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Matt Lancaster

Matt Lancaster Personal Trainer at KT Chaloner

Matt has been involved in physical activity from an early age, having started shotokan karate at the age of 7.  He achieved his 1st dan (black belt) aged 14 and his 2nd by 17!  In his free time Matt enjoys skydiving and has competed at the British National Championships for the last 4 years winning a gold medal in 8 formation in 2014. If you ever fancy hurling yourself out of a plane, Matt is a British Parachute Association Wingsuit Coach and a current British wingsuit formation record holder. However, this isn’t included in your Personal Training  so feel free to breathe again!

Having worked in the leisure and fitness industry for several years as a support duty manager, lifeguard trainer and circuits instructor Matt has made the move to focus solely on his personal training career and join team KT Chaloner. Matt brings his teaching experience from all of his sporting and outdoor adventure skills to deliver fun and practical sessions to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. We are delighted to have him as part of our team, as apart from his brilliant personality and winning personal training skills, we’re also appointment his as our resident muddy running leader continuing to fly the flag and coralling clients into entering the likes of hell runner and tough mudder!

Matt keeps himself fit with a combination of running, hiking, swimming, circuits and weight training. He is always looking for a new challenge to keep himself motivated. He has completed several Tough Mudders, a couple of half marathons, a marathon distance gym triathlon and the Special Forces Experience boot camp and 10 mile march run (probably one of his hardest physical and mental challenges to date). He takes on these challenges with what he says is grit and determination, some people have said he’s just stubborn! If you want to lose weight, improve your fitness, complete an obstacle course race or other fitness challenge Matt is the ideal trainer to help you achieve your goals.

REPS Registered (awaiting number)
Premier Training Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing & Personal Training
Circuits Instructor
Kettlebell Instructor
Studio Cycling Instructor

Currently Studying
Sports Conditioning
GP Referral
Level 4 Specialist Exercise for Obesity & Diabetes
Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1

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