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Double Egg Frittata

Now this really is an easy recipe and it’s made even easier if you you choose to throw in a Waitrose Butternut Squash and Curly Kale Steamer pack priced at £1.99. Takes all of 5 minutes so is a brilliant late dinner or quick lunch

2 Eggs
Waitrose Steamer pack or make your own and mix:
– spinach
– broccoli
– butternut squash (leftover from the butternut squash & Goats Cheese Bake)
Splash of Almond Milk
Coconut Oil

Cooking Instructions

  1. Throw all the ingredients into a bowl and beat until fully mixed (not the coconut oil)
  2. Put a tablespoon of coconut oil into a hot pan and melt
  3. Add the mixture and swirl the pan to even out
  4. Cook on a medium heat for 5 mins then plan under the grill for another 5 minutes (saves trying to turn it over!)

Slide out onto a plate and serve with a sprinkling of Goats cheese for perfection!

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