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The 15 Minute Meal Delivered to Your Door

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We already loved Mindful Chef a whole heap, but now we might love them a little more, as they launch their 15 minute meals. Everyone who is everyone has at some point, if not all the time, been short on time and healthy meal prep goes right out of the window as you do a quick snatch and grab at the supermarket or take-away on the way home. Well, you can now rid this habit from your life in favour of Mindful Chef’s healthy 15 minute meals. 

I have been using Mindful Chef now for around 2 years (no I’m not sponsored or paid) and absolutely love it’s simplicity. It fits perfectly with my lifestyle not to mention my schedule. With early mornings and late evenings Monday-Friday I can fall victim -just like everyone else – to a lack of preparation and then having to do a quick supermarket dash at the end of the day. Or worse, settling for a piece of toast as there’s nothing in the house. Mindful Chef stops all that for me. Everyone is different but for me, there is some major boxes being ticked:


  1. The meals are healthy, calorie controlled and don’t include any ‘nasties’ like MSG and heaps of salt.

  2. They are all wheat free, gluten free and dairy free so I don’t have to think about how much of these ingredients I am eating. As someone who is dairy intolerant this is a huge weight of my mind

  3. They do meal boxes for 1! Most meal box delivery companies are for a minimum of two people so you end up eating the same meal for two nights on the trot – Boring! 

  4. The exact ingredients in the exact quantities is all packed up neatly into my meal bag, so there’s no left over food sitting in the fridge or caddy

  5. It works out cheaper than regular shopping. If I shop myself I buy all sorts of foods that don’t go together and far too much. I end up with out of date food in the fridge, lots in the bin and ££ down in the long run. 

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Check out some of their latest 15 min Meals

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So how does it all work?

1. You simply sign up for an account and choose your meals. You can choose from meat, vegetarian and vegan options. You’ll get an email each week letting you know what’s in your box and if you want to change it, simply log in and change the recipes. There’s literally loads to choose from

2. You can cancel your box at any time AND skip one – as many weeks as you want when you don’t feel like it. There’s no commitment to having a box every week

3. The meals cost aroud £9/meal depending on your meat/vegan options, which isn’t outlandishly expensive when you get all fresh ingredients from local farms

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A Few other Reasons Mindful Chef are the Ones!

You’re supporting an independant groups of lads who started this from scratch and are supporting local farmers. All of their meat is 100% grass-fed, their chicken is free-range, their fish landed fresh in the UK and their vegetables are cultivated in the most natural way possible. All their suppliers adhere to the highest ethical codes, and they regularly visit every one of them.

You’re supporting children in Poverty because for every meal they sell, they donate a school meal to a child living in poverty. They are the only recipe box to operate this one for one charity model. Mindful Chef customers have donated 800,000 meals to date, which makes their small team incredibly proud.

They’re doing their bit for the planet. To minimise theirs and our environmental footprint, they ask that customers return insulation and ice-packs to them for reuse so together we’re building a more mindful supply chain.

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Click the image for £20 off your first box.

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