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Promoting Body Positive Teenagers

Our #girlconfidence project is launching in February 2020 with the sole aim of helping teenage girls feel better about themselves. By incorporating exercise into their lives we will strive to build confidence, build self belief and have a more positive body image.

This programme will be aimed at 14-20 year olds incorporating a selection of workouts into their weekly routine with a focus on balance. Our timetable will have weights, cardio, pilates, ballet barre and more to allow them to choose the activity that suits them best. But wellness isn’t all about working out. Alongside our weekly timetable of exercise we hope to have monthly guest speakers, healthy eating workshops, confidence building days and anything else that will lift a teenage girls confidence and body image.

Starting 1st Week of February

Monday 4pm TRX & Kettlebell Blast

Tuesday 4pm Hiit Training with all the weights

Wednesday 4pm – Booty Bootcamp Shake Down

Thursday 4pm – Hiit Training with all the weights

Our Membership will cost £40/month for once a week | £72/month for twice a week | £96/month for three times a week and £112/month for 4 times a week. This is monthly membership and booking of sessions is via our app. If you are interested in joining we are taking names now. Email

We have constructed a short questionnaire and would love you and your girls to fill it in and help us build the best #girlconfidence project we can

Email me kt@ktchaloner.couk or ask your teenager to complete this questionnaire