My first Trip to a Dental Cafe… Yes C A F E!

So, I was taking the afternoon to nose through instagram (as you do) and came across a sponsored post from the Dental Cafe in Liverpool. The branding was all vibrant and trendy and not at all like the usual adverts you see for dentistry so (as a marketeers dream) I was instantly drawn in. 5 minutes later and I’d booked myself a Grande and trip to Liverpool.

The Dental Cafe is a new kind of Dentist jumping on the latest fashion when it comes to ’boutique’ in amongst the big brands. It has a menu Gordon Ramsey would be proud of with a very simple offering of four treatments – 5 if you count mini teeth for the kiddos. It also plays nicely on the more regular habit of buying coffee with the treatments simply named: Short, Tall, and Grande… I mean what’s not to love about a Dentist come Coffee shop?! This is how The Dentist Cafe describe themselves

Photo taken from the Dental Cafe Instagram account showing the results of Airflow treatment and stain removal at £45/session

As the first of its kind in the North West, The Dental Cafe is a state-of-the-art ‘drop-in’ dentistry boutique located in the heart of South Liverpool.

Unlike traditional dental practices, we offer a unique service that has been specifically tailored to fit around your busy schedule, with the added bonus of no waiting list.

Our contemporary surroundings offer a friendly and welcoming vibe to reduce the stress associated with trips to the dentist. What’s more, our experienced and fully qualified team members provide quality, attentive care with a smile.

Visiting the dentist has been on my list for…. oooh I don’t know months! So, when I saw the words ‘drop-in’, ‘convenient’ and ‘online booking’ all in the same sentence with Coffee I jumped online. Click and you’re in. I chose the Grande for £60 which was a scale, polish and airflow treatment. The whole process took around 15 mins – I was in, out – and then on my way back home. Granted it was a little more expensive than the local NHS dentist, but the convenience of booking online and bagging a same day appointment was priceless. A complete hassle free way to keep on top of your mouth health. The Dental Cafe said: 

Headed by Principal Dentist Dr Clare Robinson, The Dental Cafe is the sister site of Garston Dental Practice, which has been a firm fixture in the South Liverpool community for more than 60 years. Taking inspiration from successful London-based practices, the state-of-the-art ‘dentist with difference’ located on St Mary’s Road has been devised to offer increased accessibility with the added bonus of no waiting list. While a trip to the dentist can often provoke stress and anxiety, our inviting practice has the aesthetics of a contemporary living space to offer a warm and welcoming non-clinical atmosphere.  As part of our straightforward hassle-free service, we provide options including Scale and Polish, Airflow and Boutique Whitening – all of which are presented with clear prices. 

This post was written after my experience at The Dental Cafe. It is not a paid or sponsored post. All images and information taken from