we are trainers and we do enter all those crazy races! Matt has completed some amazing muddy races including the special forces obstacle course – 24kms over the Brecon Beacons with 45lbs of kit on his back – an amazing effort. However, he mainly keeps himself fit as his passion – wing suit jumping – requires it. Sarah loves to run… she runs 10km, half marathons and has applied for the london marathon no less than 5 times (if anyone has a place, please give it to her!) She’s also completed a 26 mile marathon over the clwydian range. Me on the other hand have had my fair share of muddy races including Hellrunner, viva extreme and the 3 peaks challenge. Now I tend to walk little baxter through the forest each day, enjoy climbing beautiful British mountains at the weekend and enjoy a more gentle side to fitness. In saying that this year I’m completing a marathon across Iceland for Breast Cancer (guess I’m not ready to hang the shoes up yet!)

So…. firstly, book your free consultation to see if the improved fitness personal training membership is for you. We will discuss your: current lifestyle, goals, take measurements and conduct a fitness test and movement analysis, so be prepared to block out 60 minutes. After this, if you choose to continue with personal training you will then join the many other clients who have achieved a new lease on life by improving their fitness. Read their stories here or book your consultation now

£180/month for 4/month
£320/month for 8/month
£480/month for 12/month
Personal Training is a monthly membership paid in advance for a minimum of 3 months
£160/month for 4/month
£280/month for 8/month
£420/month for 12/month
Personal Training is a monthly membership paid in advance for a minimum of 3 months
£160/month for 4/month
£280/month for 8/month
£420/month for 12/month
Personal Training is a monthly membership paid in advance for a minimum of 3 months
£140/month for 4/month
£280/month for 8/month
£360/month for 12/month
Personal Training is a monthly membership paid in advance for a minimum of 3 months

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