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Join One of Our Pilates Courses and Feel Your Body Change for  Better Movement & Health

Join one of our Pilates courses and feel your body change for better movement & health 

If you're ready to improve your wellbeing and feel great then joining one of our Pilates courses is for you. Improve your posture, add stability to your joints, strengthen your core and live a strong healthy life - pain free. Choose the right course for you and watch your pilates progress

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We have a long history in personal training, which means specialising in progressive programmes that help you improve strength, flexibility, mobility and stability to achieve your goal over time. Whether this is living pain free or becoming a better athlete. This is why we offer progressive Pilates courses across a number of levels to allow you to start where you are now and progress to becoming a master in Pilates. 

Have you attended a class, but didn't really know how it should feel?
Did you get lost in the session because everyone else had been before?
Did you just follow along hoping you were doing it right?

Which Pilates Course is Right For You?

Ready to gain the benefits of Pilates?

take a progressive approach to pilates

Your LIVE + Online Pilates Classes


Our courses include a weekly LIVE Pilates classes where we teach and guide you just like we would if you were in my studio. By joining the right course, you're able to work at the right level for you and your body. Each week (within 24hrs) we will send you the LIVE workout recording so if you miss the LIVE you can catch up.

The recording is also there to help you continue your practice in your own time. As we focus on learning one-two new exercises each week, we will also send you the accompanying tutorial videos from our library to help you properly understand the move and focus your practice ready for the next week

Your starter programme to lay the correct foundation for Pilates and better movement. Understand the principles of Pilates and what we mean by core engagement, imprint and more so you progress your pilates practice the right way. All too often it's easy to follow along in PAYG classes not really understanding how the move should 'feel'. With LIVE coaching and supportive tutorials you will notice the difference immediately

Complete beginners or those who have only attended a handful of classes. Course is 5 weeks

This is your beginner pilates programme helping you put the fundamentals into practice and start to get stronger and more aligned with improved posture and core stability. This 8 week progressive course is designed to help you start increasing the movement of your body upon a good foundation of pilates principles. 

Perfect for those who have completed the fundamentals or have attended 6-10 classes elsewhere. 


A Pilates Course Just For You

Basic Series 1

Basic series 2

the fundamentals


The specialised series will offer one-off 8 courses with specific focuses including:
Ski Fit Pilates
Pregnancy Pilates
Spine Safe Pilates
Mobility Maintenance Pilates

Specialised Series

pilates with a difference

After completing our basic series this is a perfect follow on to start your transition towards more classical pilates. Gradually learning tailored and regressed versions of the original 34 exercises designed by Joseph Pilates to increase strength, flexibility, stability and more. You will start to feel more flow in your practice mastering the lesser challenging moves to progress your Pilates skill and ability

Perfect for those who have completed 8-16 weeks in the Basic series or have attended 12-20 classes elsewhere. 


Transition Series


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One LIVE Weekly Pilates Class with Coaching and Guidance

How does this sound?

The live recording to do on catch up in your own time 2-3 x/week



what's included in your course?

A weekly wellbeing email with morning mobility exercises & your pilates focuses for the week


Quick tutorial videos to help you with your pilates practice each week


Discount on continuation courses


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Starts 31st May 2022
LIVES: 07.30am
Catch up available within 24hrs

Basic Pilates 1

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Basic Pilates 2

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Highly recommend KT and this course. Pilates has given me strength in mind and body now I finally understand the basics of how to move

— Pauline

"I finally feel I can do Pilates

"I can't believe how many Pilates classes I'd been to without being told how to actually do pilates! I noticed a massive difference in my practice after just the first week of this course. I finally knew how to engage my core and realised I hadn't been doing it at all previously"


"Turns out I hadn't been doing it right"

"I've always been active and always done pilates, but felt unsure if I was doing it right. This 5 week course really helped me understand the movement move so that I then progressed so much better afterwards"


"Getting the basics was the start!"

I'm KT, your new online pilates friend.

I've been a personal trainer since 1998 giving me far more experience than I'd like to admit. I travelled to Windsor to do a 2 year Diploma in Pilates in 2017 and have loved all it brings to people. It really does fix bodies!

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Are they suitable for beginners?

Yes! Our BASIC 1: The fundamentals is designed specifically for beginners and we start right at the very beginning of Pilates so you can understand the principles and build a good foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any equipment?

You will need a Mat for your practice. Click this link for recommendations and purchase. As courses advance you may need a small ball and pilates hoop

What if I can't attend the times for LIVE classes?

All LIVEs are recorded and sent out within 24 hours so you can do the session on catch up at a time to suit

What if I'm away for a week?

All LIVES are recorded and sent out within 24hours so you can catch up at a time to suit so you don't miss any of your course

I have been recommended pilates by my physio. Are these suitable?

The BASIC 1 and 2 are specifically designed for beginners and a suitable place to start your practice. We work with many rehab clients

I've been doing pilates for years, are these suitable?

Yes, our transition pilates course is specifically designed for intermediates and progresses through the classic 34 exercises

Can I do in-person classes instead?

Yes, we hold in person classes at our studio in chester, but these are not part of the online courses. Click here for studio pilates

Can my workplace offer a course for my team?

Of course. We work with many companies to offer in-house pilates or a specific online pilates course just for their teams. Get in touch for details


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