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Join our community to stay fit and healthy. We workout together, we eat healthy and we lead a great lifestyle with a sprinkling of fun! We also have fab socials and ski holidays together, so come join the fun


Studio launches ‘Boys only’ Classes

In a female dominated environment we thought it was about time we launched something “just for the lads”, so we’ve done just that! Every Wednesday at 8.15pm it is “BOYS NIGHT”. Matt Lancaster is on hand to put you through your paces in an all male testosterone filled environment. This means you can sweat everywhere, grunt as much as you want and don’t have to mind your P’s & Q’s. What a way to spend your evenings!

KT Chaloner Personal Training ChesterWednesday nights at 8.15pm are for good old fashioned circuits. Matt leads you through a varied session utilising a mixture of equipment. Sometimes you’ll be upstairs using the sandbags, dumbbells, barbells and my favourite – bodyweight for a fast-paced circuit style HIIT session. Other times you’ll be downstairs using the strength equipment – think Squats, bench press, chin ups and dips. Variety is the spice of life, so we like to mix up the sessions all week. However, regardless of variety you will always get: A full body workout, a progressive and challenging session, a great atmosphere with like-minded men all supporting and motivating you to improve.



Men on Mats with KT Chaloner

Re-Launching Soon!!!  Men on Mats, as we like to call it. You will be led through a session of stretching, lengthening and strengthening. If you’re unsure why we added this one – the lads asked for it! They were so impressed with the flexibility of one of their fellow circuit goers, so when they found out he regularly did Pilates they wanted their own class! Most of the guys feel that by combining circuits, with football training, with running and age they’re starting to feel stiff and old! Pilates helps to lengthen your muscles back out and leave you feel less creaky!

If you’re nervous, then don’t be! We have such a great bunch of people at the studio and all our members are supportive, encouraging and above all – in the same boat as you! So come on down. You have a  few options to explore when it comes to paying, but if you’d like to ‘try before you buy’ then contact KT direct via the contact form. We’ll then book you on free of charge, as we’re pretty confident you’ll be back. From then onwards you can choose:

  1. PAYG £7.50 a class
  2. 4 classes a month membership: £30/month payment through standing order
  3. 8 classes a month membership: £50/month payment through standing order

On any of the schemes booking is essential via our mind body booking app which you can download to your phone via the link. Simply look for KT Chaloner in businesses and book yourself on! Priority is given to those on a membership over PAYG. Only 10 people maximum per class

Have fun!

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