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Buckwheat and Blueberry Pancakes

This feels like a treat, but it's really not. In fact, if you make a big batch you can have these a couple of days on the trot - the pancake mix will keep in the fridge. By adding Blueberries to the pancake you get a nice antioxidant rich breakfast packed full of vitamin C... a lovely morning boost. You can also munch on one of these pancakes during an

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Vegetable Risotto with Cashew Nuts

This recipe was created for me by Anita Bean for my residential retreat and is a tasty, tasty treat! I love Risotto of an evening. Something very satisfying about it. Then add the cashew nuts and I'm in heaven. Anita is such a well respected nutritionist who works with many sporting teams, so it's great she's been able to add some recipes for me. (more…)

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Moroccan Style Vegetable Stew with Harissa

An all time favourite because you guessed it... it uses the slow cooker!!! Hooray... an easy recipe you throw in at lunch time (or morning), switch on and enjoy later with little effort. Like a house husband all to yourself only better! This is a tasty dish that can warm you on a cold day. Think Tagine without the cooking! This recipe has been taken from Australian Womens Weekly More Slow

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Red Lentil and Smoked Mackerel Kedgeree

This is a cross between kedgeree and lentil curry and is taken from Patrick Holfords Low GL CookBook. This is a great recipe to keep refrigerated and eat for lunch the next day. A delicious mix of flavours and the mackerel gives it such a smokey taste. The below recipe makes one portion, so double up the ingredients for more people of for 'leftover lunches' Ingredients (per person) 1/4 teaspoon

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Slow cooker Spiced Chicken with Dates and Chickpeas

We all know how much I love the slow cooker and here's another great one for you. It has a good 6 hour cooking time, so great to put on a lunch time and then head out for the afternoon knowing when you get back... dinner is on the table! It's also a great use for the those dates that are left over after making the cacao balls.  This recipe

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