The summer is most definitely here and schools out! That can only mean one thing….SUMMER HOLIDAYS! You’ve no doubt been working your little tush off to get bikini ready in order to strip off with confidence when you hit the beach. So, why stop?! Don’t work all year to look hot this summer and then ruin it all with two weeks worth of sun lounger laziness. The answer is here in the shape of 5 minute beach workouts.

I’ve designed a series of 5 minute workouts you can do round the pool or on the beach. You won’t need equipment just a couple of water bottles and most definitely a sweat towel! Take your smart phone or iPad and log onto one of your holiday venues free wi-fi and then get working out. These workouts are only 5 minutes each so there’s no excuse! If you’re feeling really keen you can repeat twice, thrice or four times for a full 20 minutes of HIIT!

Get sweaty people!