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We have new spaces on KTS Bootcamp!

We now have 6 spaces for our Bootcamp

We have opened up 6 new slots to train on a Tuesday and Thursday 6.30am morning on our popular KT’s Bootcamp group training programme. This is an intermediate programme promising to burn maximum calories during the hour. Utilising the MyZone heart rate monitors and an array of top of the range equipment this session pushes you further. A non-stop multi-session group workout programme for those wanting a challenge.

The cost is £120/month for twice a week or £150/month for 3 times a week and includes your heart rate monitor and app. You can read more about KT’s Bootcamp Here

If you’re interested in joining please email or complete our contact form

This isn’t for the faint hearted, but for those who want to be stronger, more powerful and persistent in their quest for fitness.