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New Pilates Classes have Landed!

The next dates for our 5 week progressive pilates courses are now released and open to book! We start again week commencing June 8th for 5 weeks, so click to find the full timetable and book your space. We are so pleased with how our Pilates classes have been received since the launch this year we’ve been able to add some more! We now have Basic Pilates 1 & 2 for beginners plus Transition Pilates for intermediates running throughout the week and on weekends. If you’re ready to book simply click to be taken to our secure booking site, or click the session below.

All our courses are £50pp for the full 5 week course and include your home workouts each week

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If you’re new to Pilates, please don’t worry as we have a course that’s just right for you:

Basic Pilates: Perfect for those who are brand new to Pilates. This is your starter programme to lay the correct foundation for Pilates and better movement. Understand the principles of Pilates and what we mean by core engagement, imprint and more so you progress your pilates practice the right way. All too often it’s easy to follow along in PAYG classes not really understand how the move should ‘feel’. With our hands on approach you will notice the difference immediately. Choose BASIC 1 If you’re brand new and beginning your Pilates journey or BASIC 2 if you’ve attended a handful of classes

Transition Pilates: After completing our basic series this is a perfect follow on to start your transition towards more classical pilates. Gradually learning tailored and  regressed versions of the original 34 exercises designed by Joseph Pilates to increase strength, flexibility, stability and more. You will start to feel more flow in your practice mastering the lesser challenging moves to progress your Pilates skill and ability

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