If you’re ready to improve your wellbeing and feel great then joining one of our Pilates class or courses in Chester is for you. Improve your posture, add stability to your joints, strengthen your core and live a strong healthy life with Pilates in Chester.

WHICH PILATES SERIES IS RIGHT FOR YOU? – Join one of our classes and feel your body change for the better


Your starter programme to lay the correct foundation for Pilates and better movement. Understand the principles of Pilates and what we mean by core engagement, imprint and more so you progress your pilates practice the right way. All too often it’s easy to follow along in PAYG classes not really understand how the move should ‘feel’. With our hands on approach you will notice the difference immediately.


After completing our basic series this is a perfect follow on to start your transition towards more classical pilates. Gradually learning tailored and  regressed versions of the original 34 exercises designed by Joseph Pilates to increase strength, flexibility, stability and more. You will start to feel more flow in your practice mastering the lesser challenging moves to progress your Pilates skill and ability


After completing our Basic and Transition series both you and your teacher will have a good idea of your strengths and areas in need of improvement when it comes to body alignment. This series allows you to focus for 5 weeks in a specialised area such as Flexibility, Strength, Flexion or Extension and thereby concentrating specifically on the areas of improvement YOU need. You can repeat and rotate this series. 


This is the final step in your Pilates practice and a way to progress towards mastering the original 34 exercises as taught by Joseph Pilates. Focusing on 7 exercises in each 5 week block you’ll master moves such as the Boomerang, Jack Knife and Control Balance until you can complete a full session or progressive and original pilates moves. This is Pilates practice at its best for advanced individuals who’ve completed the previous series.

Or Maybe Private 121 is More your Thing?

 We also offer private personal training for those that need that little bit extra. This includes sessions in Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates, The Tower and small equipment such as the ball or hoop. In these 121 private sessions we’re really able to use the equipment to the fullest and tackle your body in a tailored way. Private Pilates training on our equipment is the creme de la creme and perfect for everyone from beginners to advanced. Prices start from £40/session depending on number of times per week.

After six years of Pilates in Boston, USA I was gutted to not be able to find an equally rewarding Pilates studio! And then a friend told me about KT and her Reformer.  Within no time I was back on track.  Katie’s knowledge and approach to Pilates is amazing: on the Mat or the Reformer or even Aerial KT’s pilates studio has it all.  Its a beautiful space where I can really focus on myself, my core and bringing some balance back into my life! With KT I have been able take my Pilates practice further than I thought I ever could and she really understands my needs even on a weekly basis readily adapting the session to deal with any aches and pains as well as my strengths and weaknesses.  

Joanne Thornley

choose & book your CLASS

Our Mat Pilates classes are like no other in Chester. We like to keep our sessions small and take a hands on approach to help you ‘feel’ what we’re coaching such as an engaged core. We also like to keep our sessions in levels and over the next 2 years we plan to offer over 14 different levelled courses to help you not only choose the right level for you, but to offer a progressive pathway for your Pilates journey from complete beginner through to advanced pilates. 

We offer classes in the day, evening and at weekends to provide you with choice. Booking is also simple via our PT Minder App that you can download in the App Store or use your desktop. When you click on book now you’ll be re-directed to our PT Minder database for sign up.

5 Class Pass with a 7 week expiry date £45pp
10 Class Pass with a 13 week expiry date £85pp

Our passes come with 2-3 week extra expiry so if you’re on holiday you’ll still be able to use them


Tuesday 6pm: Beginners Pilates (Basic)

Wednesday 10.30am Mixed Pilates

Thursday 6pm: Intermediate Pilates (Transition)

Saturday 10.30am Intermediate Pilates (Transition)

Saturday 11.30am Intermediate Pilates (Transition)


Where to Find us

KT Chaloner Personal Training and Pilates Studio | 33 Filkins Lane | Boughton | Chester | CH3 5EJ

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