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Skinny Jeans School Launches a Virtual School

KT Chaloner’s 8 weeks to weight loss success is now online! The finest weight loss school is now available to anyone at anytime. Now you don’t have to live in Chester to benefit from KT’s expertise, as you can join skinny jeans school ONLINE! This dedicated weight loss school has been transforming the lives of women since 2013 by helping them to take control of their nutrition and helping them to not only lose weight healthily, but keep it off for good.
Skinny Jeans School FormulaI created Skinny Jeans School in 2013 to help women lose weight once and for all. Frustrated with all the fad diets, gimmicks and quick fixes available online and in stores, I wanted to design a programme based on sound nutritional science. Trends come and go time and time again and in desperation to lose weight women spend a fortune seeking the one ‘diet’ that is going to deliver results. The latest trend (and yes it is a trend) is clean eating. Although this is probably one of the more safer trends out there it is still a ‘diet’, as most clean eating programmes encourage you to cut entire food groups and most are being promoted by wellness bloggers, not nutritionists.

Skinny Jeans School started as a studio based programme where I packaged up workouts, nutritional advice and recipes for my members. However, it was way more successful than I thought. Women really got onboard with the programme and lost more weight than both they and I expected. So much so they wanted a term 2 and a term 3 and a continuation programme. When I first wrote the programme the aim was to teach women how to lose weight healthily and enjoy exercise for long term success. It was designed to give them all the tools they needed to manage their diet themselves and have the confidence to join a gym and continue with exercise. However, no one wanted to leave! I have now worked with more than 200 women at my school to deliver weight loss success that lasts, and now, the school is online

Skinny Jeans SchoolSkinny Jeans Virtual School contains all the goodness of my school in chester, except you can do it anytime and from anywhere. You can complete it at home when the kids are in bed, or at school, or with friends. You can also take it with you on holiday or a business trip, so now there’s nothing that can interfere with you being able to attend school. Virtual school includes weekly home workouts, weekly education about nutrition, the (magic) elimination programme and lots and lots of recipes. This is everything you need to be successful. Each 8 week term is broken down into lessons and each week you’re sent new lessons – that’s new workouts, new recipes and new nutritional advice to learn to take control of your eating. If you follow this 8 weeks to weight loss success programme online you are sure to have the same success as the women who have been attending my school.

Priced at only £49.00 for the entire 8 week term it’s a third of the price of my studio programme, but 100% of the content. You can read more about Skinny Jeans virtual school and sign up by clicking here

Skinny jeans virtual school

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