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The beauty of the internet means you can train with me from anywhere at anytime and I coach you as though you'd stepped into my studio. Now receive my expert advice and workouts from the comfort of your home. Our online courses include real time workouts with me plus exercise tutorials, meal plans, recipes and more. 

coaching just like you were in my studio

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All workouts in our courses are taught in 'real-time' meaning you simply press play and go. You will be coached through the whole workout and presented with options to adjust for your level.

Real Time Workouts

Coached as if you're in my studio

You'll be coached just like you stepped in my studio to ensure your workout is safe and results driven. You won't be sweating alone and you won't be left wondering if you're doing it right. I coach you all the way through.

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Structured programming

Our courses are progressive to deliver results. Whether this is our structured 9 week Fit + Feelgood course that provides all the workouts to develop strength or our Pilates courses that help you improve week on week with new moves.

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We have a series of Pilates courses from BASIC - our complete beginner programme through to TRANSITION for improvers. Includes workout videos, tutorials and mobilisation work

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Fit + Feelgood in 9

Our signature programme to help you get fit and feelgood in 9 weeks. This programme is going to change your body shape and fast leaving you fit, confident and sculpted. Includes 9 weeks of workout videos, meal plans, recipes plus access to our Inner Circle zoom coaching sessions


This is your 21 day programme to get you on the right path.This quick-start programme will provide you with 5 workout videos plus your meal plan, shopping list and recipes to keep you on track for 21 days

21 Day Kickstart


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I always loved KT's group training at the studio and not only had I found a trainer, but also a friend. When I moved to Ireland I didn't want to give that up, so training online with KT has been great. She's also just a whatsapp away when I need her.

"I trained with KT for years then moved countries.. so I took her with me"

I moved to ireland and moved online


This 21 day challenge really helped me focus on developing a good exercise routine at the same time as eating sensibly. I particularly liked the element and choice of "live" workouts and that I could do them at a time to suit me. I found the eating plan with shopping lists really easy to follow

"I don't plan on giving up beyond 60 and I find KT's programmes work so well for me


is a big fan of studio + online

I couldn't be happier with the 21 day programme. I've now done it twice and I'm 21 lbs lighter!!!!! I feel fitter and stronger and exercising became part of my daily routine. I have absolutely loved it and having the programme for life means I repeat whenever I need a kickstart

"I've lost 21lb on the 21 day kickstart. It's my go-to programme."

has done the 21 day kickstart 3 times


Yes, It Really Works

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If you need more coaching and accountability maybe our inner circle membership is better for you?

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