Who doesn’t need a little extra bend and stretch in their life! Due to demand (yes we’ve noticed your hamstrings lately!), we’ve added a stretch classes to the timetable between our Pilates courses. This is a one off and purely dedicated to stretching. That’s right an entire 60 mins dedicated to lengthening and stretching those tight muscles! If you’re interested and want to book click here to book. We are limited to 10 people per session, so get in quickly!



The session will utilise the stretching yoga straps plus a little hands on persuasion to help ease those muscles into submission. The hands on approach allows us to incorporate something called PNF stretching into your life, which will deliver amazing results after 60 mins. We’ll start with your feet and work our way up the whole body, so even your toes will feel loser at the end of it! The cost of session is £7pp for the hour… BOOK NOW!


PNF stands for proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and is an advanced method used in flexibility training. We work through a push/contraction and relaxing phase of stretching which can improve flexibility and range of movement. This isn’t to be performed at home folks, so don’t go getting your partner or friends involved when you get back! We will help you understand how to stretch the muscle to its limit without pain before contracting the muscle creating force and tension before relaxing and …poof… like magic watch your muscle lengthen that little bit further. This is a process, but one that we think will help you.