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Group Personal Training

If you have a gym membership, but find you leave feeling you haven’t really had the best workout or worse still, just don’t bother going, then group personal training could be for you. We have a number of programmes that are tailored to a group setting so you can find the motivation and the programme that’s right for you.

Benefits of Group Personal Training

  1. Group Personal Training with KT ChalonerGroup Training offer a higher level of exercise programming than attending the gym, but at a reduced price when compared with 121 personal training
  2. Group Training is a great social event as you’re surrounded by like minded people who also want to achieve a goal and gives the opportunity to make new friends
  3. Group Training is great if you struggle to stay motivated and find being surrounded by others helps spur you on
  4. Group training is more cost effective than 121 training so you can attend more sessions

There are lots of options available for you, it’s just a matter of picking which is best for your needs

  1. Joining our small group personal training programme – a package that provides you with your own tailored personal training programme, but you train at set times in the week (7am Monday and/or Wednesday 7am) with up to 4 other people (that we find) and are supervised and assisted by my personal trainers. This is a great way to personal train on a budget
  2. Joining my skinny jeans school – a school just for women and dedicated solely to weight loss. Each programme is 8 weeks long and focusses solely on delivering weight loss results. Along with a group workout you also get access to skinny jeans virtual school for all your home workouts, nutrition and recipes
  3. Joining my 4-week bikini transformation programme – Booty Bootcamp – targeting legs, bum, hips and abs. This is a weekly gruelling group workout (at 9.15am Monday and/or 7pm Thursday) that really burns calories. Along with your group workout you also get access to booty bootcamp online and all the home workout videos, recipes and meal plans
  4. Grabbing a group of friends or colleagues and creating your own Training with Friends package (for those with similar goals) is a great option for those that need to keep the budget low, but the results high.
  5. Joining my 6-week aerial pilates course – a programme based upon the principles of pilates whilst suspended into silk hammocks. With all the benefits of pilates it also gives your the added benefit of improved strength and enjoyment of being inverted in the silks. Think circus!
  6. Also, if you’re on any of the above group personal training packages or a 121 personal training membership you can also attend our private classes. Our class timetable is private and not open to PAYG customers, so you still get that unique and personal approach. It’s my way of helping you top up your training without having to double your costs.

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