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Homemade Granola

Skinny Jeans School Granola

This is one of my all time favourite breakfasts, snacks and deserts.... I absolutely love it and it's so versatile. It's also really easy to bag up and take on camping trips, picnics or overnight stays. Just the best breakfast ever and so much cheaper than big brand granola you find in the shop. It also has zero-miniscule amounts of sugar, a you're making it all yourself! (more…)

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Slow Cooker Thai Curry

Skinny Jeans School Thai Curry

This is one of my favourite recipes, as it's so simple and fits in with my busy schedule as I use the slow cooker. The slow cooker is such a life saver if you are out of the house at work or with after school activities, as you just throw the ingredients in and ...slow cook it! Depending on your day you can cook this on low or high settings.

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Superfood Salad

Skinny Jeans School Superfood Salad

This is an absolute gem of a salad to just make up and keep in a tupperware container for 2-3 days. You can then have it a lunch or to accompany your evening meal. Either way, it's a life saver when it comes to not falling short on your preparation and just grabbing anything for dinner. This will be a keeper for many weeks to come. However, if you don't

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